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EA FC 24: The Strength Of 4-3-3(5) Formation Is Underestimated By Players

Posted: Mar 22, 2024

Posted: Mar 22, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Here is a new guide for EA FC 24 now available for you. I’m excited to share some new formation tactics with you, and today we’re focusing on the 4-3-3, specifically the fifth variation.

Known for its exceptional balance and midfield presence, this formation offers ample width and plenty of players in the middle, including the False 9 dropping in. It’s perfect for maintaining possession, generating chances, and executing effective counterattacks.

EA FC 24: The Strength Of 4-3-3(5) Formation Is Underestimated By Players

Custom Tactics

Defensive Tactics: Starting with the Defensive Style, we opt for balance, nothing too special. The Width is set to 40, but the Depth is slightly increased to 66. This allows us to maintain a high defensive line, press our opponents, and potentially catch them on the counter before building up play again on balanced.

Offensive Tactics: Moving on to the attacking setup, we prefer a balanced attack with a combination of Chance Creation. We avoid slow Build Up Play and opt for Direct Passing to make the best runs around the box and find each other efficiently.

Then, we can set the Width on 40 so that the players on the wings don't stay just on the line but come a bit closer to the Striker, not like in a 4-3-2-1, but also not too far from the sidelines. Player in Box on 6, we want loads of players there so we can continue our Tiki Taka. Corners and Free Kicks on 3, but that's just personal preference. You can choose to accord to your own situation.

Player Instructions

Now, let's discuss the player instructions. Certainly, for a better gaming experience, investing in some EA Sports FC 24 Coins is also essential.

Goalkeeper: Utilizing the sweeper-keeper role has proven effective. It's particularly beneficial for dealing with long balls when playing a high defensive line.

Fullback: We opt to keep the Right Back on Stay Back While Attacking to ensure defensive solidity. We rely on our Left Back to provide offensive support as he stays on Balanced Attack and Overlaps.

Center Backs: No specific instructions are given to the 2 Center Backs. They remain in default settings to maintain defensive stability.

Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM): Our CDM is instructed to Stay Back While Attacking and Cover Center to provide defensive cover and support the Fullback when he pushes forward.

Central Midfielder (CM): Our Central Midfielder follows the same instructions as CDM to maintain balance in both attack and defense. This player also covers the center to support defensively.

Left Forward (LW): Our Left Forward is instructed to Come Back On Defense, Cut Inside and Get In Behind. This ensures defensive contribution, utilizes this player's finesse, and balances his movements with the Fullback overlapping runs.

Right Wing (RW): On the Right Wing, adheres to default instructions but contributes defensively and exploits space with his pace to push the defensive line back.

Center Forward (CF): For the Center Forward, acting as a False 9, is directed to Stay Central, Come Back On Defense and Get In Behind. This positioning allows them to score goals, support defensively, and stretch the opposition's defense.

EA FC 24 False 9


For attacking, we delve deep into the fluidity and efficacy inherent in our formation, illuminating its versatility both in possession and during swift counterattacks. Through a balanced tactical approach, we adeptly navigate the ebb and flow of the game, manipulating its tempo to our advantage while consistently generating scoring opportunities with precision and efficiency.

Conversely, our defense provides a comprehensive insight into the strategic prowess of our setup. With a meticulously crafted defensive structure, we adeptly cover passing lanes, anticipate and intercept threatening through balls, and apply relentless pressure on the opposition to swiftly wrest possession back into our control. This balanced defensive framework not only fortifies our backline but also serves as a springboard for launching swift and decisive counterattacks.

The 4-3-3(5) formation with the False 9 is a versatile formation that provides a perfect balance between defense and attack, allowing you to dominate games effectively. So, give it a try and elevate your gameplay to the next level!


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