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General News

  • Last Epoch: Which One Is Acceptable To Player In Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin? - Legacy Or Cycle?

    Posted: Jul 16, 2024

    In Last Epoch, players will be asked to create their characters in either Legacy or Cycle.

    If you are not a very familiar player of Last Epoch, this may be very confusing to you, and it is not explained clearly in the pop-up screen of the game.

    In order to distinguish between the two gameplays, today we head to the world of the Last Epoch to understand the differences between Legacy and Cycle.

    What Is Legacy & Cycle?

    Many people may not know that in Last Epoch, their updates are called cycles.

    It is basically the same as seasons of Diablo or League of Legends, and each season will have new core content. They won’t have any temporary content. Core content is released at the start of each season and then removed after the season ends.

    Each Cycle lasts about three to four months, and once a Cycle ends, the next Cycle takes over. All characters and content created in the previous Cycle will be moved to Legacy, and you can continue their progress.

    Legacy characters maintain all your previous characters and stash in Cycle.

    They Are Actually The Same Game

    Cycle and Legacy are two different realms that do not interfere with each other in Last Epoch.

    However, from code to game content, they are exactly the same. This means that new evasion mechanisms, hundreds of balance changes, updated passive trees and unique skills, all of which will appear in Cycle and Legacy.

    World view of Cycles is basically the same as Legacy, except for Cycle themes or special items unique to Cycle.

    Related: What You Need To Know About Evade Mechanic In Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin? - How It Works & Difference

    Differences Between Cycle And Legacy

    Cycle is designed to give new and returning players a chance to start a game again, starting a campaign from scratch with a brand new character, and encouraging them to try out the new builds.

    But characters created in Cycle cannot interact with characters in Legacy, and the same is true for Legacy. This means that if you and your friends are in different realms, you can’t play together unless one of you is willing to create a new character in the other realm.

    Obviously, more people are playing Cycle now. If you choose Cycle, there will be new characters and a new economy. Everyone will start from scratch, meaning no one is much stronger than other players, and there is no more Last Epoch Gold to occupy. You can also play with your friends.

    Besides, there is actually a small additional benefit in Cycle. Pinnacle boss will not appear in Legacy until it is killed or enters Cycle for seven days. Therefore, in Legacy, you need at least seven days to fight a new pinnacle boss.

    Legacy is a long-term world. It will not reset every once in a while like Cycle, and we cannot interact with Cycle players before Cycle character is transferred to Legacy. But Legacy players also have advantages, you will have a huge advantage over new players.

    How To Choose?

    If you are a new player, or enjoy the fun of multiplayer interaction, racing and new experiences more, then Cycle may be your only choice. Your factions, your gear, your stash, your Last Epoch Gold, your characters are absolutely fresh. You can be 100% easy to understand.

    But if you don’t have time or desire to start over, you can also continue your game progress in Legacy.

    Game is identical, and you have the option to choose whether continue your progress or start over according to the above content and your own situation.

  • Last Epoch: A Detailed Guide To Sorcerer Build In Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin - Maximize Mana And Damage Output

    Posted: Jul 15, 2024

    In Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin, players are eager to master how to optimize their Sorcerer builds to maximize Mana and damage output to quickly defeat bosses. This article will provide a game guide including equipment selection, skill matching, and in-game strategies to ensure that your Sorcerer can play to its maximum potential when facing powerful enemies.

    Key Strategy And Equipment Selection

    You can choose to use Glacier as a utility item, as a Mana recovery, and use wards on hits. There are also some scavenging effects for utility. You also need Focus for Mana for bosses, not really needed for Monoliths, a Teleport, of course, and Flame Ward.

    Now to the build, it is just a standard Madison Deck in Sorcerer; the items are not optimized at all, but it does have some very important parts, namely jewelry Rings. Jewelry Rings with spell damage or intelligence will do a lot of damage, try to get it. If you really want a Mana or Intelligence Slam, chest is very important.

    But even if there is nothing, this chest is still very worth using. Because it has a lot of Manas, the Mana range rolls 10 to 120, so only use it if you roll high Mana. If you roll 10 Mana, it’s not worth it at all.

    Efficient Use Of Mana

    So remember, the very powerful Chest Amulet is only worth using if you have Mana on it. The same is true for slams. If you don’t have any LP on your Strong Mind, don’t use it. Just use Last Epoch Gold to exchange for a normal level six or level seven Exalted Mana Amulet and boots. Boots don’t require any LP; they are very powerful, basically every time you move and stop, it’s like a burst of a thousand Wards, it’s a crazy two second cooldown, it happens every two seconds.

    Other than that, its viability is huge. You need 1,000 Mana to switch this build. You need exactly 1,000 Mana because, for Arcane Mage class, the value here is tripled. If you have 1,000 Mana, you are guaranteed to refund 20% of your Mana cost, which is very important until you get 1,000 Mana.

    You switch to this variant, and then you are chilling again. The damage of this build is very high. You just pre-place some Glacier, and then cast a Corruption, maybe two seconds or two and a half seconds, and that’s the damage of the build, it’s very high.

    Mana Cost And Crit Casting Mechanism

    When the tooltip has no buffs, it is 300 Corruption Static Orb, and for every Mana you get, it increases the damage by a large amount. Also wanted to mention why there is no cast crit for those who want it, because apparently there may be a bug, or there may be a nerf that is not mentioned, that requires more Mana to play cast crit Meteor version.

    So the person who originally built this version did make an update and said that 1900 Mana is where you start to play net neutral. In this setup, his play style before this you could meter alone, or just damage glacier. You didn’t actually need 1900 Mana, so something has changed, like, there may be a bug, or there may be a hidden nerf.

    But unfortunately you need more Mana to play cast crit setup now, but it’s not a big deal. Because this build is really too powerful, the damage is ridiculously high, and there are so many scales to get, like with more gear, don’t be surprised if this build can easily kill 1,000 Corruption Shade in 3 seconds, because it is very powerful, and it is also viable for Pinnacle Boss.

    Strands Of Souls

    Min-Max gear you want is actually the same as Cast on Crit build, except for Harbinger of stars. If you want to play this Cast on Crit bonus, you may want to use Strands of Souls. The only reason you don’t use Strands of Souls is that your character is really bad.

    This is the ideal build. You want exactly all these items right here except the belt. You only need to use Strands of Souls. One other thing to mention, adding two Static Orbs is absolutely huge for damage, adding two Static Orbs increases damage by about 50% to 60%. So it’s very important to wear your helmet as soon as possible and have Mana on every item.

    That’s it, this is the entire update, this is a very powerful build, extremely high damage.

  • Last Epoch: Breaking Down Nemesis Boss System In Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin - Mechanics Explained & Best Builds

    Posted: Jul 11, 2024

    The arrival of Last Epoch Patch 1.1 adds a ton of new and improved content to the game. Among them, Nemesis is the new boss system implemented in Harbingers of Ruin update. What’s more, the update also introduces Cycle 2, which means that all players must create new characters in order to participate in the content.

    Don’t worry, though. In this guide, we’ll go into detail about how this Nemesis Boss System works, what items players can get as rewards from it, and which Harbingers of Ruin builds players can choose to succeed in the new cycle. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

    How Does Nemesis System Work?

    As a new boss type, Nemesis is a challenging enemy with its own new loot system.

    Throughout Campaign and Monolith of Fate maps, players will have the opportunity to fight one of these new bosses. Nemesis is somewhere between the difficulty of a normal enemy type and a Pinnacle Boss.

    Since it can take a long time for new players to become strong enough to fight a Pinnacle Boss, the developers wanted to provide a challenge they would also see in regular play. What’s more, the fight with Nemesis is optional for players, and they can choose to ignore it if they don’t feel they are strong enough to defeat them.

    Loot Drops

    When players interact with a Nemesis found in Last Epoch, they will be shown the loot that will drop after they are defeated. Players will see three new loot options added in Harbingers of Ruin Cycle update. 


    If the player chooses Banish option, the fight will be ignored. This will be your first choice, especially if your build is not strong enough to defeat Nemesis. However, when you have the right gear and skill points, choosing one of the other two options will have more benefits.


    When the player wishes to fight Nemesis, they will choose Challenge option. This option will initiate a boss fight, causing Nemesis to attack the player. If the player successfully defeats the challenged Nemesis, they will be rewarded with the loot shown to them before the fight.


    If Empower option is chosen, Nemesis boss fight will be exactly the same difficulty as Challenge option. However, the slight difference is that once Nemesis is defeated by the player, they will disappear and can be fought again later at a higher power level.

    Note that when Empower is chosen, Nemesis will not drop loot for the first defeat. However, when it is encountered and defeated a second time, it will drop enhanced loot.

    Loot enhanced in this way may result in better Affix Tiers, Forging Potential, or Legendary Potential. You’ll also have the opportunity to gain upgrades that weren’t previously available in Last Epoch, such as Tier 6 and 7 Item Affixes, through these loot.

    Best Build Choices

    Given the complexity of the different skills and passives, it's hard to decide which builds to choose when you’re ready to take on Nemesis. To help players find the right choice, we’ve listed some of the best builds to try. Don’t forget to stock up on Last Epoch Gold if you want to get the most out of these builds!

    Avalanche Shatter Shaman

    Avalanche Shatter Shaman is a brand new build for Last Epoch Cycle 2. This is a powerful setup that will allow you to complete all of the early game content with a very simple play style. It’s recommended for both new and returning players.

    This Shaman build relies on using Avalanche skill to activate Unyielding Storm and Excavation Passives. Activating these Passives will automatically cast your Upheaval skill four times in a row, giving you massive single target and AOE damage.

    Mana Stacking Meteor Sorcerer

    Mana Stacking Meteor Sorcerer build is great for new players just starting out with Harbingers of Ruin. It’s an easy build to learn, especially if you haven’t unlocked Last Epoch upgrade path and need to go through the major story.

    This build uses Meteor as the source of almost all of its damage. In the past, Meteor was difficult to use because of its high mana cost, but the new passive has fixed that. The strongest synergy with this build is the new Archmage Passive, which makes up for Meteor’s high mana cost and allows for multiple consecutive casts.

    Mana Lightning Sorceror

    Mana Lightning Sorceror is also a standout because it requires almost no input if played correctly. Its auto-bombing style attacks also make it good at AOE damage.

    Its two main abilities are Static Orb and Lightning Blast, which work together to create a lightning blast field around your character. By investing skill points into a Cloud Answer node, your Lightning Blasts can apply Spark Charges to anything they hit. These charges will cause your enemies to explode and spread damage to all monsters around them.

    To make this build as powerful as possible, you will also need two Legendary items. The first item is a Fragment of the Enigma, an Off-Hand Catalyst. The second is Triboelectra, a new Wand added in Patch 1.1.

    Avalanche Storm Bolt Shaman

    Avalanche Storm Bolt Shaman is a simple and safe build that can be used until the end of the new patch.

    Avalanche will become your primary skill. It synergizes with Maelstrom and also grants Storm Stacks when used. When you consume Storm Stacks with this build, you will have the opportunity to cast Maelstrom for free, which will greatly enhance your physical damage.

    All skills and their passives will automatically work together, making your Avalanche an unstoppable and powerful skill for both AOE and single target.

    Spark Charge Runemaster

    Spark Charge Runemaster is unique because it can make up for the nerf to Sorcerer in Patch 1.1 update. It can give itself Lightning Aegis by using Static Orbs. And this build also stacks additional damage reduction, allowing you to safely focus on attacking.

    Its key skill is Elemental Nova, a sendable AOE that can be used against all types of enemies. This build can use different legendary items such as Mad Alchemist’s Ladle and Prismatic Gaze to make it more powerful, but these are not absolutely necessary.

    That’s all we know about Nemesis Boss system in Harbingers of Ruin update. I believe the arrival of this new mechanism will bring new fun to your open world journey! Have a nice day!

  • Last Epoch: Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin Brings New Contents And Many Changes!

    Posted: Jul 10, 2024

    With the release of Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers of Ruin, some players have already started to experience the new challenges and new game mechanics in the new patch. From the new Evade Skill to the bosses and encounters of additional Harbingers and Nemesis, there is a lot of new content for players to explore slowly.

    This guide will take a detailed look at some of the new content added in Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin and explain how the new game mechanics work. In addition, this update also makes several changes to skills and passive abilities. Let’s take a look!

    New Contents

    Starting A New Cycle

    As of the day before the official release, Last Epoch has officially started a new cycle. This means that all of your existing characters will be classified as “Legacy” characters, and any shared storage associated with these characters will be moved to the old version.

    The good news is that the items can be taken out by any character with the same optional challenge set, and the items can be retrieved, but it should be noted that you cannot add new items to it.

    Essentially, characters from the previous cycle will retain all the access they had before, just moved to Legacy. So you need to create a new character to participate in the current cycle.

    It is important to note that your legacy characters will still have a normal storage room that can be used to store and access items, but if your storage room is related to the optional challenge set of the previous cycle, it can only be removed.

    Harbingers Of Ruin

    Harbingers of Ruin is not only the name of the new patch but also the new enemies that will appear after you defeat any of the timeline bosses in any of 10 Monolith Timelines. These powerful timeline bosses absorb the power of the supreme boss that spawned them, and will drop Harbinger Eyes when defeated.

    It is important to note that each Harbinger is guaranteed to drop Harbinger Eyes the first time it is defeated, but it is not guaranteed to drop Harbinger Eyes after that. If you just want to enjoy the battle, you can turn off Harbingers in Boss Rewards Echo Panel.

    Nemesis Encounters

    Another new enemy type you encounter in Harbingers of Ruin is Nemesis. They are initially found floating on the bodies of people killed by Harbinger, and can be found in any Campaign or Monolith of Fate.

    When you approach these remains, you’ll be presented with a window that shows a list of loot you can get from Nemesis, which includes Last Epoch Gold and some special items. In addition to this, it will give you three options - Banish Nemesis, Challenge Nemesis, and Empower Nemesis.

    Of the three options, the third one is probably the most confusing - why would you want to empower Nemesis? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you.

    Empowering Nemesis means that the next time you encounter Nemesis, you may encounter the same Nemesis, but it will appear as a time rift instead of a corpse next to the armor. In addition, it will provide higher Affix Tiers, Forging Potential, or Legendary Potential for your loot.

    Nemesis will sometimes offer you Egg of Forgotten as loot. Whether you drop a Nemesis or empower it, it will become random loot, and you can replace it with a unique item that is exclusive to you, but it will lack a bit of legendary potential. If you choose to empower a Nemesis, you can turn it into legendary potential.


    When you start Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin, all classes and their variants use Evade. Evade allows the character you control to leap a short distance to avoid powerful attacks from bosses and enemies.

    Not only can Evade be used by all classes, but it can also be used at various levels, even from level 1. This makes it very easy to use for some new players. It also has two chances to recharge, only a 4-second cooldown, and most importantly, it doesn’t consume any mana.

    As your character level increases, the cooldown of Evade gradually decreases at a rate of 0.5% per level. However, this does not mean that the use of Evade is mandatory for all builds. A build with high mobility may not need Evade. But many players prefer stronger movement abilities, and some high-level players are not satisfied with the mobility of high mobility builds, so the developers created Evade.

    Gameplay Changes

    Boss Changes

    In previous games, bosses gained variable damage reduction in damage taken from you, which has now been replaced by Ward Breakpoints. Each boss has a little breakpoint on their health bar, and once these breakpoints are reached, the boss gains Wards based on their maximum health.

    Wards decrease over time, but otherwise function the same way as the player’s Ward. Most bosses have two Ward Breakpoints, but some major bosses may have more.

    Additionally, bosses will receive 50% more effective health for Stun and Freeze Effects you cast, and Freeze Chance will also take Ward into account.

    Ward Changes

    The player’s Ward is calculated using a different formula than before, in order to balance builds that provide players with less Ward, while also suppressing any abnormal values ​​that generate numerous wards very quickly.

    After learning about these new contents and changes, are you eager to enter Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers of Ruin to find out? I hope you can have fun in the new patch!

  • Last Epoch: Find Out Reasons That You Have To Play Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin

    Posted: Jul 09, 2024

    Many people are looking forward to the release of 1.1, which shows how popular this game is.

    So far, many people think that Last Epoch is the best ARPG. There is a reason why Last Epoch is popular, let's take a look at the reasons why you have to play it.


    For most players, this game is very simple and easy to understand. DND 3.5 and Path of Exile 1 are already recognized as one of the most complex versions of Uber Splat games. However, Diablo 4 and DND 4 Edition are considered being the simplest and most accessible versions. Last Epoch is like previous DND 5th Edition. Many people think that this is a great version because the number of DND players has accelerated in this version.

    Playing Last Epoch gives me a very wonderful experience. When you play this game, you can know exactly what you should do in the game and you will not feel confused at all. This game is not as difficult as POE 1 nor as simple as Diablo 4.

    In the game, you can slowly to look at your character, skills, items, and even your Last Epoch Gold acquisition situation. You can carefully determine your position in the game and then determine which location we should go. This is really great for many ARPG players.

    We hope that Last Epoch can be known by most people, so that people can understand that this ARPG is a game that can be played without a game guide. We can easily play the game. It sounds easy, but it is not. Most other games need a game guide to really play.

    For example, Path of Exile 1 is like A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. It is very complicated and we need to spend time to understand it. But Diablo 4 is like Shrek. The plot is very simple. Basically, you can know what happened in the story after one play.

    But Last Epoch is like Lord of Rings trilogy. We all know that Lord of the Rings trilogy has movies and books, so it is very rich. Last Epoch is very story-based like Lord of the Rings, but it is very intuitive. If you want to study it, there is still a little depth.


    Last Epoch is not like other ARPG games. Last Epoch has no battle pass since at least 1.1. We have to earn some rewards in or outside the game. You just need to find monoliths in the game to fight new Pinnacle boss in 1.1, and get looted through these.

    Other than that, there are no daily quests or world events that must be completed at a specific time. This is also why people like POE. Although POE already has Kirac’s Vault Pass and challenge system, I can still join and play whatever I want at any time.

    I like this very much. We can do everything at our leisure. We don’t have to be tied to the game. We can enter and exit at will. I can play any game content when I want.

    And in Last Epoch, you don’t have to worry about missing anything. Seasons or leagues added in the previous cycle of Last Epoch have also been added to the core game. So you don’t need to worry about your favorite mechanic or item disappearing in the next cycle.

    Of course, future updates will only be limited to the content within the cycle, but currently we are completing the initial update for the basic construction of Last Epoch. When I was playing the Path of Exile, there were many mechanics that I really liked, but they will not appear in the next cycle or season or league.

    For example, Crucible, which can forge mechanics and forge monsters, and Crucible passive weaponries are very popular, but these parts have all been deleted. There are also some items that I didn’t have time to experience that were deleted in next DLC.


    In addition to the above two reasons, Last Epoch not only has class diversity but also has very clear fantasies. Although classes of Last Epoch are limited and you can’t create what you want with any class, this is a disadvantage, but it’s not a big deal.

    Last Epoch has five groups of classes, each class has three masteries associated with it, and each mastery has a set of skills and different fantasies. We can find items for a specific class or fantasy or mastery additionally at a completely different time depending on our Mastery in class.

    In game Last Epoch, each skill we can use has a unique skill tree, so we build differently in the skill tree. Currently, this game world is not meta. But as mentioned before, everything you build in this game is truly your own thing, and you don’t have to rely on a guide to complete it.

    You can directly choose the stuff you like and start building from the skill tree. There are also some skills in the game that are very interesting. For example, there is a skill that can summon a lot of squirrels, and there is a skill that can summon a lot of bees. Don’t you think these skills are interesting? Don’t you want to try it?

    I am looking forward to the release of 1.1. I believe it will bring us more surprises and fun. The above are the core features of this game that I think, and it is precisely because of these features that many people like the game Last Epoch.

  • Last Epoch: What You Need To Know About Necromancers In Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin? - Strategies & Skills

    Posted: Jul 08, 2024

    No matter what game you play, the mention of Necromancers always brings to mind a densely packed undead army that obeys your every command, and Last Epoch is no exception. In a game that really loves to give you pets, you can use Necromancers to manipulate golems, wraiths, zombies, shades, and oodles and oodles of skeletons.

    But because you need to command your undead army, you may not have the same relaxing leisure time as players with other builds. Necromancers can be as hands-on in battle as other Acolyte subclasses, only with bigger cheers and thick bloody chaos.

    This guide will cover the detailed strategies and skills of Necromancers in Last Epoch, so that you can get a head start in Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin when it officially releases on July 10.

    Necromancer Strategy

    You can think of Necromancers as the least relevant of the other Last Epoch builds. It is built by filling every skill slot with summons, and you only need to invest in minions to increase their health and damage.

    Combined with your high Intelligence attribute, you will cultivate your undead army into an invincible force, which is something that other builds simply cannot do. In addition, you will also have a few spells at your disposal, some of which will deal partial damage to enemies, some will increase the damage of minions, and even summon more undead to help you.

    When building your Necromancer, you need to pay attention to each item that can provide a customized share of your spell damage. Almost all Acolyte and Necromancer skills can provide you with percentage-based increases, so you should try to increase your base damage first.

    In addition, when in the Imperial Age, you will find that your minions look exactly like the enemies you encounter. But the good news is that you can’t cause damage to your allies in Last Epoch, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your minions until they win.

    Necromancer Skills

    Another benefit of Necromancer is that you don’t need to re-spec. In fact, you get one of your main damage spells, Rip Blood, right from the moment you select Necromancer.

    This spell may not seem very useful at first, but as you progress to the later stages of the game, it becomes a powerful shotgun for clearing out large groups of enemies and restoring health. This also means you’ll have a ton of loot that’s very easy to pick up, including Last Epoch Gold.

    Another reason that really makes this build popular with most players is Bone Curse, which curses the enemy, causing it to take more damage based on your spell damage. This means that your minions will get the same damage to enemies as you do, and essentially make your minions contribute to your spell damage stats.

    Summon Skeleton will provide you with most of the undead army, while Summon Bone Golem will only provide you with a very powerful minion.

    When you encounter a boss that will use a powerful area spell to wipe out your minions, this powerful minion will not fall down, which can help you prolong the fight and even turn the tide.

    Additionally, Transplant allows you to quickly escape from the battlefield and avoid danger using positioning or movement spells. Similarly, Bone Curse and Transplant can be used by your minions, so don’t feel sorry for missing out on other summoning skills.

    Acolyte Passives

    There are many ways to make Acolyte easy. First, as before, you need to maximize Forbidden Knowledge, which will increase the overall stats of you and your minions. In addition, Blood Aura can deal more extra damage to everyone.

    Investing a point in Mania of Mortality, Stolen Vitality, Crimson Gluttony, and Unnatural Preservation will give you higher defensive stats. If you feel that your Necromancer is dying too easily, you may want to try this method and improve it later.

    If you don’t want to change your defensive stats, you can increase your health by Stolen Vitality and Crimson Gluttony.

    Necromancer Passives

    Once you become a Necromancer, you will immediately get another skeleton to join your skeletal army. You can then make your army more powerful by maximizing Risen Army to increase the attack speed and damage of the entire army.

    Additionally, Cursed Blood increases the physical damage to you and your minions. You can invest 6 points into this skill. If you have points to spare, invest 1 into Blood Armour, 5 into Mortal Tether, and finally 1 into Unbound Necromancy. This will give you an extra skeleton, which means you can deal more damage to enemies.

    If you just want to increase the base damage of your minions, you can invest all 8 points into Unearthed Arms and 5 into Frantic Summons. This will increase the overall speed of your minions. If you also invest 5 points into a River of Bones, their critical chance will be doubled.

    During the game, you will gain Intelligence from Heresy. You may have already completed the game before maxing Cursed Blood, but if not, remember to max it.

    After learning about the strategies and skills of Necromancers, are you looking forward to the Last Epoch Harbingers of Ruin, which will officially start on July 10? Looking forward to your new experience!

  • Last Epoch: Trying Out These Mods Will Drastically Improve Your Quality Of Life!

    Posted: Apr 10, 2024

    Do you often feel that some troublesome little things in Last Epoch affect your gaming experience? Do you want to get some mods to improve your quality of life? If so, then don’t miss this guide.

    Here, we will share some quality of life mods to help you automatically pick up shards, glyphs and gold dropped in the game, making your game easier. We’ll also guide you through the installation process, which is actually pretty simple.

    Before jumping in, I must remind you that since they require external mods to be installed, you can only use them in full offline mode. If you want to play online, this won’t help you. Now, let’s get started!

    Recommended Mods Available

    First, let me show you what these mods actually do. In Last Epoch, you actually get some quality of life improvements. But keep in mind that these mods also allow you to basically cheat your own game in a single player. You can maximize your character level, change mastery, increase stats or drop any item you want.

    However, I will not discuss these cheating options. Because in my opinion, they ruin the mastery experience. By using these cheats, you lose all the fun in the game and therefore you will get bored with Last Epoch quickly. So what’s the point?

    So the quality of life mods I use are: auto-pickup shards, glyphs and gold, disable material pickup notifications, auto-store materials, enhance item tooltips. You can also automatically pick up filtered items. But personally, I don’t like this option because I found that the loot filter in Last Epoch didn’t filter out enough items in order to allow auto pick up of items.

    Auto-Pickup Mod

    Back to shards and the gold pickup mod. With Auto pickup mechanic you can’t see Last Epoch Gold popping up on the screen at any time, so it makes the screen less cluttered.

    Disable Material Pickup Notifications Mod

    I also disabled material pickup notifications. If you decide not to disable these notifications, the quick UI pop-up for picking up shards will cause a significant drop in FPS. So if you decide to use auto-pickup, I highly recommend turning this feature on.

    Auto-Store Materials Mod

    Auto storing is also very helpful in preventing the extra unnecessary step of going into inventory and clicking Store Materials. Now you won’t even see that you are picking up these materials because you won’t be notified. This also means your inventory will fill up quickly.

    There are very few options for this feature and I like the ability to store material every 10 seconds.

    Enhance Item Tooltips Mod

    We then made an enhancement to the item tooltip, which shows which loot filtering rule applies to that specific item.

    There are many uses for this mod. One is when you want to organize your collection, or say you updated your loot filter and want to see which items are worth keeping, or you might want to see if the loot filter is working as expected? This is a neat feature.

    Legendary Potential Filter Mod

    Then we have my favorite QoL mod in Last Epoch, which is showing whether you already own a unique item and, if so, what legendary potential it has.

    Because over time you will collect many unique items, and you just want to remember what legendary potential you already have. This feature can make our lives easier and help us clean up some junk, especially since the developers did not add legendary potential as a filter option.

    Will Mods Be Banned?

    Maybe this sounds good to you, but you might be worried about whether this could get you banned from Last Epoch. The answer is no. If you play in full offline mode, then you don’t have to worry about being banned!

    How To Install?

    So that being the case, how do you install these mods?

    First, we need to download the required files. All mods require Melon loader, so even if you decide to skip some mods I’m using, you’ll still need to download Melon loader.

    Next, we install Melon loader by running the exe file. In the installer, we click “Select” in the automatic click and point to Last Epoch game folder where the game is installed.

    There we select Last Epoch exe file. Then we uncheck “Latest” in the version options and select version 0.6.1. This is an important step, as this mode may not work with the latest versions of Melon loader. Finally, we click Install.

    Once the installation is complete, we’ll go to Steam to make sure we launch the game in full offline mode. Go to your library and go to Last Epoch page. Click the gear preference button on the right side of the screen and click Properties.

    In the general window we have “Launch Options”. I selected it as “Always offline” because I didn’t want to have to answer this question every time I launched the game.

    Next, you should launch the game at least once before installing any more mods. This ensures that all required files are created for Melon loader.

    Also, we must also unpack the downloaded mod file. We copy the mod’s dll extension file and return to the game’s installation folder.

    Now we can find the new folder created by Melon loader inside it. What we need here is “Mods” folder into which we will paste the mod’s dll files. Once we repeat this for all the mods we want to install, we can now launch the game.

    Default enables item tooltip enhancements. We can’t turn them on and off from the game panel. However, auto pickups must be turned on manually.

    Now you have the mod installed and ready to use. But to uninstall mods you need to delete dll files from mods folder or completely uninstall Melon loader to remove all of them.

    Anyway, I hope you found this Last Epoch mod guide useful. While our options are currently very limited, I’m sure the modding community will make more mods over time. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

  • Last Epoch: Unleash The Power Of Detonating Arrow Marksman To Conquer Boss Fight

    Posted: Apr 09, 2024

    Today, our focus will be on the Detonating Arrow Marksman of Last Epoch. With simple item swaps, no need for any passive or specialization point adjustments, you can boost your damage against bosses significantly. This offers the perfect balance for smooth Monolith runs coupled with remarkably rapid boss takedowns.

    Melee Detonating Arrow

    This is a Melee version of Detonating Arrow, and we can use Jelkhor's Blast Knife to accomplish this, which also grants additional specialization points for Detonating Arrow. By utilizing Eye of Reen and Julra’s Stardial, you can take the boss damage potential of this build to another level.

    Eye of Reen provides an 84% chance to gain a stack of Reen’s Ire for 5 seconds on Melee crit, synergizing with the build's high critical strike chance. Each stack increases the Melee critical strike multiplier, amplifying the build’s damage and fire damage over time.

    The focus lies on maximizing the Melee critical strike multiplier. By using the Traversal skill, we gain increased attack speed and double the effect on the Legendary Potential. For example, a 25% increased attack speed, using Shift would grant 50%, leading to over 1,000% critical strike multiplier potential when combined with Eye of Reen. Equipping 2 Julra's Stardials doubles this effect.

    While the Jelkhor's Blast Knife can be equipped at Level 36, this build becomes fully viable once you’re able to equip these knives. Prior to that, you can use a bow for a ranged version of the build.

    Eye of Reen requires a level of 70, meaning to utilize Legendary Potential, you'll need to clear Tier 3 Temporal Sanctum with a capable character. This build setup cost a large amount of Last Epoch Gold and requires the Core of the Mountain, only obtainable from Tier 4 Lightless Arbor.

    Mana Management

    Now, the biggest thing with this build is managing your mana. Automated Bombardment has an additional 70% chance for that Trap Sprinkler node to activate at the cost of 11 more mana. It also allows Explosive Traps to have a chance to throw at enemies within a nearby distance, and we can have the addition of Acid Flask with this build as well.

    We can go in and just expend our entire mana pool and allow that damage to kill the boss all in one go. You’ll use Shift for mobility, or you can use it defensively to keep your character alive, and then you throw out a number of traps in the field that you want to develop with this build.

    Skills & Specializations

    Shift and Shuriken are a very popular combo for Marksman. Shift has a reduced cooldown and a chance to grant us increased movement speed, which can synergize with our passive tree, providing additional damage. The major function of Shuriken is to increase their duration and boost our armor while active. We can Shift, become invulnerable, cleanse ailments, and gain armor simultaneously.

    Through these specializations, we can also gain Haste and cause Blind on enemies, enhancing our survivability. With Acid Flask, the efficiency of this build is greatly improved since it activates automatically.

    Detonating Arrow is the skill we aim to trigger through explosive traps, primarily to deal massive damage. Lightning Tendrils penetrate a significant 60% of lightning resistance, while increasing the arming time of Detonating Arrow enhances its damage upon detonation.

    Gear Recommendations

    The best recommendation would be to swap Eye of Reen in for bosses, and if you have the Julra's Stardial with throwing attack speed on it, you would swap that in as well. For general Echo, you’ll actually want to run something with throwing damage and minus throwing attack mana cost. This will help your mana conservation and just give you a smoother experience through the Monoliths.

    The Devotion is also a good option, adding some additional lightning damage and lightning penetration. Alternatively, you can also run the Apostate's Sanctuary, as this will give you more damage to bosses and rare enemies.

    Foot of the Mountain will grant you a stack of Mountain's Endurance whenever you aren’t moving. This allows 100% of dodge rating to convert to Endurance Threshold, and you can get an enormous amount of Endurance Threshold, and you can easily hit this 60% Endurance cap even when you are moving. Pair that with some solid armor and a high chance to dodge.

    The final Mountain item that we use in this setup is Peak of the Mountain. This just supplies an enormous amount of critical strike chance to the build and allows you to proc the Eye of Reen stacks even faster. Getting some Legendary Potential on the best pieces to swap for bosses that’ll help take the build to another level. And overall, the character is actually very tanky.

  • Last Epoch: How To Successfully Clear All 3 Dungeons? - Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion & Temporal Sanctum

    Posted: Apr 01, 2024

    There are three dungeons in Last Epoch. Although it may be a little less compared to other MMOs, each dungeon is unique, with its own independent theme, mechanics and rewards. But all dungeons have one thing in common, Scheme.

    In each dungeon, you explore a large area where you must find one of two available exits. Each exit provides perks unique to that dungeon and increases enemy health and damage. You repeat this exploration process twice and then must face the dungeon’s boss.

    In this guide, let’s talk about each individual dungeon in Last Epoch and its mechanics. Don’t forget, to successfully pass all dungeons, it is crucial to reserve enough Last Epoch Gold.

    Lightless Arbor Dungeon

    First up, we have Lightless Arbor Dungeon. The unique mechanic of this dungeon is Crystal-like lantern that helps you deal with the ever-present darkness.

    Crystals have a limited amount of light. Each time you take a hit, the light resource is consumed proportionally to the amount of health you gained from the hit.

    You can recover the light resource by defeating the large orange crystals you find while exploring the dungeon. When your light runs out, you’re basically screwed. Because when enemies aren’t illuminated by your crystals, they deal more damage and take significantly less damage.

    The boss of Lightless Arbor has two stages. In the first phase, you can’t actually deal direct damage to the boss. Instead, this phase requires you to burn the kindling located on either side of the area.

    First, you need to destroy the wall protecting the kindling, and then you can burn the kindling while near it. During this stage, mobs will spawn and the boss will cast an AOE attack. After burning two kindling, the boss will collapse and you can approach them.

    Here, you can actually directly damage the boss’ heart, which is located in the center of the arena. This phase will revolve around avoiding the two major attacks and dealing with the mobs the boss spawns.

    The attack of the boss in this copy is actually very simple. First, he has an AOE attack, which requires you to be close to the boss. He then has a beam attack that you can easily dodge by moving to the other side of the boss. There is also a third attack, which forms a cone-shaped AOE in front of the boss towards you, so you’d better keep moving.

    Lightless Arbor is basically the gold sink in Last Epoch for rewards. After defeating the boss, you can enter the vault room. At the vault door, you can choose the rewards you want to purchase.

    The trick is that every time you choose not to purchase a reward, the next reward will be more expensive than the others. You can now see some items on the screen that are unique to that dungeon and cannot be obtained outside of the dungeon.

    Soulfire Bastion Dungeon

    Next, let’s talk about Soulfire Bastion. The unique system of this dungeon is your permanent immunity barrier.

    Since Soulfire Bastion’s enemies and environmental hazards deal Necro and Fire damage, you can switch between barriers that prevent both types of damage.

    You can tell which type of damage an enemy is using by the color: green is Necro damage, while red is Fire damage.

    At lower levels or when your build is overwhelmed, it’s not as important to take advantage of this mechanic. But in tier 4 of the dungeon, you have to utilize this mechanic correctly to survive.

    Soulfire Bastion boss also requires you to use the correct barrier. You should change the barrier based on the color of your flooring. It always starts with Fire damage. Both will mainly project a circular AOE that shrinks towards the boss. Therefore, I recommend using teleport or other Traversal skills to dodge AOE and avoid damage.

    This boss has few other attacks and is easy to avoid. So just focus on the colors of the floor and AOE circles.

    Now, speaking of rewards, Soulfire Bastion has a gambling-based reward system. Souls can be obtained by killing enemies in the dungeon, and can be exchanged for items at the end of the dungeon through gambling.

    It’s important to note that switching barrier types in a dungeon also requires the use of soul currency, so the fewer you switch, the more you save.

    Temporal Sanctum Dungeon

    Finally, we have Temporal Sanctum. The unique mechanic of this dungeon is traveling between two different eras.

    Some areas on the map were inaccessible when the gates were closed in one era, but open in another alternate timeline. So basically you’ll be constantly switching between eras, trying to find your way through the dungeon to one exit.

    The boss Julra in Temporal Sanctum also requires you to switch between eras to avoid taking damage.

    The first clear sign of an era of transition is the screen-wide AOE. This attack takes a moment to charge up, so you don’t have to switch immediately, but don’t wait too long or you’ll die. Once Julra attacks, she will enter another era with you.

    Next, she projects a beam of light that rotates clockwise. You can dodge damage by keeping your character in the gaps between the beams.

    Defeating the boss will net us the unique reward of all dungeons in Last Epoch: the ability to craft legendary items.

    Legendary items are a combination of unique gear and Exalted Items. Legendary items retain all stats of unique items and have the affixes of Exalted Item added. This is your invincible best partner in Last Epoch dungeons.

    That’s all for Last Epoch dungeon guide. I hope it’s useful for you. Good luck!

  • Last Epoch: Master The Tier 4 Boss Mechanics Of Lightless Arbor To Success

    Posted: Apr 01, 2024

    Welcome to this Lightless Arbor dungeon guide of Last Epoch! Today, I will show you the mechanics of both bosses in the Lightless Arbor dungeon with this Last Epoch guide. I will encompass fundamental principles to enhance your success, irrespective of the dungeon tier you’re tackling.

    Lightless Arbor is known for dropping Unique Mountain items, collectively known as the Mountain Set. Items like Peak, Foot, Face, and Core of the Mountain are highly sought after and serve as BiS gear for many meta and powerful builds in the current game meta.

    About The Dungeon

    You’ll need to clear each tier in order to unlock the subsequent one. These tiers are going to have modifiers that increase enemy damage and health as you progress further. In this guide, we’re going to focus on Tier 4.

    Tiers 1 through 3 are easy, and you should be able to clear the tiers as your character progresses and reaches higher levels. You may need a meta character or a powerful build to clear this dungeon successfully.

    Navigate The First Floor

    To progress through the dungeon, focus on locating 2 corners: either the lower left or the upper right. In these corners, you’ll find 2 doors leading to the next floor. Identifying the lower left corner early, marked by a special corner, indicates that the door to the next floor will be along that edge of the map.

    Disregard the middle and right sides of the map, focusing solely on running along this edge until you find one door. After finding the first door, assess its modifiers, aiming for the lowest modifiers to enemy damage and health to increase success chances. Proceed to compare the modifiers of the second door before choosing your path forward.

    Use The Burning Amber

    Upon reaching the next floor, advance until you encounter a root wall. Destroying it grants access to Kindling inside. Approach the Kindling to initiate its burning process, indicated by its health bar increasing until it is full.

    Alternatively, use the 'D' button to send your Burning Amber onto the Kindling, accomplishing the same outcome. This method is recommended, especially for dealing with boss mechanics. Locate the door in the pathways and proceed through it.

    Bypass Blockades

    Identical to the first floor, subsequent floors may feature blockades such as rocks or fallen tree parts. Aim to locate the lower left or upper right corner to proceed and navigate around blockades accordingly.

    The doors will always be positioned in these corners, streamlining your search process and reducing your time spent. Upon reaching the upper right corner, continue along the edge, searching for potential openings.

    Select The Next Door

    After locating a corner, proceed along the edge, keeping an eye out for any potential openings where doors may be located. Assess the modifiers of both doors carefully, prioritizing lower modifiers for increased success chances. After selecting the preferred door, proceed through it to advance to the next floor.

    Dungeon Boss Fights

    Upon entering the pass-through room before the final bosses, you can interact with an NPC if desired. Although no door is shown on the mini-map, it will always be located in the northern direction. Clicking on it and selecting 'proceed' will bring you to the boss fight, where the battle begins as soon as you enter.

    Mountain Beneath Exterior

    It's advisable to head to the left side initially. Break the root wall and use Amber to ignite the Kindling. Move to the right side of the map afterward. If your damage output allows, break down the root wall on the right. Wait on the right side for the large AOE attack, which occurs first on the left side.

    Time your movement or use traversal skills to dodge the attack. Utilize the 'D' key to manage the Kindling: return it to your character and then send it to the next pile. Dodge falling projectiles while waiting for the next AOE.

    Avoid getting stunned, which is common in this encounter. Move to the left side to avoid certain mechanics. Return the Kindling to progress to the next area. If using a ward build, ensure it's replenished or wait for cooldowns.

    Mountain Beneath Interior

    The next boss encounter begins immediately and includes one-shot mechanics, so stay alert and prioritize safety. Aim to position yourself opposite to the single beam, as it splits and targets your character.

    Maneuver around obstacles, dodge spinning orbs, and approach the boss cautiously to avoid the impending AOE attack. Successfully navigating these mechanics is essential for clearing Tier 4. Clearing Tier 4 offers advantages, including unique item drops exclusive to this difficulty level.

    If you're not seeking these specific items, consider farming a lower difficulty level for easier gameplay. Despite potentially lower drop rates for other items, the lower difficulty modifier makes progression smoother.

    Vault Of Uncertain Fate

    After acquiring the Vault of Uncertain Fate, another entrance will appear, not shown on the mini-map. It leads to additional chests beyond the dungeon, which you can accept or decline. You can do this repeatedly until you run out of gold. There's no time limit, but accepting can be costly, so ensure you're prepared to spend the necessary Last Epoch Gold.

    These modifiers are applied immediately, and you can continue declining or accepting as desired. The items from these chests are random, although you can influence them with modifiers. Exiting the dungeon leads to the next zone, Corrupted Lake, or you can use the map to navigate elsewhere.

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