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EA FC 24: Best Meta 4-4-2 Formation & Tactics After The Latest Patch

Posted: Dec 21, 2023

Posted: Dec 21, 2023

Source:  IGGM

The Weekend League is starting soon, and you have to prepare. Preparation starts with a steady formation. This guide will give you the best 4-4-2 formation to get good scores, as they changed a lot after the latest patch. I will teach you the ins and outs of the best 4-4-2 tactics in the EA FC 24. First, make sure you have enough EA FC 24 Coins, then let’s jump into the tactics.

Custom Tactics

As always, Defensive style is on balance. The Width is on 35, that’s because 4-4-2 is a pretty wide formation from itself. That’s why I wanted a bit more compact in the tactics. The Depth here is on 67. I know a lot of you people probably like it to be up to 71 because of the automatic of side traps. Personally, I don’t really need that, but I still want my defensive line to be high up in the pitch.

Then, in Offense, Build Up Play is on balance, Chance Creation is on direct passing. The Width same as the defense from the 4-4-2 is pretty wide from itself, so that’s why I don’t put it wider. I have it on 49. It’s the same as 50. I would recommend to not go lower than 40 and don’t go higher than 65 is what I would say in the 4-4-2. Players In Box are on 5. 4-4-2 is a pretty well balanced formation from itself. The 4-4-2 is average and balanced, so that’s why I like all the tactics to be pretty balanced. Then Corners and Free Kicks are always on two bars.

EA FC 24: Best Meta 4-4-2 Formation & Tactics After The Latest Patch


Goalkeeper: No specific instructions.

Right back and left back: Both on Stay Back While Attacking and Overlap. A lot of people are questioning me about what does the Overlap instruction do. For me personally, I feel my fullbacks are pushing up just a tiny bit more when I put them on Overlap. It's not the same as I put them on balanced, of course, but I just like them to be a little bit higher up, and that's why I put them on StayBack While Attacking and Overlap.

Center mids: Both on Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center. I have them on stay back because if I go down the wing, I break through, I want them to be available for the cut back. When I have them on stay back, they will still push up till like the 18-yard box. So they still will be available for the cut back, but they won't go too far because if they do that, I won't have options available.

Left mid and right mid: Both Come Back On Defense and Get Into The Box For Crosses. When I break through down the right wing, for example, I want my left mid to be open for the cross. In this case, it's Socrates. He has the height and he can win the header. If the cross is available, it will probably be a big chance, and that's why I put them on get into the box for crosses.

Strikers: Both have the same instructions - Stay Central and Come Back On Defense. As you guys probably noticed, Come Back On Defense on all four attackers. I want them to come back, but the depth is also pretty high. This makes it really compact in defense, and that's what I like.


It is obviously that the 4-4-2 we play it every year is good, since way back since FIFA came out. This year in EA FC 24 it’s still good, so that’s why 4-4-2 is always a good option to play.

This year, a lot of people are playing 4-3-2-1 with the balanced fullback. 4-4-2 counters it pretty well because you will always have four players available for the Counter Attack: your left mid, your right mid, and both of your strikers, obviously. Let's say your opponent is playing a 4-3-2-1 with a balanced fullback on the right side; your left mid will have loads of space in the Counter Attack because the right back is always pushed up. That's why the 4-4-2 is a pretty good counter for the 4-3-2-1.

As I already said, it's a really balanced formation. Personally, I like to press and play a bit slower, a bit of possession. So that's good for the 4-4-2, but you could always play counterattacking football with the 4-4-2 because you always have the two strikers up top. If you want to go quick, they give you the option to go quick, but if you want to go a bit slower, you could also take it a bit easier, go for the easy buildup between the right back and right mid, for example, search for the triangles on the wing with your winger and striker. As you can see in the formation, there are triangles everywhere.

In defense, it’s pretty well-structured as you probably know when we play 4-3-2-1 because of the instructions we put, we defend in a 4-4-2. And obviously, that’s for a reason because a 4-4-2 is always pretty solid in defense.

Of course, everyone has personal preferences about formations, tactics. If you like this 4-4-2 tactics guide, make sure to try out these tactics.


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