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Fallout 76: Why The Commando Build Plays A Crucial Role In The Wastelanders Expansion?

Posted: Apr 24, 2024

Today, our discussion delves into the pivotal importance of the Commando build in Fallout 76, particularly for both newcomers and seasoned veterans navigating the new Wastelanders expansion. One of the things that new players have to understand in Fallout 76 is that you have to plan your build because you can't specialize in every weapon like you can in Fallout 3 or 4.

Fallout 76: Why The Commando Build Plays A Crucial Role In The Wastelanders Expansion?

Legendary Perk Card Slots

Now, something that was added to Fallout 76 that will definitely help you out with your builds out there in the Wasteland is called Legendary Perk card slots, and this was introduced back in the One Wasteland for all updates. Now, you may be wondering when you're going to get these Legendary Perk card slots.

The first one unlocks at Level 50, the next one at 75, the next one at 100, then 150, then 200, and the final Legendary Perk card slot gets unlocked at Level 300. And while there are a lot of Legendary Perk cards that you can choose from to put in these slots, most Vault Dwellers out there in the Wastelanders choose the Legendary Perk cards that increase your Special stats.

As a note, 15 is the maximum number of skill points that you can put into a special stat when assigning perk cards, but if you have your luck maxed out at 15 and you take the Legendary Luck and max it all the way out, you can actually get a +5 to your Luck that way. In your Pip-Boy, it'll show that your Legendary Luck is a 20 instead of a 15.

Punch Card Machine

Another great thing that was added to Fallout 76 during the Locked and Loaded update was the punch card machine that unlocks for Vault Dwellers at level 25 and is free to place at your Camps, costing no components. These also can be found at many locations, like the Nuka-World on Tour, the Whitespring mall, and at every single train station out there in the Wastelanders.

Fallout 76 punch card machine

Now, what this punch card machine allows you to do is to change your special stats inside of a build and also equip and un-equip perk cards that you have in that build loadout. You can also get a second perk card loadout that you can switch to in the punch card machine at Level 25 for free, and more perk card loadout slots can be bought from the Atomic Shop. Sometimes there are deals on these extra loadout slots.

Commando Build

I mainly recommend the Commando build and it’s absolutely wonderful to use out there in the Wastelanders. It does a lot of damage. And using this weapon is absolutely wonderful. It does a lot of damage whether you’re in the West Tek, you’re over at the Whitespring, or anywhere out in the Wastelanders. Before you give it a shot, make sure to bring along some Fallout 76 Bottle Caps!

The great thing about this as well is when use the Anti-Armor 50 crit 25% less Elder's Mark, it also does a lot of work. Something that you may not know about the third-star legendary effect on weapons in Fallout 76 is the 15% fire rate crit. It’s going to need the Legendary Luck to be 25 for every other shot that you land to be a critical, and the 25% fewer VATS is going to need your Legendary Luck to be 33 to have the same effect.

Weapons and builds absolutely mesh together, but the builds in Fallout 76 matter more than the weapons. There are meta weapons to use that can pair with this Commando build and do so much more damage than the Pipe rifle or the Handmade rifle.


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