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Elden Ring: Roundtable Hold May Be Changed in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC (4.28)

Posted: Apr 11, 2023

FromSoftware's Elden Ring, an open-world RPG already revered as one of the best fantasy games of this generation, is set to expand even further with the release of its highly anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Among the potentially returning locations in the DLC is the Roundtable Hold, a larger hub of Lands Between inhabited by an eccentric group of characters who offer assistance and contribute to the game's cryptic storyline. The Hold serves as a welcome refuge for players, but improvements can be made to the area as well.

10:00Elden Ring: Roundtable Hold May Be Changed in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC (4.28)

The Roundtable Hold is not lacking in size, but its passageways and rooms are designed to be a bit narrow to create a cozy and unique atmosphere. Despite this, finding your favorite vendor or quest-giver is still easy and quick thanks to the good design of the space.

The Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring has a unique and atmospheric design, with the central roundtable glittering gold like one of the many Sites of Lost Grace in the game's overworld. However, if the story becomes any longer, future DLCs may need to make some changes to the space to support new content.

Despite this, the area is still a memorable location that contributes to the game's overall mood and aesthetic.

Wider Story Plot in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree

The Roundtable Hold, much like other hubs in FromSoft games , serves as a central location that ties together players' quests throughout the game.

This could potentially link the Hold to FromSoft's upcoming DLC, which may explore themes related to the magical Erdtree. By expanding the Roundtable Hold, FromSoft could introduce new NPCs to further the story within the existing structure.

Additionally, Shadow of the Erdtree may incorporate any cut content from Elden Ring's DLC, making the Roundtable Hold a seamless way to connect the major campaign and DLC.

Throughout the Roundtable Hold, players will find that some rooms are dedicated to special NPCs, while others remain empty until later in the story.

One notable NPC is Hewg, a Misbegotten blacksmith who operates a forge in one of the hallways. After meeting Roderika in Limgrave, players can bring her back to the Hold where she moves in near Hewg, unsure of her future in Lands Between.

As players progress through Roderika's questline, Hewg trains her in spirit-tuning, which allows players to upgrade their Ash summons with many Elden Ring Runes. If you need it, remember the code “CSCCA”, which will help you get 5% off Elden Ring Runes or Items. Interactions like these not only provide rewards, but they also connect encounters from the open world to the hub. Such story and character expansion in Shadow of the Erdtree could similarly enrich the gameplay experience.

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While it's not necessary for Shadow of the Erdtree to overcrowd the Roundtable Hold to tell a good story, the DLC could potentially use this hub to make the area feel less empty.

FromSoft has the option to add more relevant NPCs or expand the customization options available to players, building on the success of in-depth armor customization in Elden Ring. The game already has various factions with their unique styles that could also be extended to include collectibles, treasures, or trophies in hub rooms.

In a game as depressing as Elden Ring, the Roundtable Hold may serve as an excellent spot for players to express themselves and create a personalized refuge from the harsher realities of the Lands Between.

Combat in Elden Ring can be incredibly challenging, and if Shadow of the Erdtree aims to offer a lasting experience, the Roundtable Hold presents an opportunity to relive those hard-fought battles.

While most of the hub's layout is already established, FromSoft could potentially expand the location's content offerings to create an even more immersive experience. This could involve showcasing weapons, treasures, or boss-related relics for players to collect and admire.

By utilizing the Roundtable Hold to highlight player achievements or campaign milestones, FromSoft could breathe new life into this already impressive location.


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