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Fallout 76 New NPC Dialogue System Isn't Accepted By Players Well

Posted: Mar 04, 2020

With the release of Fallout 76 Wastelanders, it brought a new NPC dialogue system, changing the classic robot monologue mode and allowing players to talk with NPCs according to the situation. This was originally considered to be a great feature newly added in Wastelanders, since language is a powerful weapon to allow players to complete challenges faster. However, a few days after release, the developer Bethesda discovered easily that the dialogue system has not been accepted by players well.

Wastelanders is one of the biggest updates of Fallout 76 ever, and the human NPC is an essential feature of it in order to transform the game into a singleplayer-multiplayer hybrid.Simply put, Fallout 76 adds fully voiced NPCs to PVP, but the addition was not met with enthusiasm.

Compared with PVE, PVP has a smaller player base in Fallout 76, if it is not to complete the task, even no one is willing to take part in PVP, which is obviously the opposite of adding more PVP combat in Fallout 76 in the future.

With Wastelanders, it wants to change by creating special zones that are tailored specifically to the characters, or that is customizing. In those zones, all the players' activities will be recorded, where they have been, defeated enemies, etc, also known as instance, it can better customize a vibrant experience by recording the players' decisions, choices and reactions in the dungeon.

In fact, adding such technology to Fallout 76 is more difficult than described. This makes Fallout 76 more of a singleplayer game, because the setting in it has been customized according the characteristic, there is no need to get into any PVP battle in order to complete the quests better.

Anyway, Fallout 76 Wastelanders will launch for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on April 7, along with the release on Steam on that date.

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