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EA FC 24: 7 TOTY Best Players Worth Trying In Ultimate Team

Posted: Feb 02, 2024

Posted: Feb 02, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Team Of The Year is a major promotion for EA Sports series, bringing together 11 of the best players in the world. These players are available for limited time purchase in different packs in Ultimate Team Store.

Knowing and being selective about the players that suit you best can save you a lot of FC 24 Coins. So, in this guide, we will introduce seven of the best TOTY players who are your most worthy options to try out in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

EA FC 24: 7 TOTY Best Players Worth Trying In Ultimate Team

7. Virgil Van Dijk

The giant Dutch centre-back’s 96-overall TOTY card is easily the best defensive outfit in the game so far. The card has an impressive 96 Defending, 93 Physical, and 88 Pace with an Anticipate PlayStyle+, making it a unique card in EA FC 24.

Also, he possesses an impressive 99 Strength and 93 Aggression, allowing him to score multiple corner kicks in a game.

Virgil van Dijk’s Block PlayStyles+, with 99 Stand Tackle and 97 Slide Tackle, makes him a defensive wall that prevents many from getting past him.

FC 24 Virgil van Dijk

6. Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham’s 96-overall TOTY card stands out in the current EA FC 24 meta as the undisputed midfield king. It displays an impressive all-88+ attribute set and benefits from Technical PlayStyle+ tweaks, making him a Zone 11 powerhouse.

EA Sports rewards this card with two highly effective PlayStyle+: Technical and Power Shot. With incredible stats like 96 Dribbling, 91 Physical, 90 Pace, 90 Passing, 90 Defending, and 88 Shooting, this card excels both offensively and defensively.

FC 24 Jude Bellingham

5. Caroline Graham Hansen

Caroline Graham Hansen’s TOTY card can be said to be one of the most powerful attackers in the virtual realm. The 97-rated Norwegian is arguably the best winger in the game with her 97 Dribbling, 96 Pace, and 95 Passing.

Hansen’s 5 Star Skill Moves makes this card stand out in the current EA FC 24 meta. With 93 Shooting and the exciting double PlayStyle+, Trivela and Whipped Pass, this card becomes a deadly threat outside D-box.

FC 24 Caroline Graham Hansen

4. Erling Haaland

Few players can match Haaland’s impressive performance in 2023, as evidenced by his overall rating on TOTY card.

Boasting an impressive 98 Shooting, 97 Physical, and 96 Pace, Norwegian’s FIFA 23 rating improved significantly. This also places him in the top four EA FC 24 TOTY best players.

It is one of the few cards in the game to feature Aerial PlayStyle+. With 99 Jumping and 99 Strength, this card becomes a powerhouse in Zone 17 set piece competition.

FC 24 Erling Haaland

3. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi easily ranks among the top three on the list. Boasting an impressive 97 overall rating as a CF, this card is one of the premier attacker options in the game. He has impressive statistics like 98 Dribbling, 97 Passing, 96 Shooting, and 91 Pace.

Many of the weaknesses of the previous version have been addressed in this iteration. While the 84 Sprint Speed may be higher, this card excels in every other offensive aspect. This marks him as one of the strongest cards in the game right now.

With near-perfect finishing and passing, this TOTY card converts into a potent offensive threat at nearly every position, seamlessly serving as CF, CAM, RW, and ST.

Besides its powerful features, the card also offers two powerful PlayStyle+: Pinged Pass and Technical.

FC 24 Lionel Messi

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most expensive cards in the lineup, the legendary former Real Madrid and Inter Milan striker takes second place.

Ronaldo led Selecao’s attack to victory in 2002 World Cup. He has since firmly established himself as one of the greatest attackers in the history of the sport.

5 Star Skill Moves, 5 StarWeak Foot, 95 Pace, 95 Shooting, 95 Dribbling and unique Celebration all justify the high price. With Quick Step Playstyle+, 95 Reaction, and 90 Agility, stealing the ball from Ronaldo is very difficult.

FC 24 Cristiano Ronaldo

1. Kylian Mbappé

Topping the list of the best players in EA FC 24 TOTY is none other than Kylian Mbappé. This card is arguably the best EA Sports franchise has ever produced.

With a staggering 99 pace and 97 dribbling, Mbappé became an unstoppable force around Zone 17. In the meantime, with 99 Finishing, and an overall 96 Shooting, this card proved to be a threat to the opponent’s D-box.

While 78 Long Pass and 89 Long Shot may be higher, this card performs well in other offensive positions, whether in ST, LW, RW, or CF positions.

FC 24 Kylian Mbappé

The above is my list of the best EA FC 24 TOTY players. Buying and using them properly can help your Ultimate Team become stronger!


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