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Turnip Prices Has a Significant Downward Trend In 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

Posted: May 05, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons places players on a deserted island, where it was initially overrun with weeds, players can customize their islands by weeding, farming and crafting, also, Turnips is the only true way to build wealth, which made it become one of the items that players are fighting for.

In the past few weeks, the Turnip prices have been changing in the stalk market, and someone even tries to invest in Turnip to make huge profits, but this is a high risk as Turnip can only be kept for one week, and its price can't be predicted. If you sell at the right time, you could maybe double your investment, conversely, if you sell at the wrong time, you'll wind up taking hefty losses, a lot of bells, always.

When you have hundreds of thousands of bells in the game, you can buy almost anything you want including Turnips. And then plant them to sell a week later, you can earn even 6 times more than the price you bought them to earn you a considerable saving.

However, in the coming weeks, the prices of Turnips would show a downward trend as people on the islands have some Turnips and they no longer need to spend a lot of Bells to buy from others, its prices are also hard to increase again.

So in the current situation, no one will lose money on Turnips, but it is also hard to obtain a colossal return in a short period. That is to say, using Animal Crossing Bells to trade can't make bells multiple times.

As the only tradable item in the game, the price of Turnips directly affects the in-game economy, Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a typical game that combines capital and labor, it can continue accumulating wealth only through continuous farming.

Animal Crossing Bells are everyone's goal in the game, when you let hands empty, you can't even get a Turnip, with this in mind, you must have saving at any time. Animal Crossing Bells provided by IGGM is very cheap, this is a professional store engaged in various MMORPG service, and its Bells and Animal Crossing items are on hot sale, letting you cost less and get satisfactory goods.

You can check the good reputation of IGGM at any time, it has been in the business for several years and received quite good reviews. Here you don't worry about being treated badly, and you are suggested to try it for one time, it is believed that you will never regret your choice.


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