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EA FC 24: Everything You Need To Do To Prepare For TOTY In Ultimate Team

Posted: Dec 15, 2023

Preparation for FC 24 Team of the Year has already begun. Today, I’m telling you exactly what you should be doing if you are someone who does actually want to prepare. This is everything that you need to do if you are getting ready for Team of the Year.

EA FC 24: Everything You Need To Do To Prepare For TOTY In Ultimate Team

Sell Your Team

Let’s start with the very first step: selling your team. The idea is to sell your team now to claim as many FC 24 Coins as possible. 

Throughout December, player prices will continue to go down. As we approach January and then eventually Team of the Year towards the end of January, players will continue to go down in value. By the time Team of the Year does finally release because there are so many people opening packs during this time, you see a massive dip in pretty much every player.

Of course, during this time, Team of the Year players and also honorable mentions get released in which they do fluctuate in price. But everyone else will go down. That is just where attention goes from whoever is the best at that current moment to all Team of the Year players who will be the best all the way up until Team of the Season

FC 24 How To Prepare For TOTY In Ultimate Team?

Stock Up On Cheap Promo Cards

After the Team of the Year promo, that is when people start to buy back the players they initially sold on because they’re going to be a fraction of the price that they were originally, meaning that they’re able to make a difference. 

In a lot of cases, you’ll be able to upgrade your team quite considerably by being able to buy much better players for the exact same price at which you sold your original players.

So with this, it is worth going through your club and selling anyone who is tradeable, with the exception of a few selected types of players. This is going to be any special card, which is valued towards that lower end: 10, 20, even 30,000 EA FC 24 Coins depending on their over rating. This is because there is no source for those types of players. 

They were released as part of Team of the Weeks, and for that week and that week only, they were part of packs. The second that week ended, they were taken out of packs. So, there’s been no way to get more of those types of players. Even if they got a second Team of the Week or were part of a different promo, it’s someone completely different. It’s not the same player as before.

And those players typically continue to increase. Normally, as we’re approaching a major event like this, people like to stock up and invest because they think that potentially we can get some content such as SBCs, which require some of those previous promos. 

It’s a good time to start buying up now so that a week before Team of the Year is released, you can then sell them at their highest possible price because typically these types of players are never really used for any of the content. 

And if so, it’s not to the amount of demand that people are expecting for them to increase in value during the promo. That’s why it’s good to buy when no one else is interested and then sell when everyone else is trying to buy.

Stack Packs

The biggest thing that you can do, though, is start stacking packs

FC 24 Stack Packs

People do stack packs because they don’t really like the promos available that we have throughout December and the beginning of January. They would much rather have a Team of the Year because these end up being the highest rated FC 24 Players within the game. Depending on who you get, which is typically defenders, midfielders, and attackers (not a goalkeeper), they will probably be valued at 800,000+ coins.

With your midfielders and attackers, it's likely 1.5 million +, going even higher than that, six to seven million, dependent on the player, such as Mbappe, for example.

Even though you have a much higher chance of being able to pack good players as part of promos throughout December and beginning of January compared to you being able to get one of these Team of the Year players during the Team of the Year promo, people still like to test their luck.

Game Modes

The best way to do this is to stack packs. That means going through Game Modes, through Division Rivals, getting at least 3 wins to qualify for a reward. 

Then, aiming for 7 wins to max out that weekly reward. You'll need 1,250 qualification points to enter the Champions playoffs, claiming packs from there. Aim to get into the Champions finals to claim additional packs.

Afterward, go into Squad Battles to achieve as high a rank as possible. Use your coins, draft tokens, or even FC Points to play through drafts, whether single-player or online. Additionally, engage in Moments to build up as many stars as possible. By the time Team of the Year arrives, spend those stars on packs.


Everything mentioned ties into objectives. You may want to go through challenges that require you to play through friendlies. 

Objectives end up being the best way to grind packs because of your seasonal progress and the content EA releases. Stacking these challenges up ensures you're obtaining packs from objectives itself while competing within the mentioned game modes.

FC 24 Objectives

Save Packs Till TOTY

Save the packs to your club and let them stay there for the next month until Team of the Year is finally released. 

However, there are limitations. The store may say 99 packs continuously, but packs are still saved in the background, potentially reaching hundreds or thousands. Visually, it maxes out at 99. 

You can't see every single pack within the store. It typically shows only the first 30. If you get a Team of the Week pack from SBCs or any type of content EA releases and you have more than 30 packs saved, you won't be able to see it. Saving the Team of the Week pack for Team of the Year is pointless because it doesn't upgrade. You'll still get Team of the Week players during that period.

However, you can view all packs on the Web App. There, you'll find the store and can scroll through to open packs if you choose. It's easier to manage this process rather than continuously keeping it going for the next month and a half.

Right now, you may have many players in your club because there's a source for them through every game mode, rewarding you with packs. With those packs, you receive players, good or bad, which can be recycled through SBCs. 

But, once you start stacking packs and not opening them, you'll eventually reach a point where no new players come in because those obtained are sent to SBCs. Consequently, you're not opening packs from SBCs and, thus, not recycling anything.

At this point, you have a couple of options. One option is to not worry about SBCs and just avoid them completely because what you’re doing is now getting packs just from the game mode. It’s very slow and a tedious way for you to build up the amount of packs you save.


Another option is that you start to put more emphasis on trading

Trading, even if it’s a very simple trading method such as bulk building or sniping, allows you to get coins coming in. With some of the profits, you’re able to buy players for trading and for SBCs. This way, you’re able to continuously build up your coin balance, still complete SBCs, and stack packs from them. 

FC 24 Trading


This is my preference. If you’re someone that enjoys spending money on the game, then you could always buy FC Points and just continuously keep on going through the draft

With draft, even if you go out in the very first round, your reward is equivalent to what it cost to enter. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get anything good because it still comes down to chance, but the value should be around 15,000 coins or 300 FC Points

You can continue to keep on going through draft from now all the way to the release of Team of the Year to keep on building up your packs.

If you are a confident player, go into online. If you’re not as confident, go through a single player. With a single player, it doesn’t actually matter what difficulty you select because the rewards once you win in the final are pulled from the exact same bracket. It’s a weird and broken way to handle things, but that’s the way it is.

Buy Coins

Finally, very similar to buying FC Points, you could buy coins

Buying coins means you’re then able to use those coins to buy players, and then use those players to go through SBCs to stack as many packs as possible. The choice here is entirely up to you.

My recommendation is that you go through some very basic trading methods, build up your coin balance, and then just buy some players every week to complete SBCs. Stack those packs you get from SBCs and also stack the rewards you get from other game modes.

This year, I’m not taking the Team of the Year grind as seriously. With the promos released throughout December and January, I’m going to open some packs, not all of them. I’m definitely still stacking the best ones for Team of the Year, but there will be times when I’ll open 10 to 20 packs, depending on what’s actually there.

My personal goal is to have 2 to 300 packs saved for Team of the Year. I know it’s not a crazy amount. There are other creators who are able to get thousands. But I just don’t have as much time to play the Ultimate Team as I used to. I wish I did, but I don’t.

But as a rule of thumb, whatever you do manage to collect and save for Team of the Year, you can pretty much double it because once you do finally open those packs, the chance of you getting a Team of the Year is not going to be high. 

You’re not going to get them in every single pack that you open, but you will get loads of other players. Those players can then immediately be recycled back into SBCs, where you can get additional packs. And in this loop, continuously keep them going throughout the whole week to two-week period. 

All in all, this is everything that you need to do in order for you to prepare for Team of the Year.


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