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A Fan's Dream Comes True! Wheelchairs Have Quietly Shown Up In Fallout 76

Posted: Nov 30, 2020

Bethesda has added wheelchairs to Fallout 76, which satisfies the requirement of a fan. Because a month ago, a Fallout 76 disabled player said that it would be great if the mobile aids could also be seen in the game, so that the wheelchair could be put in her C.A.M.P. This demand was praised by many fans of Fallout 76, and they also agreed that's a great idea, if wheelchairs can appear in the game.

This need was known by Bethesda. So the game developers added wheelchairs to the game. Now they are under the chairs category of furniture for meeting any of your needs. This addition undoubtedly moved a lot of fans, because it really puts the player's feelings first. The fan who put forward the idea said that she was deeply moved. Although it may be just a piece of furniture in the eyes of others, she hopes that there will be more disabled characters in future games.

In addition, the game also has many different options such as difficulty adjustment and color blindness mode, which undoubtedly provide convenience for players with physical diseases. Microsoft has also launched the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is a white box controller with touchpads. It can be synchronized and connected to many existing interactive devices in order to bring players the best gaming experience.

In addition to wheelchairs, the Steel Dawn expansion is also continuing, so fans will predict that it will become the best online RPG. Because Steel Dawn has already added the long-awaited NPCs on Wasteland. Also, the hunger and thirst systems have been adjusted, which means that the negative effects that may be caused by ignoring them have been removed. The current situation is that if you can keep your character full and hydrated, you will get rewards.

In short, Steel Dawn will be released on December 1, and this expansion will surely attract a large number of players again! Because of this, a game that always put players' feeling first will eventually lead to success.

It is less than two days before Steel Dawn goes live. If you haven't accumulated enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, now is the best time! Because relying on good gears and weapons can make your journey more smoothly.

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