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Fallout 76: How To Find Backpacks and Increase A Character's Carry Weight?

Posted: Jun 30, 2021

The story background of Fallout 76 is 25 years after the apocalypse. Although the background is different from other series, many famous Fallout features have also been introduced into Fallout 76. One of these functions is the limited inventory space for items, which can be represented by the weight carried.

If the items in your inventory weigh exceeds the maximum carry weight, they will become "over-encumbered", which will consume AP while walking and prevents sprinting. Tracking carry weight and inventory weight is very important, because nobody wants to get into the danger of being over-encumbered. Fortunately, IGGM will provide you with some ways to increase the character carry capacity. One of the most direct ways to equip the small backpack or a standard backpack.

How to get the Backpacks?

There are many useful items in Fallout 76 that were created using plans and can be obtained in various ways in Appalachia. The small backpack plans are found by playing the main storyline. You will eventually find these plans in Morgantown Airport, and you can use them at any time in the game.

First, you need to go to Morgantown Airport. Go to the white building. If you go to the airport quickly, the building will be directly in front of the spawn point, on the left side of the street. Scorches are everywhere in the building, so you have to prepare some of them along the journey to the small backpack plans.

Enter the building and go down the stairs in the room marked "restricted area". Go straight through the corridor and fight Scorched all the way. At the end of the corridor, there is a big crack in the wall. Go through the crack and grab the keycard in the corpse's hand. Use the terminal to open a nearby door, go upstairs, and press the red button to open the sealed door. Go upstairs to fight more scorched, and walk toward the back of the corridor. At the end of the hallway, there is a room marked "Command Post". Inside, there is an Overseer’s Cache with plans for a small backpack.

How to get standard backpacks?

You can get a standard backpack in different ways. Go to the Camp Lewis in Pioneer Scout Camp. An Order of the Tadpole quest will be provided, which requires you to earn the Tadpole badge by showing Kindness, Helpfulness, Bravery and Growth. Once you complete this questline, the standard backpack plans are unlocked.

Making and upgrading backpacks requires raw materials, which is not difficult because these materials are not very rare. Upgrades can provide some benefits, such as increasing storage capacity, resisting certain forms of damage, and slowing down food spoilage.

If you are considering how to get this backpack, then this article is very helpful to you. If you want to go smoothly in Fallout 76, then you may want to equip your character with better weapons and armor. You can come directly to IGGM to buy Fallout 76 Items.

In addition, IGGM also provides the base currency of Fallout 76, which is Fallout 76 Bottle Caps. They are also indispensable in the game. Sufficient Caps can always help solve the difficulties that you encountered in the game.


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