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EA FC 24: Top 7 Young Wingers For Player Career Mode

Posted: Dec 14, 2023

Wingers are, in our opinion, the epitome of football, where technical prowess meets the art of one-on-one duels.

Here, we will unveil our top 7 picks for young promising wingers in FC 24 Player Career Mode. Let’s explore these talents and see what makes them stand out.

Of course, if you have enough EA FC 24 Coins, you can buy your favorite players and upgrade them to grow your team!

EA FC 24: Top 7 Young Wingers For Player Career Mode

7. Naci Unuvar

Coming in at number 7, meet Naci Unuvar.

Currently shining at 20 on loan from Ajax, this 20-year-old prodigy, once a beacon at the Ajax Academy, is still unlocking his considerable potential.

With a modest 67 overall rating and a promising potential of 82, Unuvar is a master of dribbling, boasting fluidity, and elegance on the ball. His ability to pivot and change direction swiftly makes him a nightmare for defenders.

Not just a dribbler, Unuvar excels in passing with exceptional vision, enhancing any team’s attacking prowess. His Finesse Shot trait adds an exciting edge to his gameplay, allowing for some spectacular long-range goals.

Unuvar offers a unique opportunity to dominate with dazzling performances as you nurture his growth.

Embark on a journey to elevate Ajax and transform Unuvar into one of the world’s premier wingers. Nachi Unuvar, a hidden gem, possesses all the qualities of a technical virtuoso.

6. Johan Bakayoko

Ranking at number 6, we spotlight Johan Bakayoko, the Belgian sensation lighting up the Eredivisie club.

With a solid rating of 76 and a towering potential of 87, this speed demon is a thrill to play. Bakayoko is the epitome of speed and skill on the ball.

His gameplay demands a bit of acclimatization. His swift pace contrasts with slightly delayed direction shifts, creating a unique playstyle. His ball handling and dribbling are top-notch, complemented by 4-star weak foot and skill moves, making him a versatile attacker.

Don’t be fooled by his average passing and vision stats. Bakayoko performs exceptionally well in-game, especially on Ultimate difficulty. His on-field presence often transcends what the numbers suggest, making him a dynamic force in any match.

Johan Bakayoko, a standout in PSV’s underrated squad, offers immense potential and excitement in Player Career Mode.

5. Antonio Nusa

Sliding into number 5 is Antonio Nusa, Club Brugge’s Norwegian prodigy.

At just 18, he’s already impressive with a 71 rating, soaring to a potential of 87, and boasts 4-star weak foot and skill moves.

Nusa’s defining feature is his exceptional physical prowess. His in-game stats shine in sprint speed, acceleration, agility, and balance, making him incredibly agile and responsive on the field. This ability translates seamlessly into gameplay, allowing swift, precise movements and turns.

Surprisingly, Nusa also excels in regaining possession with his height and build playing a key role. However, he falls short in shooting and finishing, lacking a bit of the necessary power.

Despite this, his overall play is dynamic and engaging. Antonio Nusa dazzles on the ball, destined to rise among Career Mode’s elite. His journey promises to be remarkable.

FC 24 Player Career Mode

4. Yeremy Pino

At number 4, we’re featuring Yeremy Pino from Villareal.

This 20-year-old prodigy boasts a remarkable 79 overall rating with the potential to reach 87. His strong initial rating and the prestige of playing in La Liga place him high on our list.

Pino doesn’t have standout attacking attributes, but he excels across the board. With pace, passing, and dribbling all above 75, he’s a well-rounded threat on the pitch.

Adapting to his playstyle is key, as he’s an all-rounder capable of fitting into any team’s dynamics.

His ability to outmaneuver opponents using both skill and speed makes him a versatile addition to any lineup. His general gameplay is conducive to effective team play, letting him seamlessly integrate into various strategies.

Yeremi Pino is an ideal choice for starting a new player career. Lead Villareal, a club rich in history, to glory with Pino as your spearhead.

3. Bukayo Saka

At number 3, we have the star of our list, Bukayo Saka, at just 21.

He’s already a force to be reckoned with, boasting an 85 rating and a potential of 90.

Despite his limitations in weak foot and skill moves, Saka offers immense fun in gameplay. Bukayo Saka is simply electrifying, one of the world’s best wingers at 21. His agility and ball control are exceptional. He pairs these skills with remarkable vision and long shot ability.

Perhaps even underrated in FC 24, playing with Saka feels effortless, opening a world of possibilities on the pitch. He's a brilliant dribbler and passer, integral to an impressive Arsenal side. His versatility and skill make every match an exciting challenge.

Embodying Saka means pursuing Arsenal's first Premier League title in ages, striving for England's glory, and seeking personal redemption. A thrilling journey for any player in FC 24.

2. Jeremy Doku

At number 2, we have 21-year-old Jeremy Doku from Manchester City.

The decision between Doku and our top pick was tough and came down to personal preference, which might differ for you.

Doku boasts a 78 overall rating with an 86 potential, a rating that arguably undervalues his true talent, as you'll soon see.

Doku's standout attributes are his blistering speed and exceptional dribbling. His stats speak volumes: 95 acceleration, 89 sprint speed, 93 agility, and 88 balance, all combining for an exhilarating experience with the ball. His 87 dribbling skill ensures the ball stays close even when weaving through tight defenses.

In the game, Doku feels faster than lightning, effortlessly outmaneuvering top defenders. His speed not only helps in evasion but also in creating opportunities for strategic plays.

Despite his 78 rating, Doku's in-game performance feels more akin to a higher-rated FC 24 Player, especially when surrounded by Manchester City's stellar lineup.

Embarking on a career with Doku at Manchester City is about striving for excellence. You have the chance to win it all and mold Doku into a world-leading winger, emulating legends like Thierry Henry and Mohamed Salah.

1. Alejandro Garnacho

At the top spot, number 1, we have Alejandro Garnacho.

Not the highest rated nor the most skillful, but at 19 years old with a 74 overall and an 87 potential, he's making waves in a Manchester United team facing challenges. He has already grabbed headlines, most recently with an extraordinary bicycle kick hailed as one of the best.

Garnacho shines with his ability to sharply cut and turn, a talent not overshadowed by his slightly lower speed. His agility, balance, and reactions are his standout attributes.

In real life, he's known for being in the right place at the right time, a trait that translates well into FC 24 gameplay. Garnacho frequently finds space in critical moments, either for scoring or setting up teammates.

Playing as him is immensely satisfying, as you feel pivotal in every match's outcome, whether through scoring, dribbling, or assisting.

We conclude our list with Garnacho, a young star on the rise. Embarking on a career with him in FC 24 feels like a destiny-driven challenge, resurrecting Manchester United's glory and clinching the Ballon d'Or.


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