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Three Reasons Why Last Epoch Is Worth Playing

Posted: Nov 22, 2022

Last Epoch is an ARPG developed by Eleventh Hour Games. The reason why it can stand out among many ARPGs is mainly due to the following three reasons.

1. Different Classes And Subclasses

In Last Epoch, there are 5 classes available for you to choose from, they are the Acolyte, Sentinel, Rogue, Mage, and Primalist. The classes vary both visually and thematically. But that's beside the point, there's something very unique about Last Epoch in terms of class choices. That is, the five base classes in the game can be further specialized into one of three mastery classes.


For example, the typical undead, poison, and bone type mage, the Acolyte can be further specialized into a powerful and poisonous Lich, a summoner Necromancer, and even a Warlock. Beyond that, the Primalist can evolve into a shapeshifting Druid, a Shaman, the master of the elements, or even a Beastmaster who commands legions of wolves and other forest creatures.

What's more, all base classes have selectable passive skills. These passive skills can help you build your characters. Among other things, to help Mastery Classes further create specialized builds, the game also introduces more and more passives for this kind of class.

In general, you can create a variety of gameplay according to your own imagination.

2. All Skills Have Their Specific Skill Trees

In Last Epoch, there are over 100 skills across all character classes combined. If you specialize and focus on each skill, you can gain extra experience for the skill you choose. When your skill reaches a certain experience value, you can further unlock a separate Skill Ttree for that skill. You can thus modify the unleashed effects of the chosen skill in hundreds of different ways.

Skill Tree

Each Skill Tree's nodes on the skill tree can enhance your skills, ranging from increasing damage, reducing cooldown, or changing them entirely.

Don't be afraid to try different options. Last Epoch has a very forgiving Respec function where they reset all passive skills and Skill Trees.

3. All Loot Is Useful

Everything in the Last Epoch serves some purpose. This alone has an advantage over most ARPGs. Because, in most ARPGs, players need to judge which item to pick up based on the item level. This leads to players often struggling to focus on "white" or "blue" items.

Items in Last Epoch mainly have seven different levels, which are Normal, Magic, Rare, Exalted, Set, Unique, and Legendary by level. Among them, Magic, Rare, and Exalted items can be broken down into Shards. You can use these Shards to craft items and chase certain modifiers.


Unlike other ARPGs, the lower the item level in Last Epoch, the higher its forging potential. Players can pick up whatever items they see, without the trouble of choosing at all.

At the same time, the storage system of Last Epoch is also very large. First, the storage system has a near-infinite number of storage tags and sub-tags. In addition, in order to help players easily sort, the system also provides players with tabs that can be colored and placed with special icons. You don't have to worry about the problem that you can't find it because there are too many items.

Of course, if you want to improve your strength or kill monsters faster in the Last Epoch, it is recommended that you prepare a large amount of Last Epoch Gold in advance. If you have such needs, you can follow this website. You can not only buy Last Epoch Gold here, but also check the news and free guides of various games. IGGM is always looking forward to your arrival.


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