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WOTLK Classic: My Seven Biggest Investments For The Upcoming Phase 3

Posted: Mar 14, 2023

I’ve invested 57,000 gold for next phase. I’m going to share exactly what I bought so you can make thousands of gold alongside me. Let’s jump right into my seven biggest investments, including one massive gamble that I’m taking 20,000 gold in my Val’anyr hopes on.

Investment 7

My seventh biggest investment is 5700 WOTLK Classic Gold into 3,500 Infinite Dust and a thousand Northern Spices. My lowest gold investments are also my lowest risk. I buy the Infinite Dust at 1.1 gold each and I always want more since there’s no deposit fee for posting for 48 hours.

The only risk with enchanting investments is a possible Random Dungeon Finder since it was drastically increased by the number of purples being generated. I’ve also invested into a thousand Northern Spices and I’m always purchasing more whenever they’re below two gold. Players are always going to keep eating food, but they will burn out on dailies.

WotLK Classic Phase 3 Investments

Investment 6

My sixth biggest investment is six thousand gold into 1500 Scrapbots. I’m well prepared for a sort of Jeeves crafters in Phase 3, and Scrapbots and Repair Bots are set to spike up in price. A Scrapbot is at an all-time low due to the Saturday night price drop.

So, I’m crafting a 3.5 volition. I expect to make 5,000 gold in my 1500 bots. Since competition may be fierce, I can always cut made fast and profit from my upcoming 110G bottom Field Repair Bot investments instead.

As a side serenade investment, I’m also crafting and stockpiling Runic Mana Injectors and only have a thousand so far, but I expect to make one gold profit per injector by ToC.

Investment 5

My fifth biggest investment is 6440 gold, and the 23 Damaged Necklaces. I’m expecting everyone to feel pressure to get Epic Gems for their gear day one. My plan to make a hundred thousand WOTLK Classic Gold will show you exactly how to maximize your profit from Epic Gems.

But similarly, I’m also invested into 23 Damaged Necklaces and I’m always looking for more since they can be used to power farm Jewelcrafting recipes. Don’t hold on to them too long since Titanium Powder will be a way cheaper way to get recipes.

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Investment 4

At number four, I’ve invested 6750 gold into 90 Abyss Crystals. I always love to snipe cheap Abyss Crystals and repost them for 48 hours of 10 to 15 gold profit.

Now, crystals are also a great investing opportunity until ToC launch as more and more gears being disenchanted in Ulduar. And if the crystals don’t go up at ToC launch, I’ll craft enchanting fellows with them on raid day.

Investment 3

My third biggest investment is 9900 gold into 940 Dark Runes. We know Blizzard and tens for Ulduar remain relevant in ToC. By that point, everybody will be pushing for hard modes.

With everybody feeling the pressure to do Vezax hard mode, I hope to make 10,000 gold selling Dark Runes to keep the mana flowing. Also, do you notice how I’m storing my Dark Runes as a Shared Guild Bank? That’s my favorite way to store and access my investments since it keeps everything tidy.

Investment 2

You may have guessed that my second biggest investment is Titanium Ore. I had previously expected Titanium were prospecting to be profitable at over five gold each.

But now Blizzard is inadvertently buffed Titanium or value by letting players unload their Emblems of Heroism on blue gems. So, I’m purchasing ores whenever they’re low and I’m going to keep building up my stash as much as I can.

Investment 1

My biggest investment is 15,000 gold at 2,000 wild magic potions (Potion of Wild Magic) and 3100 speed potions (Potion of Speed).

WotLK Classic Potion of Wild Magic

My number one investment is the gamble on whether ToC will be easy or hard since that’ll drastically affect consumable prices. Blizzard has publicly shown concerns about ToC’s longevity, so it’s logical to believe they’ll extend the lifespan of the raid by making it more challenging.

And hard raids mean DPS checks, so I crafted them holding 7,000 gold worth of wild magic potions and I also just got the unlock for potions of speed. I crafted 8 000 gold worth of them since they’re more popular. But to duel these investments like me, you’ll need my 900 gold per day daily route to get some startup gold.


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