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News Tag: EA Sports FC 24

  • EA FC 24: Best Custom Tactics For The 3-5-2 Formation! - Infinite Passing Options

    Posted: Dec 29, 2023

    If you like playing flanks, then 3-5-2 may be the best formation for you. This formation with only 3 defenders seems to be very offensive, and it’s more defensive than you might think.

    The following guide will help you understand the best meta-custom tactics for 3-5-2 formation in EA Sports FC 24 and provide tips for using it effectively.

    Meta Playstyle

    Before we delve into 3-5-2 formation, it’s also important to understand Meta Playstyle. Meta Playstyle is a style of play that exploits weaknesses in game mechanics. It involves using specific formations, player positions and movements to create scoring opportunities.

    Top players and teams often use this style of play, which can be difficult to defend against. Therefore, it is important to spend FC 24 Coins to buy the right players before practicing 3-5-2 formation.

    Custom Tactics

    The 3-5-2 formation is often considered one of the most attacking formations in the game. Especially because when you attack, there won’t be a lot of players left on defense.

    However, with the right tactics, you can easily make this formation defensively strong. The best thing about this formation is that you can have unmarked wingers who are always a threat to the opposition defense.

    Custom tactics for 3-5-2 formation are all about pressure. The more pressure we put on our opponents, the less we have to defend. So a Depth of 70 and a Width of 42 are good for defense.

    In terms of defensive styles, Balanced works best as it helps your players maintain stamina. And Balanced and Direct Passing has been the best combination for over a year. Especially for this formation.

    Also, setting its Attack Width to 58 is fine since we don’t want our team to be spread too thin.

    Player Instructions

    The 3-5-2 formation is really powerful, but without the right tactics, you will concede a lot of goals. And we should note that this formation leaves a lot of holes in defense. Therefore, it is crucial to convey appropriate instructions to players in a timely manner.

    First, Back 3 needs to stay behind when attacking. CDM is more defensive in staying in the backfield and covering the center when attacking. And CDM has more attack opportunities on all Balanced instructions.

    Second, LM and RM return to defense and stay wide. They basically act as your defenders during the game. Both strikers are behind.

    The focus is on spotting the overlapping runs of Left and Right Midfielders. They usually fall down defensively, but once you win the ball back, they start running forward.

    Your job is to keep the ball until you see one guy running overlapping. Then you pass the ball to him. This Stay Wide instruction given to them basically caught the opponent’s full-backs off guard.

    If your opponent defends with low width, the movement of your side midfielders will exploit him. If their full-backs try to mark your wingers, the back-line will become wider and it will be easier to break through the middle.

    Knowing when and how to use Left and Right Midfielders is key to winning with this formation. They are your trump card, so use them wisely.

    Tips & Tricks

    Finally, we also want to talk about some additional tips and tricks for using 3-5-2 formation effectively.

    It’s important to be patient. Don’t overpress the defender, as this will negate the purpose of attacking the defender. Also, you can use a second man press to block the winger’s run along the end line and downfield angles. The trio can block sweat goals or finesse shot cut-backs in tight areas.

    Anticipate Finesse Shot and manually move the goalkeeper to the far post to block the shot. You can use the flexibility of 3-5-2 formation to adapt to your opponent’s different formations and movements.

    Overall, 3-5-2 formation is an excellent choice against the meta playstyle in football. By understanding common offensive scenarios and using the right tactics, you can effectively defend against top players and teams. Remember to be patient and good luck!

  • EA Sports FC 24: All Meta Shooting Mechanics Explained

    Posted: Nov 01, 2023

    We often see teams that dominate their opponents the entire game but lose due to a lack of proper shooting ability. This is especially true for EA FC 24, where a perfect shooting can often help you completely turn the tide of the game.

    However, the situation in the field is changeable, and we need to use different shooting techniques in different finishing situations. Offense doesn’t do much for your team if you can’t capitalize on your chances.

    We’ll take a look at the different shooting options you can use and the best environment to perform them. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

    Trivela Shot

    The first thing we want to talk about is Trivela Shot, which is the best type of shooting outside of the box this year. But what many people don’t know is that it is also very easy to use in the box. You simply hold L2 and press the circle button to perform Trivela Shot.

    Trivela Shot is powerful, but what makes it so great is its curve. Trivela technique involves hitting the ball with the outside of the foot, creating a turning effect. So this is unsalvageable for the goalie.

    And for me, the most special thing about Trivela Shot is that it is even very useful for players who are not good at shooting. For example, your defender can shoot from outside the box. But if you take a normal shot with one of your defenders inside the box, the chance of it going in is very low. That’s why I think Trivela Shot is really special.

    Regular Shot

    The next thing we want to talk about is Regular Shot. You just press the round button to execute it. This is probably the most common shooting technique over the years. Even sometimes you don’t know whether you should take Finesse Shot or Trivela Shot, I can suggest you go straight to Regular Shot.

    In addition, mastering Timed Finishing can often bring certain improvements to Regular Shot. If done well, this will increase the power and accuracy of the shot and will almost always get the ball past the goalkeeper. However, if done slightly wrong, the ball may just find its way to the corner flag. Therefore, it will be very important to spend FC 24 Coins to improve the overall statistics of the players.

    Power Shot

    So the type of shooting we are going to talk about next has been very interesting since this year. It is a Power Shot. Because this year they introduced Power Shot Playstyle, which makes Power Shot better than ever.

    You can perform a Power Shot by holding down L1 and R1 simultaneously and pressing the shooting button. This will play an animation and your player will begin charging up a powerful shot. Of course, the obvious drawbacks are that accuracy is greatly reduced, and it takes time to charge up the shot, so your opponent can easily steal the ball from you by sliding in.

    Due to the above drawbacks, using Power Shot in the box in EA FC 24 has almost no effect. Therefore, you need to hit the ball from the edge of the box so that you may have more time and space.

    Finesse Shot

    If you want beautiful curling shots from the edge of the box into the far post, then Finesse Shot is your best choice. You can release this Finesse Shot by pressing R1/RB + O/B. They’re also very effective at close range, allowing you to deflect the ball around the charging goalkeeper and into the back of the net rather than shooting it directly at him. It’s really about getting the timing of execution right.

    Chip Shot

    Next up is Chip Shot. This is one of the most difficult shooting techniques to perform in FC 24, as it requires the player to have near-perfect strength and timing. Of course, you can also choose to purchase the appropriate FC 24 players directly.

    Chip Shot is best used in one-on-one opportunities with charging goalies. At this point, you must press L1/LB + O/B in the fraction of a second before the goalkeeper is about to touch the ball. It’s crucial to stay calm and not hold down the shot button for too long, as this will not only send the ball past the goalkeeper, but also the goal posts.

    Low-Driven Shot

    The last type of Shooting is last year’s Low-driven Shot. Like most techniques in EA Sports FC 24, executing a Low-driven Shot is an extremely simple process.

    First, run towards the goal with the ball, then tap to shoot to activate Low-driven Shot. When the shot energy bar appears, try turning it to a quarter. If you can do this, whichever player you control will take a Low-driven Shot.

    But executing Low-driven Shot consistently can be tricky. If there is not enough power behind the ball, the goalkeeper will most likely save the ball. If the force is too great, the ball will lift off the ground and fall directly into their glove.

    However, once you master Low-driven Shot, it’s one of the most effective ways to score points.

    Well, that’s all there is to know about the shooting type in EA Sports FC 24. Hopefully, these tips will help you win the game beautifully. Good luck!

  • EA FC 24: Here's Everything You Need To Know Before Jumping In! - 15 Attractive Features

    Posted: Sep 20, 2023

    EA Sports is back with another football game, but it’s not FIFA. Instead, it’s presenting a new title EA Sports FC 24, tying up with new and familiar licenses while revamping several aspects of its gameplay and modes.

    Despite the name change, fans will find plenty of familiar things with the publisher’s latest sports offering. It releases on September 29th for Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch. But Ultimate Edition owners can start on September 22nd. Let’s go over the many ways, both big and small, that the game has evolved.

    1. 19,000 players & 700+ Clubs

    If you played FIFA 23, then some of the stats for the EA Sports FC 24 will look very familiar.

    It offers over 19,000 players at launch with Erling Haaland as the cover star on the Standard Edition. There’s also a whopping 700 plus teams with the Premier League’s 20 clubs, the EFL 72 member clubs, 29 clubs from MLS, and many more.

    2. Over 30 Leagues

    There’s over 30 leagues also available like the Barclays Women’s Super League, the National Women’s Soccer League, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Europa Conference League, and more.

    However, this year also sees new additions like the 16 top divisions of Spain’s Liga F and the 12 top divisions of Germany’s Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga.

    3. 115+ Stadiums

    EA Sports FC 24 boasts over 115 stadiums, including Allianz Stadium, Parc de Princes, Obama Stadium, Anfield Emirates Stadium, Wembley Stadium, etc.

    Together with the presentation, they should provide an authentic atmosphere for football fans to immerse themselves in.

    Also Read: EA FC 24 Playstyles Explained - Shooting Themed, Passing Themed, Defensive Themed, Ball Control Themed, Physical Themed & Goalkeeper Themed Playstyles

    4. Hypermotion V

    Available exclusively on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC, Hypermotion V essentially uses data from over 180 real-life matches to create the rhythm and fluidity of real world football, as EA Sports puts it.

    This means that the many animations showcased by players are based on their real-world counterparts.

    Perhaps the most exciting prospect is the Advanced 11v11 Match Capture, which simultaneously captures all 22 players and results in more than 11,000 realistic animations. That make it feel like your team is moving as one.

    5. Accelerate 2.0

    Another current gen exclusive feature is Accelerate 2.0, which categorizes player movement into different archetypes, lending more personality to the players.

    You have the balanced control type, the initially faster explosive type, and the marathon-esque lengthy type.

    However, there are four new additions, which mix the existing types with controlled explosive, controlled lengthy, mostly explosive, and mostly lengthy.

    Each player is automatically assigned an archetype based on height, agility, strength, acceleration, and more.

    6. Playstyles

    The most exciting prospect of EA Sports FC 24’s gameplay is playstyles, which gives unique properties to each player divided into six categories passing, scoring, ball control, defending, physical, and goalkeeper though it’s limited to be a goalkeeper in player career and clubs.

    For example, you have Power Shot for those who take powerful shots from the outside and allow for performing them faster. Chip Shot for those who attempt to chip the goalkeeper and can do so with greater accuracy and many more. Playstyles + further adds to this, resulting in players like Haaland and Sam Kerr going above and beyond the rest.

    Haaland’s Power Shot is even faster and with greater speed than other players while Kerr’s Finesse Shots have maximum curve and crazier accuracy.

    7. Separate Player Career & Manager Career Modes

    Career Mode is back and there are big changes, including player and manager careers being completely separate this time around. This means your FC 24 Coins will be used more widely.

    The former introduces player agents for defining your path, whether engaging in negotiations, taking advantage of the new play styles or going into training sessions before each match. The latter adds a total management system with pre-match preparations and tactical view for different match viewing angles, allowing you to observe every aspect of the action.

    8. Attacking & Defending Changes

    Attacking and defending have also been overhauled.

    You get new precision passing, swerve on demand, and headers on demand when attacking, while effort dribble touch and orbit dribble provide new ways to control the ball.

    Defenders can use advanced defending for better control over their defensive actions. And changes have been made to pressure tactics and goalkeeping, with the latter getting new push deflects to try and push shot deflections away.

    9. Practice Arena

    Practice Arena allows for crafting different scenarios to add and remove players with seamless shifting between playing and customization.

    There’s also a practice match for playing a match with no score, which you can adjust the difficulty for until you decide to stop and a jumping barrier prop added to the free kick practice arena for further refining your free kick skills.

    10. Skill Games

    Of course, you also have new Skill Games like Precision Passing, Precision Shooting, and Controlled Sprint for practicing the new mechanics.

    Skill Games and Career Mode are also reworked and should be more challenging for players.

    11. Ultimate Team Changes

    Ultimate Team is back and undergoing major changes like Evolutions, which allow for improving players and completing objectives to enhance their skills and play styles.

    Women’s football is also being added with the option to create hybrid squads, transfer both male and female players on the market for more FUT 24 Coins, and obtain rewards for both.

    It’ll also feature the likes of UEFA Women’s Champions League, the Barclays Women’s Super League and more into the player pool for Ultimate Team.

    12. PS5 Enhanced Haptics

    Haptic feedback on the PS5 dual sense is supported, which isn’t that surprising considering last year’s release had the same.

    However, EA Sports FC 24 introduces Intense Haptics, allowing you to tweak the haptic feedback to the highest possible settings for full immersion at least until the battery gives out.

    13. Cross-Platform Play

    Cross-platform play is confirmed, though it’s divided based on the console generation.

    That means that the Xbox Series X/S, PC, and PS5 players can match make together while PS4 and Xbox One players have separate matchmaking pools.

    The two console generations sadly can’t play together. On the bright side, at least Clubs and Volta now support cross play, so that’s a plus.

    14. Frostbite & Ultimate Team On Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo’s Switch players rejoice EA Sports FC 24 offers the first EA Sports title to support frostbite.

    It will also include Volta and Ultimate Team, though it costs $59.99 as opposed to last year’s game, which retails for $39.99 and does not support cross-platform play with other consoles or PCs. It’s an improvement. It expands on the switch’s sports offerings.

    15. Dual Entitlement

    The Standard Edition retails at $69.99 while the Ultimate Edition costs $99.99 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

    However, Dual Entitlement applies to both, which means you can purchase the PS4 and Xbox One versions and upgrade to the PS5 and Xbox Series versions at no extra cost. You can even switch back and forth between previous and current gen versions for whatever reason.

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