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Elden Ring: A Complete Guide That Use This Ash of War To Defeat Godfrey(Level 1 Novice Must-See)

Posted: Mar 20, 2023

Posted: Mar 20, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Players fight in Elden Ring as they have a high degree of freedom in its vast and deep open world. Players can take advantage of the character customizer for different types of character building.

If someone is able to turn Itachi into Naruto in Elden Ring, players can use those abilities in other missions in the game as well. Therefore, most players like to try to defeat the boss through some relatively low-level skills, and the help of Ashes of War will make this challenge easier.

A player recently defeated Godfrey at level 1 simply by using a specific Ashes of War ability. At the same time, the myth of the first Elden Lord was once again shattered.

Ashes of War is a special item in Elden Ring that helps players increase the skill stats and affinity of their equipment. This skill also brings more possibilities to the player’s character construction.

Use This Ash of War To Defeat Godfrey In Elden Ring

Players can use different character moves to adjust the character style that suits them better. Not only does it allow players a high degree of freedom to choose their favorite game style, but more importantly, this is often the key to players’ success. Some Elden Ring players may have defeated the most powerful boss in the game, Malenia, with just Ashes of War skill.

But this player did not choose to defeat Boss Malenia, but instead of explored Godfrey in Elden Ring, which is also the first Elden Lord in Elden Ring. Godfrey’s growth process is mainly divided into two stages, both of which have their own unique fighting styles. Godfrey can easily defeat powerful bosses.

User gilfordtan posted a video on r/Eldenring in which he successfully beat Godfrey, which caused a lot of discussion. Player gilfordtan, using their level 1 character, knocked Godfrey down during the fight with nothing but a two-handed Curved Sword Dismounter and an Ash of War called Lightning Slash.

During the battle, the player accurately knows every move and shoot, creating a wonderful battle. The player successfully dodged every attack of Godfrey, and at the same time gave Godfrey enough damage output during dodge after dodge. Under the two-stage attack, Godfrey fell to the ground.

How To EASILY Kill Godfrey

At the same time, because Godfrey has two stages of change, players need to understand its skill changes and come up with countermeasures. Especially when Godfrey is in the later stage of Hoarah Loux, he also has unique skills that can specifically suppress the player’s attack.

However, Godfrey is not without weaknesses. Players have found that Godfrey is invulnerable to lightning damage in both phases, which also makes Lightning Slash the best Ash of War to defeat this boss. With this weakness, even if the player’s character is only level 1, as long as the player can accurately understand how it moves, they can easily kill Godfrey.

The creativity of Elden Ring players in character building seems to be endless, and some players are even willing to turn themselves into living furnaces in Elden Ring PVP. You can do whatever you want.

There seems to be no limit to what players can do in Elden Ring. If a player is willing to explore during the battle, they will find that everything in The Lands Between is a hidden mystery.

If you also like to explore in Elden Ring and try to defeat the powerful boss Godfrey, don’t hesitate to come and try it. At present, don’t forget to have good character equipment before the challenge. You can complete it by obtaining enough Elden Ring Runes. Plus, here’s the code “CSCCA” to help you get 5% off. Hope you enjoy the game.


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