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EA FC 24: Optimize Camera Settings For Better Gaming Experience

Posted: Mar 12, 2024

Posted: Mar 12, 2024

Source:  IGGM

In EA FC 24, every detail matters, including camera settings. Today, we're delving into it and discussing the best camera settings to enhance your gameplay while minimizing delay and lag. The best camera angle is the co-op camera angle. More and more pro players are using this. Without wasting time, let's get started!

EA FC 24: Optimize Camera Settings For Better Gaming Experience

If you want to play more smoothly, you need to take some EA FC 24 Coins to improve the abilities of your players.

Co-Op Camera Angle

When discussing the potential delays associated with the co-op camera angle, it's essential to consider various factors. Upon the initial release of the game, players may recall encountering frame drops when adjusting visual settings, particularly related to play styles.

However, it's crucial to differentiate between delays caused by controller input and server communication versus those attributed to the camera angle itself. In brief testing, it became apparent that delays primarily stem from controller input and server communication rather than the camera angle.

When executing maneuvers such as moving the left analog stick to take a touch away, any delay experienced is likely due to controller input or server lag rather than the camera angle. The camera delay would involve the action appearing slightly delayed on the screen after the input is made.

In the case of the co-op camera angle, any delay observed is more likely related to controller or server issues rather than the camera angle itself. While there may be occasional stutters on the PC beacuse of increased screen information, the camera angle itself does not significantly contribute to delays.

EA FC 24 Co-Op Camera Angle

Adjust Ball Track Speed

The debate surrounding camera angles in gaming is often fraught with misconceptions. One common belief is that certain camera angles, such as co-op, contribute to gameplay speed and responsiveness. However, this notion is unfounded and based solely on visual perception.

For players who prefer the co-op camera angle but find the gameplay to be too slow, there's a simple solution: adjusting the ball track speed. Increasing the ball track speed can create the illusion of faster gameplay without compromising control. This adjustment allows players to maintain a deliberate and thoughtful approach, crucial for effective ball handling and decision-making under pressure.

The co-op camera angle offers distinct advantages, particularly in defensive situations. Unlike angled camera angles like tele broadcast, co-op provides a straight, unobstructed view of the field. This clarity enables smoother movement and more precise control, especially during dribbling sequences.

Height & Zoom

While some players may initially prefer the tele broadcast angle for its perceived advantages in dribbling, the benefits of the co-op angle become apparent with experimentation and adjustment. By zooming in all the way and fine-tuning settings to personal preference, players can achieve optimal visibility and control without sacrificing field awareness.

Let's talk about camera height, which is very important. The lower the height, the quieter the camera will be. Imagine a field with the goal on one end and stands on the sides. When the camera angle is low, it's like sitting at the bottom of the stands, near the crowd. This can make players appear closer together than they actually are.

However, with a higher camera angle, you can see the distance between players more accurately. So, not only is defending important, but handling pressure is crucial too.

As for zoom, I recommend zero for most setups. However, if you're using a TV and sitting further away, you can increase the zoom. I recommend a zoom of 20 for tele broadcast. In the past, 17 and three were common choices, but I stick with 20 and adjust the zoom accordingly. If I feel like the tele broadcast angle is too zoomed in, I find a compromise between tele broadcast and co-op by setting both zoom values to 20/20.


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