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Outstanding Build Guides for Beginners in Last Epoch

Posted: Nov 21, 2022

Today I have a special guide for everyone, with the current update in Last Epoch which brings new dungeons, new visuals and changes to a lot of the skills, it is going to have a big impact on your builds. So I would like to bring you two top tier starter builds that are cheap and easy to play, if you're looking for proper builds, be sure to check out this epochs builds guide to find the perfect one.

Outstanding Build Guides for Beginners in Last Epoch


Hammer Throw Crit-Adin

Kicked off with a classic the Hammer Throw Crit-Adin, this build focuses on unleashing as many hammers as possible in every single direction. We do this with the Avatar of the Spire, which removes the spiral hammer throw, but gives us a huge damage increase and allows us to grab extra armor shred and fire shred nodes, which then gives us a lot more single target damage. This build is a lot different than other hammer throw builds, because you don't require smite cast on throw attack, and this is an extremely cheap way to level one of these builds, do not need too much Last Epoch Gold.

Now this build has incredible clear speed, it has moderate boss damage and average survivability, so you're a little bit squishier than other builds out there now. To help with this you can actually swap one of your weapons for a shield to give you a little bit more toughness, and that way you can tank some more damage.

For someone just starting out in Last Epoch, this is a great way to get into the game. You don't have to put too much effort into the build, and like I said at the start, these are cheap and easy builds to play, so if there's one that I do recommend, it's definitely this one. That's mostly from my own personal experience, I actually started out with a necromancer build, but eventually found myself with a hammer throw build, and it was so much fun.

On the other hand, I do recommend this one now in terms of skills. The skills that this build uses are Hammer Throw, Reversal, Sigil of Hope, Holy Aura and Smite. We even have a really nifty trick with auto cast Sigil of Hope, so you don't have to manage those yourself, that's the Crit Paladin.

Upheaval Explosion Totem Druid

I want to talk about our next build and this is one that focuses on the newest Druid skill called Upheaval. I really love the way this skill works bucause it has one of my favourite skills, the Upheaval Explosion Totem. So if you love transforming into a werebear, while harnessing the power of earth to completely just crush everything around you, then this build is definitely right up your alley.

The Upheaval Explosion Totem Druid focuses on summoning groups of thorn totems to dish out continuous damage, but the real magic comes from when you use maul on those totems. With all the right choices, mauling those totems will cause a huge aoe explosion, dealing big damage to anything nearby.

Now one thing to keep in mind with this build is, it might take a little while to reach a point where things kind of feel smooth, so you have to find these thorn totem on hit idles. Once you have a few of those things, it should smooth out pretty quick, and you shouldn't have any issues.

Overall this build has incredibly strong clear speed, incredible boss damage and incredible survivability. However, the damage itself can be inconsistent at times, but beyond that it's still an incredibly strong build, especially to start out with.

If you want to know more recommend Last Epoch Builds, please make sure following the IGGM, more in-game build guides are always coming up in the site.


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