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Elden Ring: Flaming Strike Ash Of War Guide

Posted: Apr 11, 2023

There are always a variety of different weapons and items in Elden Ring, which also gives players endless room for imagination to create characters that fit their own aesthetic play style. In addition, the latest patch also adds Ashes of War, which also allows players to create their weapons more freely, match and use unique skills and affinities.

Since Ashes of War can only be equipped with certain weapons, it can cause different degrees of damage to enemies by adjusting the affinities of weapons. At the same time, through the scaling of another statistic, it can acquire a new skill.

Players can deal a lot of damage to enemies based on the scaling of the highest attribute weapon. This is also the player’s primary means of damage output in the late game. And the role of Ashes of War is to ensure that your weapons can always maintain the normal range zoom.

Location Of Ash Of War - Flaming Strike

Usually Ash Of War-Flaming Strike is in a graveyard on the south side of the cliff near Redmane Castle. It’s in Caelid, on the eastern side of the continent covered by Scarlet rot. If players want to find the cemetery, then the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace will be your only way. Once there, you can rush to Redmane Castle.

Elden Ring Flaming Strike Ash Of War Location

However, it should be noted that players need to watch out for the flaming boulders fired by the catapult. Not only do players have to dodge these projectiles, but they also have to remember where they are, because that’s where you’re going.

Players should never go straight in after reaching the front door. Be sure to climb over the wall to the right of the gate. Players can use the torrent to run along the side of the castle. After jumping over the rock, the player can rely on the catapult’s bearings to go around to the back of the castle.

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Before long, you’ll find a small cemetery, but there are still some Harpy enemies and a Scarab guarding it. I will reward players with Ash Of War-Flaming Strike after successfully killing Scarab. We should note here that the player must attack Scarab first. Because if you let Scarab escape, these Harpy enemies can be an enormous distraction, and you will have trouble coping.

How To Use Ash Of War - Flaming Strike

Because Ash of War can usually be applied to a variety of non-colossal-sized weapon. And after it injected the weapon with Ash of War, it will also have the ability of Flaming Stike. At the same time, it can also inject Fire affinity again, so that some ordinary weapons can also have fire damage, weakening the ability of the enemy’s original stats.

How to Find and Use Ash of War Flaming Strike in Elden Ring

A weapon that can do multiple elemental damage is often very useful, because it will help you spread your damage to the enemy among the various attributes of the enemy. This means that your attacks are bound to do some sort of irresistible damage to the enemy.

Flaming Strike skill is mainly divided into two parts. They often fired the initial arc of fire before the player attacks, followed by a series of powerful attacks that buff your weapon with fire damage.

After it cast the initial damage, they will recombine it with this powerful attack, flames, and the damage your weapon will deal will surround your weapon with the enemy will also soar for a short time. What’s more, after these two attacks, this skill only used 14 FP, which is very worthwhile for players to use.

The above is a detailed guide on how players can find Ash Of War-Flaming Strike. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to try it too, don’t forget to use enough Elden Ring Runes to get some suitable gear first, which will help you greatly improve your gaming experience. Plus, you can use the code “CSCCA” to get 5% off. Hope you enjoy the game.


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