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WotLK Classic Phase 3: Full Healer Tier List

Posted: Apr 03, 2023

Today, we’re talking about the best Healers in WotLK Classic Phase 3. We’ll be covering the pros and the cons of all the Healers in Phase 3.

Why Healers Are Important In WotLK Classic Phase 3?

You’ve got to remember: this isn’t just the DPS pumping phase. You’ve got to have a really good healing course. You can keep your rate alive and get maximum loot from the trigger chess. In ToC Heroic, you’re going to be bringing between three and four Healers for Speedruns.

Meanwhile, normal runs will have up to five Healers just look at Ulduar dual spec is going to be absolute king. You’ll definitely want to be able to swap your Restoration Druids into Restoration Shamans to Boomkins at Elemental Shamans. Plus, since Blizzard wants to keep all of our viable, you’ll definitely want to be able to drop to two or three Healers to speed through the run.

Full Healer Tier List for WotLK Classic Phase 3

B Tier

Let’s jump right into the tier list with a B tier.

The only class I’ve got in the B Tier is Holy Priest. I’ve played a little of Holy Priest here in there with Phase 2 and it hasn’t been bad at all. But Holy Priests just are very hot right now and they’re not seeing any viability in Speedruns.

That being said, I actually do believe in the scaling of Holy Priests. Holy Priests scale really well with their Haste and their spell power. Plus, your Force at 9.5 is actually really good for Holy Priests.

The two Set Bonus increases your healing done by Prayer of Mending by 20%, essentially really good for Holy Priest since a lot of your healing comes are very amending. And even the five Set Bonus (Velen’s Cowl of Triumph, Velen’s Robe of Triumph, Velen’s Shoulderpads of Triumph, Velen’s Leggings of Triumph and Velen’s Gloves of Triumph) is really nice, giving you an extra 10% instant healing from your empowered renew.

WotLK Classic Holy Priest

A Tier

Moving into the A Tier, we have Restoration Druids.

I’ve been absolutely loving the Restoration Druid gameplay in Ulduar. In fact, I’m even next in line for a Val’anyr in my 9 AM GDKP. But if you just start to look at a typical roster in ToC, Restoration Druid just doesn’t really fit in. If you’re speed running, you’re not going to be running a Restoration Druid. You’re going to be running two holy battles into this priest.

And if you’re running four Healers, you could definitely fit in the Restoration Druid. But you might just bring a Restoration Shaman instead.

One of the issues with Phase 3 Restoration Druid is how easy it is to hit Haste cap. It doesn’t necessarily feel like your gear is working in tandem with you to make it as strong as possible.

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Plus, your two Set Bonus from 9.5 is actually downright bad increasing the Critical Strike chance of your Nourish would be nice except you don’t really even use numbers that much.

Meanwhile, your Force had unlocked the ability for Rejuvenation to from Critical Strikes. There’s a big problem with that. You’re just not really set up to get those Critical Strikes in Phase 3. My business list that I’ve made only has 16 crit and sure I could do some things to make it higher, but it just doesn’t feel worth it.

Though I am in love with Restoration Druids and I do want to mention one really positive thing: the Idol of Flaring Growth is going to be amazing in Phase 3. Basically, the Idol of Flaring Growth gives you an almost permanent 234 spell power bonus. I know it’ll give you some Mana issues since you won’t be able to use your main Idol, but that is where my very favorite treatment of the game comes. And I really feel like Restoration Druid shines with Solace of the Fallen.

WotLK Classic Restoration Druids

Also in the A tier, we have Restoration Shamans. Restoration Shamans just always seem to scale really well. By the end game at TBC, they had so much Haste, spellpower and region. They were just absolute monsters. You’re already starting to see the scaling coming into play.

Plus, Restoration Shamans are starting to show out as the best solo Healers in the entire game. A lot of really good loot comes from 10 Man, so being able to sell the heel is a big bonus. Plus, I have a hot take without Trash. I actually think Restoration Shamans are even better.

Think about it like this. Typically, you wouldn’t be able to bloodlust on Trash, but now you’ll be able to blood loss in every single fight in ToC. It’s also worth noting that you have two extra really awesome Totem options in Phase 3. For one, you have the Totem of Calming Tides. Every time you cast a chain heal, you have a chance to get 234 spell power similar to the Idol for the Druids and from what I’ve seen, this is almost a 100% uptime.

Also, I know we talked about this earlier, but Restoration Shaman is a really awesome to dual spec to Elemental Shaman. I’m already predicting people are going to want to heal Algalon back and get all that sweet loot. It’s really a huge asset to be able to swap between big heals and big damage at any moment. By the way, if you want to get more loots easily, using WOTLK Classic Gold to improve yourself will help you a lot.

WotLK Classic Restoration Shamans

S Tier

Moving into the S Tier, we have a real shocker. This time around, I’m actually downgrading Holy Paladins. I know Holy Paladins are amazing and you’re probably going to run to it every single raid. They really are providing so much to the raid with their buffs (Blessing of Kings), their d-sec (Divine Sacrifice), their amazing heals (Holy Light). But let’s talk about some things that make them not quite as good in Phase 3.

First of all, their Set Bonuses are just plain underwhelming. The two Set Bonuses are increasing the duration of your judgments by 10 seconds and give you a small HPS increase. But how excited really are you to put that on for the first time?

And it also argued that Holy Paladins benefit the least from Solace, which is the best Trinket in the face for my research. You’re going to probably be lasting at Solace and you’re going to be stuck with Meteorite Crystal. I know this logic is a little silly, but if you already got Val’anyr, you’re kind of getting weaker next phase.

All the other Healers in the game are going to be getting better weapons, but you’re just stuck with that Val’anyr. But I still accept that Holy Paladins are absolutely amazing.

There’s just one Healer that’s temporarily taking the crown from them in Phase 3. This priest just scales so amazingly well in Phase 3. With Borrowed Time, you’re getting a 40 flat increase to your Shields from your spell power.

In fights like Velcro Twins and a new Barack, you can just blanket the entire raid with shields. You could probably function with only one Holy Paladin. But if you didn’t have a single disc brace, your raids would be a complete disaster.

WotLK Classic Holy Paladins

Plus, the more and more I play with better guilds, the more Val’anyr spells like Pain Suppression. Being able to save your tank whenever things get bad is going to be so important for wide runs. That being said, this priest isn’t perfect in Phase 3.

One of the biggest problems I found when trying to plan out my Phase 3 gear status is that you just have too much Haste. What I mean is you’re getting faster Prayer of Healing procs, but it really doesn’t help your power shield at all.

And one more note on the disc brace is that your set bonus is just kind of bad. For one thing, Holy Priests get way more out of the 20% for every organic buff.

My final note on this priest is that you actually get a big buff by not having Val’anyr. Being able to get a weapon like Sufferings is going to really help your HPS since you didn’t have Val’anyr before.


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