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WotLK Classic Phase 3: How To Get Loads Of Epic Gems?

Posted: Apr 04, 2023

We all know that our we will get more DPS after upgrading our gems to Epic Gems. Of course, if we can get some Epic Gems directly, we can save a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold which is used to upgrade gems. WOTLK Classic Phase 3 is coming. How should we get loads of Epic Gems to prepare for its arrival?

Prospecting Titanium Ore

I think the most commonly anticipated way of obtaining gems is going to be from prospecting Titanium Ore and I’m sure there're loads of you that are stacking up on thousands and thousands of Ttanium or getting ready to basically start spam prospecting it all to get ahead of everybody else in terms of the amount of Epic Gems you’ve got.

Now, the chances of getting Epic Gems in them do seem quite high. It’s not just the Epic Gems that we’re actually after here. One of the big ones is Titanium Powder, and we’ll go and have a look at what that’s for in just a second.

WOTLK Classic my harvest

As you can see, I’ve prospected nearly a hundred Titanium Ore at the moment without getting a single Epic Gem. Of course, some of it is luck and you might get five Epic Gems in very quick succession. I just took 95 ore to get a single Eye of Zul. Out of 100, we did get 14 Titanium Powder.

WOTLK Classic a historic post

Now looking at historic post here on Wowhead, you can see that this guy prospected 7080 Titanium Ore, which was 1416 prospects. They got 405 epics 377 Blues 2,259 greens and 1076 dust. He broke down the percentages and we can probably expect these to be very similar to what we’re going to expect in WotLK Classic.

What do you use the Dust for? When Phase 3 rolls around, there’s going to be a lot of new recipes that you’re going to need to get because basically all the recipes you’ve got for the blue gems at the moment you’re going to need to get all the Epic variations of them as well.

Timothy Jones is the guy where you normally get your daily quest from. He is the one that sells all of these epic recipes and you can see they’re all for each. And to get all the recipes, you’re going to need a lot of Jewelcrafter’s Tokens and if you was to rely solely on things like damaged necklaces and doing your dailies, it’s going to take you a long time to get them all.

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Now, originally on the PTR for Trial of the Crusader back in the day, it was a daily quest that you handed 10 of these Titanium Powders in. When I said daily quest is a repeatable quest, instead now you can just purchase them from the vendor.

10 titanium Powder is one Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token. So, if this is how you start getting lots of tokens to be able to obviously purchase recipes. So, not only are you stacking up on Titanium Ore to be able to get the Epic Gems, you need to stack up on Titanium Ore right now to be able to get the Titanium Powder to be able to purchase the recipes.

The people with the big recipes first are going to be the ones that are absolutely making Bank off of the Auction House. So, this is the Titanium Ore rule of getting gems, specifically Epic Gems, but there are other ways.

How to get Loads of Epic Gems in WOTLK Classic Phase 3

Crafting Icy Prisms

As a jewel crafter with a Frozen Orb and a few of just rubbish green gems, you can make an Icy Prism. Inside the Icy Prism, you do have a chance at getting Epic Gems. In the Icy Prisms at the moment, you’ll be used to if you have a lucky day getting a Scarlet Ruby, maybe a Dragon’s Eye, as well. But you can also get the Epic gems.

Now, I don’t want to mislead anyone by saying that you’re going to see lots of these because, actually, out of around 25 Icy Prisms, I saw one Epic Gem. Of course, on WotLK Classic, they could have a lot higher drop chance out of these Icy Prisms, but again, just another way you can get epic gems.

Saving Emblems Of Heroism

The third way and outside of Titanium Ore, the most common will probably be Emblems of Heroism because after a couple of weeks into each phase, we’re normally swimming in emblems with nothing to spend on anyway and you’ve probably got lots saved up ready.

But the red, blues and yellows you can get for 20 Emblems of Heroism each, the greens, purples and oranges, you can get for 10 Emblems of Heroism each. So, doing the older content be it heroic dungeons or EOE, any of those is absolutely worthwhile because at the start the gems are going to sell very well or you might just want to use them yourself. So, I’m saving all my emblems to get as many of these yellow gems as possible on day one from emblems without having to lay out any WOTLK Classic Gold. The rest I’m going to try and get from Titanium Ore.

WOTLK Classic Titanium Ore


Even though it’s only one a day, Alchemy is another solid way to be able to get Epic Gems and if you’ve got lots of Alchemists and you’ve got them all sat there waiting for Phase 3 as Transmutation Master. You’ll be able to make more than just one of these a day.

But basically, using an Eternal Fire and a Scarlet Ruby every 20 hours, you’ll be able to make a Cardinal Ruby and an Ametrine. It’s a Monarch Topaz and an Eternal Shadow. You get the gist here is basically the blue or the rare variant of the same color gem, plus one Eternal.

The only one that differs here is Eye of Zul, which is the green gems where it takes three Forest Emeralds and no Eternal whatsoever. But I can’t see you wasting many of your daily cooldowns on Eye of Zuls, which are the green gems.

Ways Suitable For Players Who Like Or Dislike PVP

Even Alchemy has a way of getting Epic Gems, what about if all you like doing is PVP?

Also, you can get Epic Gems 10,000 Honor points per Epic Gem, which is not actually that much you could quite easily farm forty thousand or fifty thousand on a right now just to be able to pick yourself some Epic Gems up as soon as Phase 3 launches.

For some reason you don’t really like PVP or you’ve got no reason to PVP, do it for your gems, do the odd Battleground here and there every day, every other day, a couple of times a week whatever, just to get some on it or even just do Wintergrasp just to get honor.

And then, you’ll be able to get yourself some Epic Gems this way as well. So, mixing in just Emblems of Geroism and Honor, you’re probably nearly going to be able to kit all of your gear out with Epic Gems without even having to do a great deal. Pop to the Auction House and get some Titanium Ore.

Now, even if you’re not in Jewel crafting, get somebody in your guild to prospect it all. Let them keep the Titanium Powder so they can purchase recipes. But if they get Epic Gems, you get the Epic Gems, which they’ll be able to get recipes with the Titanium Powder to cut the gems for you.


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