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EA FC 24: Best Center-Back Build To Use In EA FC 24 Clubs

Posted: Dec 29, 2023

I will show you the max-rated center-back build that you can use in EA FC 24 clubs. So, for your position, you're going to go with CB.

Your height, we have to go with 6 feet, and you have to go with 152 lbs if you want to be max-rated.

For your running style, the one I recommend and the one that I use as center-back is a medalist. It's been my favorite one this entire year for CB. You can use whichever running style you prefer the most, but highly recommend the medalist.

EA FC 24: Best Center-back Build To Use In EA FC 24 Clubs

Playstyle Plus

Now, we have the Playstyle Plus. The first one we’re going to go with is the Quick Step because the pace in this build is extremely low, and the Quick Step Plus is going to allow for your pro to accelerate quicker. So, that’s the only reason we went with this.

Then the second one, it’s all up to you and how you play CB. You can go with the aerial plus since we are 6 feet. You can also go with anticipation plus or the block plus. We’re going to go with anticipation plus. This makes the standing tackles much more accurate, and the ball stops right in front of your foot when you make those tackles.


Now, for the regular playstyles:

Long Ball Pass: As a CB, when you’re under pressure, sometimes you can’t find the short pass, so you need to either switch it or play a ball in the air up top. So, this will do just that, so that’s why we went with the Long Ball Pass.

Power Header: More power to your headers and more accuracy. A lot of players struggle to score headers, and it’s probably because you don’t have this playstyle. It’s a very good one and I highly recommended.

Bruiser: When you’re making those standing tackles, they’re going to come with more physicality, and it’s going to make it much easier to outbody your opponents when you’re going for a standing tackle.

Intercept: This will allow your pro to improve the chances of you intercepting the ball, sticking out your leg, and making that interception.

Block: This is going to allow your pro to extend out your feet to make those blocks when you’re inside or outside the box or if you’re properly positioned, your players will make good blocks.

Aerial: I definitely recommend you to use the Aerial. It’s going to increase the chances of your pro jumping even higher. The jumping on this build is going to be maxed out, but it’s still going to have a much better aerial physical presence, which is what you want as a defender.

EA FC 24 Aerial

So, these are the playstyles that we went with, and these are the playstyle plus that we went with for the center-back build. Make sure that you have enough EA FC 24 Coins to help you win the game.

Skill Tree

Now, we have the skill tree, and to be the max-rated, you have to follow the skill tree. So, you’re going to go with acceleration and sprint speed. It’s a very low pace for a CB, but if you want to be max-rated, you have to go like this.

Shooting: You’re going to get the heading accuracy, and then you’re going to get heading and volleys. This will give you 93 heading accuracy, which is very good. You also have that power header, which is going to increase that accuracy when you’re going for headers, and it’s going to give you more power when you’re going for headers.

Passing: You’re going to get the short passing, and then you’re going to get the architect archetype. So, this will give you 93 short passing, which is what is going to give you that max-rated build. That’s going to determine how accurate the short passing and the long passing are. Even though the long pass is a 79, you have that long ball pass playstyle, which that really won’t matter because that long ball pass playstyle is going to be very good.

Dribbling: some of players, the 63 agility might be too low. If you want to be max-rated CB, you have to go with this-77 balance. That’s going to determine how often your pro falls to the ground when you’re being challenged. And then you have the 79 ball control, which is good enough for a CB. You do want your pro to be taking good ball control, especially when you’re making interceptions.

Defending: You’re going to max it out completely, get everything filled out. Your number one job is to defend. So, this gives you 95 interceptions, which is excellent. 97 defensive awareness. That’s going to determine how accurate the slide tackle, the standing tackles are. And then you have 97 standing tackle with 99 slide tackle, which is insane.

Physical: You’re going to completely max it all out, get everything for the physical. Make sure you get the reactions, the aggression, everything completely filled out.

Now, you’re going to be a 95 rated center-back. That is the max this year. You have 93 physical, 77 pace. I know the pace is low, but you have to go with the pace if you want to be a 95 rated center-back. The shooting doesn’t matter except for the heading accuracy. 79 passing. Dribbling really doesn’t matter besides the ball control and some balance. Try out this build.


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