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EA FC 24: These 5 Skills Moves Are Too Incredible To Miss!

Posted: Mar 27, 2024

Posted: Mar 27, 2024

Source:  IGGM

Greetings, fellow players! This time, we'll explore 5 skill moves that I not only frequently utilize but highly recommend for all players in EA FC 24. Without any delay, let's plunge into the core of our discussion.

EA FC 24: These 5 Skills Moves Are Too Incredible To Miss!

1. Reverse Elastico

The first one is the Reverse Elastico. If you want some showoff but effective skills, this skill move is for you. It's a 5-star rated move performed by only 5-star players. To perform this skill move, you roll the Right Analog Stick from the non-dominant foot of your player through his opposite direction to his dominant foot.

This skill is effective because of that quick change of direction. When your player performs it, he quickly busts away, changing direction fast, giving no chance for that Defender to react.

2. Drag Forward

The Drag Forward is a classic skill move that doesn't see much use among the majority of players, but I find it quite effective. Rated at 3 stars, it's a go-to for me, particularly when playing with lower-budget squads that lack 5-star players. If you have enough EA FC 24 Coins, you have the ability to purchase more skilled players.

Executing this move is straightforward: simply hold L2 or LT, then execute a fake shot by pressing Circle and X simultaneously, while tilting the Left Stick Analog in the direction your player is facing. What makes this move effective for me is its speed boost element. Players burst away with increased pace, often leaving opposing Defenders trailing behind.

The Drag Forward offers excellent close control. Following the skill move, your player maintains possession without heavy touches, significantly reducing the risk of losing the ball. Its versatility shines in tight spaces, requiring minimal room to execute.

3. Ball Roll

Next, let's discuss the Ball Roll. It's one of the simplest skill moves in the game, yet incredibly effective. Serving as the foundation for many other skill moves, you can seamlessly chain it with other tricks and techniques. Rated at two stars, it's accessible to all players on the pitch except the Goalkeeper.

Performing a Ball Roll is straightforward: just hold the right stick analog 90° in the desired direction. For instance, if your player is facing left and you want them to execute a Ball Roll in that direction, simply hold the Right Analog Stick upwards. This simple maneuver allows your player to roll the ball in the chosen direction.

EA FC 24 Ball Roll

However, the Ball Roll typically isn't performed in isolation like other skill moves. Often, it's combined with Left Stick Analog dribbling to cover more ground effectively. This combination enables your player to change direction more significantly, providing greater flexibility in tight spaces and challenging situations.

One of the primary applications of the Ball Roll is changing angles. By utilizing this move, you can open up passing lanes and increase the success rate of your passes. In scenarios where passing angles are tight and heavily guarded by opponents' Defenders, executing a Ball Roll can create the necessary space for a successful pass.

The Ball Roll isn't limited to passing situations alone. It can also be instrumental in shooting. Performing a Ball Roll before taking a shot can significantly improve your shooting angle, dramatically increasing your chances of scoring. This versatility makes the Ball Roll a crucial skill move, enhancing both passing accuracy and scoring opportunities.

4. Ball Roll Scoop Turn

Another essential skill move to master is the Ball Scoop Turn, which represents a more advanced technique in the game. This move combines elements of 2 other skills: the Ball Roll and the Scoop Turn. To execute the Ball Scoop Turn effectively, you'll need players with a 5-star skill rating and a stable internet connection, especially if you're playing online modes like Ultimate Team.

Performing the Ball Scoop Turn requires precise timing and control. Start by holding the Right Analog Stick in the direction you want your player to perform the Ball Roll. Then, as your player initiates the Ball Roll, execute a fake shot by pressing Circle and immediately tapping X. It's crucial to ensure that the angle of the Ball Roll aligns with the subsequent Scoop Turn.

5. Stepovers

Stepovers are the meta of the game, especially if you play the new generation game version. This is the most effective and used skill move in the game, second to Ball Roll. It's a 2-star rated move. Every player on the pitch can perform it except Goalkeepers. To perform the Stepovers, you simply flick the Right Analog forward to any direction your player is facing, then without releasing the analog, you roll it to the left or right of your player.

This skill move has that speed boost exit effect where, as the Defender, if you take a long time to react, you will be punished. Stepovers can be used in almost every situation and in every place around the pitch. It's one of the game-changer skill moves on the game to improve your gameplay.


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