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EA FC 24: How To Dominate The Game With 3-2-2-3 Formation Tactics?

Posted: Mar 18, 2024

This time, I will bring you the 3-2-2-3 formation guide in EA FC 24. In this formation, you have those 2 CDMs. You don't have the stability with a lot of other formations. The only weakness with this formation is you can’t be as quick as you want to down the middle, but you can go down the wing. So, when you’re defending, as soon as you win the ball back, and don’t forget this formation.

Build Up Play

We need to get a fast Build Up Play, so players move quickly. Even though our fast Build Up Play still takes some time. The best thing you could do to supplement that is just a simple 1 versus 2. We get the Winger that’s free now that gives us space in the middle. We get the 2 CDMs, and we got the Center Mids, and then we get the 3 Strikers up front.

So, if you ever need help, you still have those 2 CDMs. These 2 CDMs are going to be the most important thing in the 3-2 setup at the beginning. Then we can almost get like a front 5 in place when we go into a full phase where we have the possession of the ball and we take our time, then you can find these small areas that allow you to build up and then you set those 2 players back for stability.

EA FC 24: How To Dominate The Game With 3-2-2-3 Formation Tactics?

Then the good thing with this defensively is because you have these 2 Center Mids in the middle, you can be as aggressive as you want with the Left Wing and Right Wing and even the Striker because even with the back 5.

In this formation, the lone Striker may sometimes feel isolated, especially with both Center Midfielders instructed to stay back while attacking. However, you can manually trigger them to make forward runs, which works particularly well if you have one defensive and one attacking Center Midfielder. Pressing can also be effective since you have players covering various areas of the pitch.

You can afford to be somewhat aggressive with your defenders, as you still have a temporary back 4. Despite conceding a goal, you can maintain defensive stability. This setup facilitates effective Build Up Play, with passing options available between the lines and wide players providing width. Thus, you consistently enjoy a numerical advantage across the pitch.

In addition, you also need to invest some EA FC 24 Coins to upgrade your players and strengthen their abilities.

Gameplay Techniques

You'll find that you have ample time when in possession of the ball. Now, let's direct our pass to the Left Midfielder. Let's incorporate this into our gameplay. We're presented with a situation of 3 versus 3 or 3 versus 2. To gain an advantage, consider utilizing Player Lock or similar techniques.

Another tip I'd like to share, especially for formations with wide positioning, is to utilize Swerving Passes, particularly Swerving Precision Pass. Additionally, a strategy I really recommend is activating Hug Sidelines and instructing your Fullbacks to attack. This widens the play, which I find beneficial because it allows for better distribution in those wide areas.


Now, the distribution is crucial. Having someone with the Pinged Pass would be even better because it allows for quick ball distribution into those areas. So, having a Center Back with this trait isn't mandatory, but it certainly helps. With the ball is at feet, we can swiftly distribute it, initiate a 1-2 play, and trigger a teammate to make a run. No need to repeatedly press the L1 button to prompt that player to move forward.

Our team maintains compactness in the middle, with the option for one of the CAMs to drop back into midfield if needed, forming a solid midfield trio. Despite having a narrow formation, the wide positioning of our Fullbacks creates space by forcing the opponent's backline to narrow. This creates opportunities for passes in the middle, exploiting the spaces left by the opponents.

Final Thought

Even with some of the best players in the game, it splits the defensive line. It's just the way the formation is built and the positioning of the players. This makes it very challenging for opponents to counter because you can exploit these spaces. Of course, it depends on the opponent's playstyle. When against high-level players, you always feel pressured, regardless of the formation you use.

However, by mastering the intricacies of this formation and honing your tactical acumen, you can elevate your gameplay to the level of a professional player.


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