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EA FC 24: Best Custom Tactics For The 3-5-2 Formation! - Infinite Passing Options

Posted: Dec 29, 2023

Posted: Dec 29, 2023

Source:  IGGM

If you like playing flanks, then 3-5-2 may be the best formation for you. This formation with only 3 defenders seems to be very offensive, and it’s more defensive than you might think.

The following guide will help you understand the best meta-custom tactics for 3-5-2 formation in EA Sports FC 24 and provide tips for using it effectively.

EA Sports FC 24: Best Custom Tactics For The 3-5-2 Formation! - Infinite Passing Options

Meta Playstyle

Before we delve into 3-5-2 formation, it’s also important to understand Meta Playstyle. Meta Playstyle is a style of play that exploits weaknesses in game mechanics. It involves using specific formations, player positions and movements to create scoring opportunities.

Top players and teams often use this style of play, which can be difficult to defend against. Therefore, it is important to spend FC 24 Coins to buy the right players before practicing 3-5-2 formation.

Custom Tactics

The 3-5-2 formation is often considered one of the most attacking formations in the game. Especially because when you attack, there won’t be a lot of players left on defense.

However, with the right tactics, you can easily make this formation defensively strong. The best thing about this formation is that you can have unmarked wingers who are always a threat to the opposition defense.

Custom tactics for 3-5-2 formation are all about pressure. The more pressure we put on our opponents, the less we have to defend. So a Depth of 70 and a Width of 42 are good for defense.

In terms of defensive styles, Balanced works best as it helps your players maintain stamina. And Balanced and Direct Passing has been the best combination for over a year. Especially for this formation.

Also, setting its Attack Width to 58 is fine since we don’t want our team to be spread too thin.

FC 24: 352 Custom Tactics

Player Instructions

The 3-5-2 formation is really powerful, but without the right tactics, you will concede a lot of goals. And we should note that this formation leaves a lot of holes in defense. Therefore, it is crucial to convey appropriate instructions to players in a timely manner.

First, Back 3 needs to stay behind when attacking. CDM is more defensive in staying in the backfield and covering the center when attacking. And CDM has more attack opportunities on all Balanced instructions.

Second, LM and RM return to defense and stay wide. They basically act as your defenders during the game. Both strikers are behind.

The focus is on spotting the overlapping runs of Left and Right Midfielders. They usually fall down defensively, but once you win the ball back, they start running forward.

Your job is to keep the ball until you see one guy running overlapping. Then you pass the ball to him. This Stay Wide instruction given to them basically caught the opponent’s full-backs off guard.

If your opponent defends with low width, the movement of your side midfielders will exploit him. If their full-backs try to mark your wingers, the back-line will become wider and it will be easier to break through the middle.

Knowing when and how to use Left and Right Midfielders is key to winning with this formation. They are your trump card, so use them wisely.

EA Sports FC 24: Best 352 Formation Custom Tactics

Tips & Tricks

Finally, we also want to talk about some additional tips and tricks for using 3-5-2 formation effectively.

It’s important to be patient. Don’t overpress the defender, as this will negate the purpose of attacking the defender. Also, you can use a second man press to block the winger’s run along the end line and downfield angles. The trio can block sweat goals or finesse shot cut-backs in tight areas.

Anticipate Finesse Shot and manually move the goalkeeper to the far post to block the shot. You can use the flexibility of 3-5-2 formation to adapt to your opponent’s different formations and movements.

The Best 352 Custom Tactics To Attack In EA FC 24 And Win More Games

Overall, 3-5-2 formation is an excellent choice against the meta playstyle in football. By understanding common offensive scenarios and using the right tactics, you can effectively defend against top players and teams. Remember to be patient and good luck!


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