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Fallout 76: Steel Reign Update Will Introduce New Legendary Crafting Feature

Posted: Jul 06, 2021

The next update of Fallout 76 - the Steel Reign patch, will arrive on July 7. It will bring some new features, such as the legendary crafting system. This feature has been reviewed several times, and it was even playable on the test server before it was released, but if you haven’t been able to participate in these tests or just want a refresher, the developers of Fallout 76 already have gone in-depth about the new system. IGGM collected some information about the new system.

Through legend crafting, players who have a large number of items to spear but not too many legendaries can be converted normal items into legendary items while changing their ratings and other stats. This also means collecting new crafting components, however, so you need to pay attention to obtaining legendary cores and legendary modules.

And Bethesda claims that they are adding a new crafting component called the legendary cores. Players will need to use the legendary module to change their items. You can get the legendary core by completing Seasonal Events, Public Events, and Daily Operations. Once you have the legendary cores and legendary modules, you can access the Weapon and Armor workbenches, open the Modify menu and get crafting.

If you have accessed the new changes on the test servers, you will see that the Legendary Attribute changes are being tested there. Some of them will be further revised before the next update.

Legendary Attributes Changes

* Aristocrat’s: Damage increases as caps increase. Maximum +50% damage at 29,000 caps.

* Assassin’s: Increases damage vs. Humans from +10% to +50%.

* Enhanced VATS: Increased the VATS hit chance from +33% to +50%.

* Gourmand’s: Damage increases as you fill your hunger and thirst meters. Maximum of +24% damage.

* Juggernaut’s: Damage increases as Health increases. Maximum of +25% damage at 95% health or above.

* Last Shot: The final round in a magazine has a 25% chance to deal twice as much damage.

* Mutant’s: Damage now increases by +5% per Mutation that affects the character, up to a maximum of +25%.

* Overeater’s: Increases Damage Reduction up to +6% as you fill your hunger and thirst meters.

* Suppressor’s: Damage reduction applied to the target has been buffed from 20% for 3 seconds to 25% for 5 seconds.

Given that the new update is coming soon, Fallout 76 fans will be busy again. Now you can prepare for the new update, Fallout 76 Bottle Caps is indispensable, you can use them to solve most of the problems encountered in the game.

In addition, some items are rare in the game. You can also buy Fallout 76 Items you need on IGGM, from Weapons to Plans all are available here!


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