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Elden Ring: Best Strength, Dex & Arcane Build In Patch 1.09! - Emberfang Build

Posted: Apr 06, 2023

This is by far the most stylish, adaptable and melting build I have played. We have a buffed AR of 1222. We have two different weapons with awesome unique weapon skills. We can two hand, power stance and we can change our Talismans easily for several optimal variations. This build is called Emberfang and we have three ways to play this build.

The Gear

Let’s start with the gear and look at some variations. We have the Bloodhounds Fang +10 and we have Morgott’s Cursed Sword +10. Thanks to patch 1.09, great Curved Swords have been buffed and so has Cursed-Blood Slice on Morgott’s Cursed Sword. Speaking of weapon upgrades, I have to say that using Elden Ring Runes is such a time and effort saver.

Elden Ring Emberfang build

Then, we also have a Dragon Communion Seal +10 for our buffs. We have an AR of 831 for unbuffed when to hand already. This will jump to over 1,200 when buffed.

To break the numbers on this build, we have the White Mask boosting attack when bleed is in effect, the Raptor’s Black Feathers increasing jump attacks, then we have two pieces of the Royal Remains (Royal Remains Greaves & Royal Remains Gauntlets) set for some auto danger healing at 18% health and below.

In the Talisman slots, we can actually swap out the Talismans depending on how we’re playing. So, first, I have a Lord of Blood’s Exultation working with the White Mask to increase attack power when bleed kicks in. We have the Shard of Alexander boosting our two awesome unique weapon skills. And then, depending on how you’re playing, you can switch up the next two Talismans as follows.

Elden Ring the next two Talismans

If two-handing Morgott’s Cursed Sword soared for Cursed-Blood Slice, I like to have the Green Turtle Talisman boosting our stamina recovery and then the Carrion Filigreed Crest, lowering the FP cost of the weapon skill.

If I am power stancing the two Curved Swords, I like to add the Claw Talisman to get the power stance and jump attacks boosted further. These are great as they hit twice. Then, if I’m two-handing the Bloodhound’s Fang, I like to switch in the Axe Talisman to use our charged heavy attacks. We’ll look at combat in a moment.

In the Flask of Wondrous Physick, I like to have the Faith-knot Crystal Tear boosting our faith more on this in a moment and the Greenburst Crystal Tear helping speed up our stamina recovery.

When it comes to incantations, we have Bloodflame Blade, Golden Vow and Flame, Grant Me Strength.

Stat Spread

Next, let’s look at the stats.

So, this starts to make a little more sense. I have started with the Wretch class. The complexity with this build is that these two particular great Curved Swords are spread across Dexterity, Strength and Arcane.

Elden Ring two particular great Curved Swords

And because we are going to use Bloodflame Blade on the Bloodhound’s Fang, you can argue that Faith is involved as well. So let’s go through this.

First, I have Vigor at 50. I have Mind at 19. This is a little more than we need to buff up with one FP bar, but I found that on New Game Plus my FP was running out a little faster on the skills. This helps us get over the hump. Endurance is a 20. Strength is at 46. Dexterity is 59. Intelligence we don’t search. Faith is at 15.

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This is so we can use Flame, Grant Me Strength and then with the Faith-knot Crystal Tear in the physic, we can boost our Faith to 25, so we can buff with Golden Vow and boost our damage with Bloodflame Blade a little more when we’re using it.

And finally, we have Arcane at a whopping 60. This is going to really power up our Morgott’s Cursed Sword.

Combat Variations

So, let’s have a look at the awesome variations in combat that we have.

First up, you can two-hand Morgott’s Curved Sword. This has been buffed twice thanks to patch 1.09. The unique scale Cursed-Blood Slice devastates enemies. It’s applying bleed, fire and his greater breaking Poise. So, I like to use the Carrion Filigree Crest to lower the FP cost to spam it.

Elden Ring Morgott's Curved Sword

Our second option is to powerstance both the Morgott’s Cursed Sword and the Bloodhound’s Fang. With this, we have awesome L1 jump attacks, which we can boost with the Raptor’s Black Feathers and the Claw Talisman. You can buff the Bloodhound’s Fang with Bloodflame Blade and use Bloodhound’s Finesse to wreck bosses. This is great.

Our third option is to two hand the Bloodhound’s Fang. You can now switch out the Carrion Filigree Crest for the Axe Talisman. So, you now have jump attacks powered up and charge attacks powered up. And of course, you can apply Bloodflame Blade and slaughter in style with Bloodhound’s Finesse.

That’s what I love most about this build. It’s three quite different options with the same two swords and it allows you to adapt better to different enemies and bosses.

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