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EA FC 24: 5 Crossing Tips To Help Us Win The Game Easily!

Posted: Nov 27, 2023

Posted: Nov 27, 2023

Source:  IGGM

As you can see in the title, this is a new crossing guide. In this guide, I will explain to you which type of cross you must use in which situations. So let’s get started right away.

L1 Cross

So the first technology we’re going to discuss is L1 Cross. The purpose of L1 Cross is to allow the ball to pass longer at the back post. Therefore, this allows you to re-angle yourself to win headers. Either head the ball directly towards the goal, or pass the ball to a teammate in a better position. Next, I will give a few examples to demonstrate these situations.

EA FC 24: 5 Crossing Tips To Help Us Win The Game Easily!

In the first example, you can see that we cross it over to H in the later post. Here, Cristiano Ronaldo is in a better position. We passed the ball to Ronaldo, he won the header, passed it backwards and finished.

It is worth noting that we first pass the ball to the box, this time it may not be passed to the back post. But it allowed us to win headers where he couldn’t control any other defender because it locked him in.

If we play it out, we immediately create an exceptional situation for ourselves. This also means that you need to invest a certain amount of EA Sports FC 24 Coins to improve the player’s comprehensive data to increase the chance of successful passing.

In the next example, you can see the same Cristiano firing in an easy shot at the back post. This is an excellent technique for getting the ball to tall people. Because it allows him to re-angle himself in preparation for the header.

For the last example of L1 Cross, it will pass to Cristiano Ronaldo’s back post. He brought it back with Hansen’s Fake Shot, which you can easily implement into your game.

German Cross

Because recognizing matchups is so important, the next cross is German Cross. Basically, have the midfielder or defender run close to the back line and then go full force past the back line.

Let’s take another look at Achraf Hakimi’s running cross, an easy one-way pass that you can even do for the first time. You can see it running from midfield. It will cause some confusion once it gets there.

FC 24: How to score using a German cross?

Normal Cross

Our next cross is just a Normal Cross. It depends on your FC 24 Players. Let’s look at the first example.

We passed the ball to Hirving Lozano, and he crossed the line like a chip ball. This gives him a header in a good way. Then he uses Normal Cross again.

When Ronaldo runs forward, you need to send the cross to the back post. Because when someone on your team takes a small step forward, there’s always a lock on it. As you can see, if we have some luck with the header, this will again be a guaranteed goal. Now it’s like German Cross and Normal Cross rolled into one.

Low Cross

There is always the best time to use Low Cross when attacking during a match. With a cross from the touchline or the six-yard box, the chances of a teammate making contact with the ball and sending it past the goalkeeper are high.

To play Low Cross, you simply double-click the square on PlayStation or the X on Xbox. To ensure the ball reaches the target, make sure you have enough power to pass the ball before clicking the button a second time, otherwise it will be difficult for the goalkeeper to collect it.

Timing a volley or controlling a low cross can be tricky in a busy box, so be decisive when you have a scoring opportunity.

How to Ground Cross in FC 24? - Low Cross Tips

L1 R1 Cross

The final crossbow trick is L1 R1 Cross. This cross is when you are completely free, you can fly directly over. When it reaches the air, you can touch it or volley it.

We have a lot of room to complete L1 R1 Cross. The last clip is of us with Cristiano Ronaldo on the left. You can see Emil Hansson running there, running through it. This is the most important place for you to use L1 R1 Cross.

That’s all there is to know about how to cross in EA Sports FC 24. Hopefully, these tips will help make it easier for you to win in the game!


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