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EA FC 24: Tips & Cheapest Method You Need To Know To Complete High Efficiency SBC

Posted: Feb 04, 2024

With Ultimate Team’s Road to the Final promotion in full swing, EA Sports has released EA FC 24 High Efficiency SBC so players can get their hands on some cheap and easy packages. In this guide, we’ll cover all the tasks in High Efficiency SBC, as well as the best tricks and cheapest ways to accomplish them.

This is the second such Squad Building Challenge to be released during the event, and each completion will help fans progress through an objective set that offers more rewards.

Puzzle SBC is an incredible addition to Ultimate Team, offering players a range of exciting pack rewards for some low-rated fodder players.

While the requirements for such an SBC can sometimes be challenging because of complex regulations, the benefits are worthwhile. High Efficiency SBC in EA FC 24 is a perfect example.

EA FC 24: Tips & Cheap Method You Need To Know To Complete High Efficiency SBC


Similar to all other Puzzle SBCs released so far in the game cycle, EA FC 24 High Efficiency SBC requires a single squad with a specific set of restrictions and regulations. These are the specific requirements mentioned in SBC:

  • Players from the same League: At least three of the starting eleven are required.
  • Players from the same Country: At least five in the starting eleven.
  • Gold Players: At least four players in the starting eleven.
  • Player Quality: Lowest silver medal among starting eleven.
  • Total Chemistry: At least 14.

While the requirements may seem a bit detailed and complicated at first glance, these SBC requirements themselves are very cheap and easy to meet. This is mainly because the overall threshold is low. You only need to spend FC 24 Coins to purchase four Gold Players.

To make the most of their resources, players should submit four Gold Players and fill the rest of the team with Silver Items.

Cheapest Method

Since the requirements for SBC are fairly low, there are plenty of cheap FC 24 players that can be used to get it done. Remember, it’s always better to start with players already in the club. Especially if they are not tradeable, as you can never profit with gold coins. Here are some of the most affordable and cost-effective player options:

  • Graham Burke: 66
  • Wout Faes: 76
  • Aaron Martin: 76
  • Conor Coventry: 67
  • James McGrath: 65
  • Megan Connolly: 77
  • Jonny Hayes: 67
  • Greg Cunningham: 68
  • Mark McGuinness: 68
  • Tonny Vilhena: 75
  • Jack Bonham: 67

Ideally, the overall estimated cost to complete High Efficiency SBC is approximately 2,900 EA Sports FC Coins. Of course, you can save money by using cards you already have in your club, especially if they’re non-tradeable.

EA FC 24 SBC High Efficiency Reward and Cheapest Solution

Is It Worth Completing High Efficiency SBC?

The group reward for completing the challenge is Small Gold Players Pack. This pack contains six Gold Players, one of which is a rare item.

While the rewards that come with this Small Gold Players Pack are nothing too exciting in and of themselves, this SBC is part of the complete RTTF Puzzle Completionist objective set. Not only can players earn one pack by completing High Efficiency SBC, but they can also earn another pack when completing part of that objective set.

Also, they will need to complete all Puzzle SBCs released during RTTF Puzzle Completionist event to unlock the overall group reward, making EA FC 24 High Efficiency SBC even more worth completing.

The above are some tips you need to pay attention to when completing High Efficiency SBC and the simplest and cheapest solutions. Hope these tips are helpful.


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