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WotLK Classic Phase 3 Prep Guide: How I’m Dominating Trial Of The Crusader?

Posted: Mar 27, 2023

While we wait for WotLK Classic Phase 3, I’ve been preparing as much as possible from making new alt to gold farming to doing the Argent Tournament...... Here are all the things I’m doing to get as prepared as I can.

How To Catch Up?

The first thing I’m doing is leveling my alt. To be specific, I’m actually leveling my classic Warrior. Everything I’ve seen points to Fury Worrior. You’re actually being pretty good at TOC. I figure if I level 71 by April 7th, I could just pump Alterac Valley the rest of the way.

But I’m also not ashamed to admit I might just purchase some Dungeon Boosts. On my server, it costs well under 10,000 WOTLK Classic Gold to boost a character from 70 to 80. 

TOC is the best time to catch up your alts, but you don’t just have to catch up. You can also improve what you’re already doing. For example, my Discipline Priest just wasn’t being played optimally anymore, so what I’ve been doing is using all the information on the class discourse to improve my gameplay or you can use the time to re-roll if you’re not really feeling Boomkin and you want to get a Shadowmourne.

Wotlk Phase 3 Prep Guide

Why You Should Run GDKPs?

The way I’m going to be working towards my Shadowmourne is GDKPs. I’m actually been up to two GDKPs a week ever since my guild disbanded. I’m so committed to the GDKP lifestyle that I’m actually waking up at 9am every week. I really do understand that a lot of people are put off by GDKPs, but the 9am run I’m attending consistently pays out cuts of over 20,000 WOTLK Classic Gold

There’s really no other way for me to make anywhere close to that, especially since Shadowmourne is expected to cost at least 400,000 gold. If you want to get into some GDKPs, I recommend having a little of gold first. My server Faerline also has a discord called Stacks, where you can find groups really easily. But I’m not just a raid logging. 

Dailies You Should Do

Every single day I do the daily quests. I’m running the heroic dungeon every day because it’s just so insanely easy with all of our gear. I know the Runed Orbs have crashed down to 200 gold each, but it’s still worth it for me. I’m also doing the fishing daily every single day because I want to get those Stormjewels. 

You might think that Stormjewels are worthless in WotLK Classic Phase 3, but they’re no longer uniquely equipped when Phase 3 hits. But I would recommend unloading those Stormjewels for 2,000 plus gold right now before the phase drops.

Get Epic Gems

Speaking of Stormjewels, I’m also working towards getting Epic Gems. Once Phase 3 drops, you’ll be able to take 15 Emblems of Heroism and turn them into an Epic Gem. You’ll also be able to get Epic Gems for 10,000 honor each, so I’m still PVP once in a while. 

Wintergrasp is definitely your best honor for hours since you can also get the Wintergrasp Commendation. Those commendations are 2,000 honor and they stack infinitely.

WotLK Classic Phase 3 PVP Prep

The second the patch drops, I hope I can get at least 50 Epic Gems across all my characters.

Phase 3 Investments

I’m also using my phase 3 prep time to invest as much as possible. As I predicted before, Abyss Crystals are just absolutely cratering. Ulduar was getting easier and easier for good guilds. So, they’re just disenchanting all the gear. 

But hopefully, the second TOC drops, the prices will spike back up again. I’m also buying Titanium Ore whenever it’s below two gold. I’m going to be prospecting Titanium or a lot when the phase drops.

The other main items I’m investing in for Phase 3 are Potions of Speed and Potions of Wild Magic. I expect Blizzard to buff TOC since they want the face to last a little longer.

I’ve recently also fallen in love with flipping Infinite Dust and Northern Spices since these items don’t have a deposit fee. I can just repost them infinitely over and over again. 

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Argent Tournament Quest

On top of logging in every single day to check my investments, I also do the Argent Tournament quest. One of the most compelling reasons to do the Argent Tournament is the Argent Pony Bridle.

That’s an item that costs 150 Champion’s Seals and you can use it to upgrade your Squire. Then your Squire can hit up the bank, the vendor, or the mailbox. I know it might seem weird that I’m spending dozens of hours a month just to upgrade my Squire, but I’ll be the one laughing when I can access the bank anytime I want.

There’s another reason I’m doing all the Argent Tournament dailies. By becoming a champion of the Horde, I’ll be able to get an Argent Crusader’s Tabard that gives me a 30 minute teleport directly back to TOC.

I need that teleport, so I can sleep in more before GDKPs. Hopefully now you have a better idea of what I’m doing to get prepared for Phase 3.


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