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Elden Ring: Players Use Game Glitches To Beat Game Without Ever Attacking

Posted: Apr 06, 2023

Posted: Apr 06, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Recently, an Elden Ring player managed to beat a level in the game without attacking an enemy at all. By cleverly utilizing various glitches in the game, the player has completed all the main story questlines in the game just by walking while blocking damage with a shield.

As we all know, Elden Ring is a game with a very long quest line and constant difficulties. Elden Ring is a vast open world. The developer combines it with classic Soulslike combat. Players often need to use it for tens of hours or even hundreds of hours to fully pass the level.

Back in February of this year, Elden Ring passed a major milestone of having more than 20 million people playing Elden Ring. It also just proves that people tend to prefer the challenge of long and hard fighting games. However, there are some players who are not interested in the paths available in the game and prefer the various obstacles that appear throughout the mission.

A YouTuber, Ymfah, became famous by specializing in Soulslike games and sharing related content. He recently posted a video of him beating the game in Elden Ring without attacking any enemies at all.

Elden Ring Invincibility Glitch Tutorial

Players can discover that Ymfah is traveling throughout the game world by exploiting a glitch in the game. This also allowed him to travel through Chapel of Anticipation, Raya Lucaria Academy, and Crumbling Farum Azula much faster than expected. Speeded up his game.

In fact, it is not a little-known thing for players to use various glitches to kill bosses in Elden Ring, but the experience shared by Ymfah has indeed taken this gameplay to a higher level. The player used several glitches in the game, including zip, mega zip, and the famous wrong warp, which allowed him to finish the game without problems.

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When players use zip and mega zip, they can move a long distance in an instant, which is convenient for quickly dodging the enemy’s attack. With a wrong warp, the player is randomly teleported to a location other than the one the player intended. These are very headaches for players at the beginning.

Ymfah also used a boss-killing exploit that was fixed in patch 1.04. Therefore, it is also necessary to download a previous save copy of the game in order to successfully complete the entire challenge.

While glitches in Elden Ring are not uncommon, and many players have become accustomed to them, not all of these bugs are like this. Recently, an Elden Ring player was killed by intruders using these glitches.

Elden Ring Player Beats Game Without Ever Attacking

At that time, when the player and his friends were playing the game immersively, a character named “Glitch Tester” suddenly appeared and invaded their area. Players beckoned to this possible figure, but they were all ignored.

This strange intruder uses the glitch to build walls and kill players from a distance using cover. This incident also sparked heated discussions in the gaming community. Many players are starting to question whether these glitches are starting to affect the fairness of the game.

In any case, whether beneficial or threatening, these glitches, like the dangers that can be found everywhere in Elden Ring, bring distinct surprises to the player’s exploration experience.

If you also like to challenge, equipment is essential, which will make your game process more efficient. You can get it with enough Elden Ring Runes. Plus, you can get 5% off with the code “CSCCA” here. Hope you have a good life.


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