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EA FC 24: 3 Tips To Dribble Like A Pro In The Game!

Posted: Jan 30, 2024

Posted: Jan 30, 2024

Source:  IGGM

FC 24 has attracted the attention of its diverse gameplay since its release, and defense has been a key topic in the game so far. Dribbling has always been very important when playing Ultimate Team, and mastering it will make the game much easier.

So, in this guide, we’ll share a few secret tips to help you dribble like a pro. We’ve got everything ready for you. Let’s take a look!

EA FC 24: 3 Tips To Dribble Like A Pro In The Game!

Controlled Sprint

Let’s start with the most important part of dribbling, Controlled Sprint.

I believe most FC 24 players know that the most OP dribbling mechanism this year is Controlled Sprint, which is very easy to use.

When running with the ball, all you need to do is press R1/RB button and your player will glide across the pitch. Extremely agile with even the slightest movement, allowing you to get past defenders with ease. Mastering Controlled Sprint will allow you to outperform others with ease!

EA FC 24: Controlled Sprint Like A PRO

Dribbling PlayStyles

PlayStyles were introduced in FC 24, replacing the previous Traits system we’d seen in FIFA for years.

This mechanic is designed to give the best players in the world a certain play style boost, making them better than everyone else. And the ability to use PlayStyles in FC 24 is so powerful.

Technical PlayStyle is best when using controlled dribbling, so players with this style will be very good at dribbling. Especially players like Lionel Messi, Aitana Bonmati, and Jamal Musiala have this PlayStyle+.

Of course, there are other worthy Dribbling PlayStyles to look out for here including: Rapid, Flair, First Touch, Trickster, and Press Proven.

What Are Dribbling PlayStyles in EA FC 24? - Playstyles Breakdown

Skill Moves

Your key players for dribbling are your wingers, strikers, and attacking midfielders. These are also the most dominant positions among the five-star skill players in FC 24.

While players with five-star skills aren’t strictly necessary, it’s beneficial to have at least one or two on your team if your FC 24 Coins budget is sufficient.

If you’re a player who doesn’t use Skill Moves often, here are some simple moves that can help you dribble past your player with ease.

Ball Roll

Ball Roll is very effective and helps to create a yard of space before you can distance yourself from a player or pass the ball elsewhere, catching defenders off guard. Every player in the game can perform this move.

Lane Change Right/Left

Lane Change is essentially an advanced version of Ball Roll, but just as effective. When you dribble, your player will dash the ball to the left or right depending on the direction you swing RS, and can allow you to avoid charging defenders.

Reverse Elastico

Reverse Elastico is the best dribbling move when stopping the ball. Performing this skill action will keep you at least one yard away from the defender.

Skill Moves are the most advanced way to dribble like a pro and are the last skill to perfect in this guide.

FC 24: These Skill Moves To Improve Your Gameplay

These dribbling skills are extremely powerful on FC 24 and may be patched in future updates, so be sure to try them out before it’s too late. Any player can use this. Even if their stats aren’t stellar, their dribbling is still great.

It’s important to note that not these techniques are easy, and practice will make you better. There’s no better way than practicing on the court. Mix these three tips together and you’ll be dribbling like a pro in no time, consistently winning games!


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