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News Tag: Honkai Star Rail Accounts

  • Honkai Star Rail 1.2: The Newest 5-Star Lightning Nihility Unit Is Coming! - Kafka Pre-Release Analysis & Builds

    Posted: Aug 07, 2023

    Kafka is almost out. And I thought I’d put my take on some talking points the community has been discussing, like Crit Kafka and Break Kafka, as well as talk about some important points Kafka mains will be needing to think about for her release and building her and her teams. 

    We’ll review her kit real quick and check out her revealed traces, and discuss these new off meta builds people are talking about, as well as other topics. Then, I’ll give out a safe build path and teammates you can prepare for even if she’s only a few days away. 

    Quick Kit Overview 

    Let’s quickly look at her kit revealed on Hoyolab

    Her basic attack is nothing special. Her skill is a blast skill and will detonate the central target’s DoT effects. That goes for any ally DoTs and break DoTs. Remember that Freeze, Entanglement and Imprisonment are not DoT effects. 

    Her ultimate is an AOE damaging ultimate that will detonate all enemies’ DoT effects, rather than just the target in the middle. It will also apply Shock. And as a 5-star limited unit with a shock on her ultimate, we can assume this Shock will hurt a whole lot. 

    Her talent is a follow up when an ally uses a basic attack, and will inflict Shock, too. Just like Serval’s kit shocks, these will not be stacking with each other. 

    Her technique is an attacking one, and will also apply a shock equal to the ultimate’s one. 

    Her traces make her ultimate detonate all dots, give her energy on enemies being defeated with shock, and give all of her Shock base chances a buff. 

    So, Kafka’s main role is a main DPS. And her secondary role is a DoT enabler. Without knowing kit numbers, ultimate and skill will be levelled first, and then talent and then basic. Her first passive is OP, her third is a must get too, and her second is nice. 

    Kafka’s Scalings 

    So, with her kit, what will she scale on

    DoTs cannot crit, and she will thus scale primarily on ATK%. She will not need much effect hit rate due to her third trace. And then she will scale heavily on speed because of the nature of her damage. The way her damage will scale on speed is because of the way she double dips in damage. 

    Taking more turns is, of course, good for any DPS. If you do a little less damage than usual, but take many more turns, you’ll overall be doing a bunch more damage. 

    Kafka follows the same concept. Every turn she takes, she can skill and do some damage. But then, she will also detonate her DoT effects, and any ally dot effects. 

    What this means is that speed is even more important for her than usual. Your DoT damage will happen at the start of every enemy turn, but also on your own turns. Getting more instances of those is always good. You also have to, of course, stack ATK%. 

    Kritka (Crit Kafka) Discussion

    So, that’s two lines in your relics’ possible 4. And that is why people are going to Crit and Break Kafka. If I only need attack and speed, why not add crit. 

    The problem is we don’t have infinite substats or possible substat rolls. We need those attack% rolls, and we need those speed rolls. 

    If we use my Sampo sheet, and insert 10 crit rate and 10 crit damage subs, and a crit rate chest, his damage naturally comes out ahead versus normal attack%. This is losing effect hit rate, which means a lot less debuffs.

    But since we compared with Kafka and Kafka won’t be needing effect hit rate, so we can follow the same concept. 

    So, in a solo case, the crit will be doing more damage if you’re just considering a DoT effect, and a damage effect. Then comes in the detonations

    The DoT scales on ATK%, the kit damage scales on attack%, and the detonations scale on ATK%. Only one of these scales on crit. The more you remove speed for crit on Kafka, the fewer detonations you’ll get. The more you remove ATK% on her for crit, the less damage her overall kit does, before one third of it being multiplied by crit. 

    Foregoing speed also means potential allies’ DoTs also suffer, but Crit Kafka would be running stuff like Tingyun and Asta, so that wouldn’t matter. 

    Of course, just like Serval is primarily a crit DPS, with a nice DoT, Kafka will be a DoT DPS, with a nice amount of crittable damage. So, you can still run the crit, and it will still work and be viable until MOC gets beefier and beefier. Though the nice part about not running crit, is all those pieces without crit can finally be used.

    Breakfa (Break Kafka) Discussion 

    As for break Kafka, her break effect scalings were removed from CBT2, which is a bit sad. But breaking is still a ton of damage when you focus in on it. And since she can detonate, going all in on speed and break effect will do decent damage. 

    It will need you to be breaking, and/or bringing Serval, and being against Lightning Weak, but it can work. Remember, break shocks stack with normal shocks, and can even stack on other teammates’ break shocks. 

    If you’re daring, you can stack Serval and Kafka’s 4 shocks all on one poor boss, with Serval’s ultimate infinitely extending these Shocks. 

    At the end of this though, you can ask why bother, and just run attack% and speed. Of course, you can play how you want, and I’m excited to see all three builds post release. They’re all going to be great and will probably be beating the late game Memory of Chaos

    Teammate Discussion 

    As for teammates, she is a DoT enabler, as her second role. 

    Remember, she is foremost a main DPS, and she can therefore run your standard team setups you’ve been building for. 

    She doesn’t need those dot friends if you don’t want to build them. She can run your Tingyun, your Bronya, your Yukong if you’re going to Critka. She can be the focus of your team. She doesn’t need Sampo or Serval or Luka to perform, like some people are stating. 

    Just like Serval main DPS is doing excellently, and Sampo solo DoT is working, Kafka will be fine just by herself. You can, of course, use those DoT units you’ve been building up, and they’ll be best with her due to her detonation playstyle.

    But if you just want to get her and play her cause you love her, then go ahead. You’ll see plenty of showcases within the first week of her popping off as a solo DPS. 

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    Safe Relic Build

    So for a safe build, 4-piece Band of Sizzling Thunder will, of course, be excellent on Kafka. 

    Space Sealing Station for the planar ornaments. Pan Galactic will most likely be a DPS loss due to her third trace. You’ll also be able to run 2 piece combos, such as musketeer, messenger, and the lightning set again. There’s also the possibility of Quantum set. 

    For main stats and substats, you’ll want ATK%, SPD, lightning DMG% and ATK%

    For subs, you’ll be chasing attack% and speed, getting to whatever effect hit rate needs she has, and then plopping the rest into your desired stats. 

    Light Cone Discussion 

    For Light Cones, her signature will be incredible for her, due to it being stackable with her base kit shock, just like the Resolution light cone defense shred stacks with Pela’s ultimate, since they are two different sources or named debuffs. 

    Good Night and Sleep Well is broken and will be amazing for her, too. You’re looking at a permanent 72% damage boost if you have 3 debuffs on the enemy. 

    Fermata as a free to play option is nice, and Welt’s light cone works because of its high base ATK%, DMG%, and skill damage buff, which will be boosting her DoTs during the detonation. 

    Best Friends And Teams 

    Her best sub DPS will be Sampo and Luka, and Serval, and break DPS will also work great with her. 

    Her best supports will be Asta, Pela and Silver Wolf. But remember, she can use other harmonies, too. Don’t feel restricted. 

    A standard team comp for her will include one of your desired sub DPS, combined with a buffer or debuffer, and then a solo sustain. 

    Pick your poison. Triple DoT will be a bit risky to run with lack of survivability, and not best in damage, due to Asta, Pela and Silver Wolf boosting the damage of two DPS a ton. 

    I hope that helps for any Kafka wanters. It doesn’t matter if you can’t pull her when Kafka is online, you can directly buy a Honkai Star Rail Account with this character. Hope you all become Kafka havers. 

  • Honkai Star Rail 1.2: 5 Things You Need To Know About Imbibitor Lunae - Stats, Ultimate, Skill, Technique & Gameplay

    Posted: Jul 31, 2023

    Here I’m going to share with you 5 things that were revealed about Imbibitor Lunae in the new missions of Honkai Star Rail 1.2. If you are interested in Imbibitor Lunae, then you must not miss this content.

    Base Stats

    In the excitement of playing in Imbibitor Lunae form with Dan Heng, most players don’t take the time to analyze the information they have at hand. You can pause the game and open up your character’s stats, though most of them are well hidden. But there are still some important details.

    First, we can see that Imbibitor Lunae is expanded according to the attack. Because most of his stats are pretty average except for attack. Also, when comparing his base stats to other characters from Path of Destruction, he’s underwhelming.

    Especially Imbibitor Lunae’s HP and DEF are at a low level. This makes him quite vulnerable compared to Blade or Clara. However, his attack power is between normal and high. In comparison, Clara’s basic attack power is still high, and her speed is second only to Arlan. Notably, they invested heavily in his Imbibitor Lunae to reach 137.


    Throughout the fight, we only had a few minutes to trigger his Ultimate ability. But every time you trigger this Ultimate skill, it will consume 140 Energy. That’s a ridiculous amount! There are only two other characters in Honkai Star Rail with the same Energy cost, namely Qingque and Yanqing.

    So we speculate that his traces have the potential to provide some sort of charge. If not, this will be a major problem with his gear.


    His abilities are somewhat similar to Blade’s mechanics. Whenever you use this ability, his basic attack will be strengthened. However, there are still two fundamental differences. One, its basic attack can only be used once. Next, we can use his other skills 3 times in a row.

    Every time we use this ability, it will further enhance his basic attack from the first use. It turns his attack into an explosion, hitting the target enemy the second time it’s used and deals with splash damage the third time it’s used for more damage. However, each time it is used, it either consumes skill points or a bunch of stats that have yet to be confirmed.

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    For the brief moment at the beginning of Scalegorge Waterscape, we took control of Dan Heng. Although failed to use it, now we can see his technique.

    We can see that this is an enhanced type technique. This type of technique can improve your Honkai Star Rail Account characters in the next battle. It’s usually one of the main favors we can get before fighting in Memory of Chaos.


    Finally, let’s look at the numbers and stats that Imbibitor Lunae has. He doesn’t seem to follow the mold of all the characters on this Path of Destruction. For example, Blade or Clara act as semi-tank and semi-damaged dealers, providing a lot of AOE damage without consuming too many skill points.

    But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Imbibitor Lunae. We had a hard time pairing him with other Hunt or Erudition characters since he consumed a lot of skill points. Also, he is not the best sub-tank due to his low HP and defense.

    Anyway, we’ll continue to see how his traces and talents will play out. Although currently he only seems suitable as the main damage dealter in your composition. In short, those are 5 things I learned about Imbibitor Lunae. Let us look forward to its arrival.

  • Honkai Star Rail: I Just Got A New Free 5 Star Light Cone In 1.3!

    Posted: Jul 25, 2023

    I'm getting a free 5 star Light Cone in 1.3, and it's a good one so you'll want to save these things up, especially if you want Kafka, let's go straight into it.

    As of right now, for a free 5 star Light Cone, you can start one for Destruction characters, another for Hunt characters and another for Preservation characters in Honkai Star Rail. Most people myself included went for Hunt Light Cone, it's the best free to play Hunt Light Cone in the game. Choosing that member whose name was on a buyers could choose a Light Cone of a different path from the battle pass. Of course, if you want to experience more characters, Honkai Star Rail Account can help you.

    You've started to save up enough you might be looking at Destruction and Preservation ones, but in 1.3 for adding a nail seal icon to this star. It increases Break Effect, which will increase for Break Damage and Debuff Damage, done by bleed shock windshare or whatever debuff your character applied. It increases Damage Over Time for two turns and if an enemy is defeated, while being inflicted with the character's damage over time.

    Your character will Regenerate Energy, I won't pop his status up because that's all subjects to change, but I definitely advise saving your hair to buns for it, because it looks more impressive in the Destruction and Preservation like ones. If you don't want to go on a Light Cone Banner, she can make use of all free of Break Effect damage and energy, which allows you to focus on other stats in a Relics if you want to in Honkai Star Rail.

    Assuming you're building the team with her and Sampo you could give Sampo for mata which is another free to play option. Then you have half your team ready without using Jade's outside of Kafka's banner, you could even use a 5 Star icon on Sampo if you want to, and is also an option for Luca, a lot of Luca's kit revolves around stacks and one way to get those stacks is his burst.

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    So having a Light Cone, it gives energies useful, bleeds one of the strongest dots in Honkai Star Rail too. Having something to increase his bleed damage is a bonus, and it means you have the option to focus some of his Relic stars on his raw damage rather than just his damage over time. It's also promising that Adam is to her to stop because it means he could add Light Cones for other paths in the future too. Harmony for example has a lot of Indexs, like Planetary Rendezvous for mono teams, Past and Future when you see him as a hyper carry and memories of the past for burst up time.

    Having another option would increase the chance of us having something useful for each of our Harmony characters, without having to rely on Gacha or swiping for the battle pass, as we start adding more characters we'll need more free options anyway. So we can save our Jades for characters, more free to play Light Cones is a great addition to Honkai Star Rail.

    To summarize, new Nihility Light Cone in 1.3, great for damage over Time characters, Light Cone 8 bonds, Duplicates will cost two bonds each, so a total of 16 to take it to S5.

  • Honkai Star Rail: Most Serious Things About Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae - Three Parts

    Posted: Jul 24, 2023

    Hoyoverse decided to reveal a lot of things through the story mission about Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae. And while the activity by itself is really interesting, I am gonna take a look at his actual skills and show you just how busted he is going to be for certain teams. 

    1. Unique Skill

    Probably one of the biggest surprises of 1.2 update had to be the small demo showcasing Dan Heng’s Imbibitor Lunae form. 

    Now, I love these sneak peeks Hoyo throws at us because there were so many little details I haven’t noticed until I reviewed the footage.

    First of all, looking at this new Imbibitor Lunae form from a high-level perspective, it seems like he will be a mix between a single target and blast damage dealer. And it also seems like the damage will scale with ATK. Because even though Hoyo made sure to hide all the info that you could otherwise inspect, I was able to look at his stats and it’s pretty clear that when a unit has 3,600 HP at level 80, then the damage scaling will come from ATK

    The other important thing has to be his Ultimate. We couldn’t use it during the fight, but what’s crazy is the energy cost. 140 is a whopping amount to recharge. Only QQ and Yanqing have these costs and it is considered one of the bigger drawbacks for them.

    However, we don’t know yet how much energy this new Dan Heng will be able to gain from his kit, although that 140 is something to keep in mind for now. 

    Also, I noticed that when for a brief period, I could control Dan Heng on the map. I couldn’t use his Technique but it does say it’s of an Enhance type. So, it’s probably going to be important to set aside one skill point for places, like Memory of Chaos, if he wants to start strong when the fight begins. 

    Still, the biggest thing that I wanna talk about would be his Basic Attack. Or should I say his Enhanced Attack thanks to his unique skill? So, you can use the skill to enhance the basic attack up to 3 times. 

    The basic attack by default is a single target, so with 1 enhancement, it just gains better damage. But with 2nd enhancement, now it becomes a Blast Attack, meaning it will hit the main and adjacent targets. The 3rd enhancement just gives more damage and a really cool animation.

    By the way, you can see that with each enhancement, Dan Heng’s idle animation changes, which is really cool and a nice visual indicator. 

    Now damage wise, the basic attack enhanced once deals about 10k damage, although one hit wasn’t critical. And then finally, the 3rd last enhancement on 3 targets, he delivers a pretty massive 40k number. And yet again, 5 hits didn’t crit, so it could be around 50k instead. 

    These numbers are super solid, if not amazing. Because keep in mind, we’re looking at around 3.1k ATK, 50% crit and 82% crit damage. This build is at best average. So, imagine how much stronger he will be with actually insane stats. 

    And also, he didn’t even have any buffs. Seriously, either the devs are tampering with his stats and he deals unrealistic damage, or he is just that good. But 3 Skill Points to do some damage and then the enhanced attack doesn’t even generate SP? 

    What is this, QQ gambling with her skill? Are we back to eating up the skill points for big damage? Not really. Because if you look closely, there’s a stack count on Dan Heng’s portrait. 

    Once you have these stacks active, each time you enhance, instead of using up the skill point, the stack will be consumed. So, if here the basic attack is enhanced 3 times, you will see the stacks are used up instead. 

    However, one thing that really doesn’t make sense is that I couldn’t determine how he regenerates the stacks. He just starts every turn with all of them refreshed. I think the devs basically just modded his kit so that you don’t have to worry about managing them for now. Because otherwise it would make no sense to even have the stacks if they were always just refresh. 

    All in all, Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae is shaping up to be one of the most exciting units for me. A destruction imaginary damage dealer that can also attack up 3 targets and has a cool mechanic to boost the damage? Really interesting to say the least, although there’s 1 more unit that we got early access to, so let’s talk about her before I tell you something important about Imbibitor Lunae. 

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    2. Jinliu’s Potential

    I know I should have talked about Jingliu back in 1.1. But I’ll be honest, I forgot this companion quest exists and was surprised to see you can actually play her. 

    Well, ok, not play her but observe from a distance. She literally did a total of 4 attacks and then she vanished. Anyway, here’s what I managed to uncover about this 2B wannabe. 

    First of all, it’s not clear to which path she belongs to. Although looking at her stats and damage output, she could be either Hunt or Destruction. I am leaning towards Destruction a bit more because a bit of giveaway that Hunt units have is their really low base HP

    Now, it does seem like Jingliu is equipped with a Light Cone, since it gets added to Base HP here. But assuming if for some reason, she would be equipped with the highest HP Light Cone, she would still end up with around 1.2k HP, which is around the low end of a Destruction character’s health. 

    So let’s assume she’s an Ice Destruction character. What could we expect from her? 

    Honestly, I have no idea right now because there’s not much to her kit. Although one thing’s for sure, she’s gonna want Pela on her team. Well, that is, if you have E4 Pela because this allows her to reduce the enemies’ Ice Res, which is pretty important if you want to improve Jingliu’s damage. But let’s not forget Pela also reduces enemy’s DEF, so that would be the first support that comes to mind. 

    Now the other things that stand out about her are the 130 Ultimate cost and the assumption she scales with ATK. Because similar to Imbibitor Lunae, her Health isn’t that high that could be scaled off for damage. 

    So, in short, not much can be deduced about her. She’s an Ice character, maybe from the Destruction path and she has a bit of an expensive Ultimate and potentially. She will be good with Pela due to how she helps increase Ice damage output. 

    3. New Comps

    Now one more thing that I did not talk about regarding Imbibitor Lunae was the potential teams. 

    I am sure the first one that comes to mind is Mono Imaginary thanks to the craze that’s been ongoing with Silver Wolf, where we’re trying to build so many mono teams with her. And sure, a team like Yukong, Luocha and Silver Wolf for the new Dan Heng could be great, no doubt. 

    Right now, the best we can do with Mono Imaginary is Welt acting as our main damage dealer. Although that’s pushing it a bit too far, seeing how he is a Nihility character and has a lot of debuffs built into his kit. 

    But honestly, this team is super obvious and I am sure it will be good but the team that I am more interested in is the newly rising archetype of double damage dealer comp. 

    You see, back when Jing Yuan got released, I didn’t spend too much time using him with another major damage dealer, like Seele or Hook and instead, I just built teams around him. And I kinda did a similar thing with Blade. I did showcase one team that had the original flavor, Dan Heng and Blade, together with Welt. But I didn’t really consider the fact two damage dealers could be such a big deal and so that’s why I only briefly mentioned a team, like Seele with Blade. 

    But it turns out, after using a team like this for a few days, where both Seele and Blade are in a team, the results are kinda amazing and don’t even have to be Seele. It can be Hook, Sushang and so on just as long as there’s a good single-target damage dealer in the team. So where am I getting at? 

    Well, it seems to me Imbibitor Lunae is going to be kinda similar to Blade and by that, I mean he will be good against multiple targets. The blast damage from the 3rd enhancement is pretty scary when used against 3 enemies. So, putting this new Dan in a team with another damage dealer, as well as adding a support like Pela, Silver Wolf, Bronya or Tingyun, could be the next big team. 

    In fact, I would argue Pela or Silver Wolf would work best here, since unlike Bronya, whose buff can be applied to one character. Once you debuff an enemy with Pela or the Wolf, a new flavor, Dan Heng, and another damage dealer can fully utilize this. 

    And what’s even better, if it turns out that the stacks which negate skill point consumption are going to be easy to maintain, building a team together with Seele who is extremely skill point hungry is going to be a nice surprise.

    I am honestly starting to feel like we’re at a point we’re not just obligated to use hypercarry teams. Double damage dealer comps are fun to use. Because two big hitters get to shine and sure, they won’t deal as much damage if the attention for them isn’t fully dedicated.

    But at the same time, someone like Imbibitor Lunae feels like a character that’s going to act as a great sub-damage dealer. I kinda think that right now, the so called meta or at least the comps that we can build are getting a bit stale. I am not sure if it’s because of the limitations thanks to the enemy's weakness types or if the character roles are too rigid. 

    I know it’s stupid to compare this game to Genshin since they barely have anything similar when it comes to combat, but I feel characters in that game have more roles than just one. Like, Raiden Shogun can be used in a National Comp, a team could be built around her or you could literally use her as a glorified electro applicator thanks to how insanely good her skill is when it comes to triggering the Blooms on the ground. 

    I am hoping that with Imbibitor Lunae we’re gonna shift more towards the same what Genshin has. Maybe we will be able to build a team focused just around the new Dan Heng. And at the same time, we can also put him into a double damage dealer comp or just throw him in whenever you need extra damage. 

    But yeah, you can probably tell I am really excited about Dan Heng. I think that if you can have such a five-star character in your Honkai Star Rail Account, it will definitely bring you a lot of surprises. It’s great that we got to play him during the story, although not everything was revealed about him but there was enough data to get a strong first impression. 

    Now, the only thing I have to hope for is that I can use both of his versions in a team just to see if they freak out seeing one another.

  • Honkai Star Rail 1.2: What Do You Think Of Blade As Your DPS?

    Posted: Jul 22, 2023

    I've seen a lot of Doom posts in regarding Blade's numbers. Let's throw water on that fire, we don't Doom poster, we do need to be conscious not to make a common mistake though and that mistake is going into Blade's Banner with the idea in man but he's going to be a DPS carry. At least not with a current lineup of characters, he's not designed to be. 


    Let's look at these Characters. If you are interested in the following Characters, you can also look them up in Honkai Star Rail Account.

    Hunt Characters deal big damage to a single enemy in Honkai Star Rail. Her addition characters deal big damage too, but it's shared across multiple enemies. 

    Destruction Characters sit in the middle doing a little bit of both, being able to hit multiple enemies at the same time, helps with Mobs and shields in endgame content like memory of chaos. Typically you'll chop and change your team depending what you're up against, you'll pick a main damage dealer a character Tsuki team alive, and then you have two flex slots. 

    In most cases obser now, we've filled those flex slots with an Air Edition unit, Harmony unit or Nihility unit. Destruction is a flex Class 2 as of right now, that's not to say with high investment, you can't build Destruction units is your main carry. But is not as common, Blade for the majority of free to plays at least, is gonna go into a flag slot, is not going to be a main DPS in Honkai Star Rail. 

    Theoretical Comparison

    Hunt Characters will be a big damaged single Target DPS, who burns through your skill points. Blade deals less damage given the fact he's a flex units, but he has the added value of hitting multiple enemies, and only using one skill point every three turns, because his damage is lower than sealers. 

    Doom posters have been shutting the bed over how he's a bad unit, because of it so let's look at why the villainevity of Honkai Star Rail. He can't deal as much damage as sealer, if his damage was equal to hers, you'd expect the Quantum Destruction unit, whoever that may be and whenever they might come out. 

    To be on par with this theoretical Blade, but now let's remove Blade from this table and compare sealer to the theoretical Quantum Destruction unit. Why would your pull sealer when the destruction units has equal damage, and the benefit of AOE application, and uses way less skill points giving you more flexibility to run skill point hungry flexes, or just straight up another DPS carry

    How pissed would you be as a sealer habit, if he just power grabbed her, like that how hesitant would you beautiful for future units, if there's always that danger Lumin that they can introduce another phase of power creep. 

    I don't know if any of you played Honkai, I did for a year or two broke assume at level 80. Had a lot of fun despite his flaws in the end though, power group is what made me drop the game you pull a strong DPS unit, go for the weapon and mystic Mata, which is like relics but gotcha. 

    Then you go for the best supports their weapons and their Stigmata, and once you've built them all, you have a strong team for that element, but there are four elements. So you get to work on the others, start pulling more characters, more weapons, more Stigmata, and once you're nearly done building your team via second element, DPS from your first team gets power crap before you can even get started on your third element. You don't want this in Honkai Star Rail, you already know how long it takes to farm for characters. If a new unit comes out and does the same thing, plus mob and your farming was for nothing.

    Blade As Your DPS 

    Blade is not designed to be a main DPS in Honkai Star Rail. That doesn't mean he's bad in his intended role though, I have a video out talking about team C userman. So check that out if you haven't already, and just because he's not designed to be a main DPS, doesn't mean you can't use him as one. We just don't have many characters in the game right now that can support him as one, at least not optimally, you can use Asta for Speed, but you can't make the most out of the attack buff, you could run Yukong but she's designed for teams with more than one damage dealer

    Also if she inflicts weakness breaks, she imprisons the enemy, preventing them from attacking Blade, and in doing so stops him from getting stacks for his follow-up attacks, and makes him more awkward to trigger Longeva's disciple four piece, you could use Bronya, but not everyone has her. 

    YanQing can help charge his burst up which means you can run a HP rope on Blade for more damage, but you can't make optimal use of her attack buff. If you have Silver Wolf, you can run her with paler but when you're lacking a buffer. So what do we need to make Blade better as our main DPS, well firstly we need someone who can buff HP, people have speculated that the 1.3 healer Lynx might be able to do that, but nothing's confirmed. 

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    If these speculations are true, or characters that do these things get released in the future, there must stunks for Blade viability as a DPS. To summarize he's not a main DPS like sealer, that doesn't mean he's bad in his intended role, but it's important you know what you're pulling for. 

  • Honkai Star Rail: Everything You Need To Know About E0 Blade - Relics, Planar Ornaments, Light Cones & More

    Posted: Jul 19, 2023

    Blade is an interesting, and a much needed wind character that consumes his own HP to give himself more damage with enhanced attacks.

    This guide will cover his optimal relics and light cones, to general playstyle and best team practices.

    Kit Overview

    Blade is unlike any other damage dealer we have in our Honkai Star Rail Account so far in the sense that he’s technically dual scaling. What I mean by that is all of his attacks have both an ATK% multiplier and an HP% multiplier.

    However, it is crucial to note that the HP% multipliers are the focal point of his damage because it scales much better numerically compared to the ATK multipliers.

    The ATK multipliers are nice for adding a little of extra damage when combining your light cone stats, light cone passives, and relic substats. But as you’ll see in the relic section later, HP is a much bigger priority.

    As for what exactly Blade’s abilities do, he’s actually a very simple character. Blade’s skill consumes 30% of his max HP to grant him 3 enhanced basic attacks and a 40% DMG bonus at talent level 10.

    Using this skill does not grant any energy but doesn’t also doesn’t count as a turn, so he immediately gets to move again after using his skill, similar to the way that Qingque’s skill functions.

    Once you get your extra move after using Blade’s skill, you’ll be locked out of using his skill again for 3 turns to consume all of his enhanced basic attacks. So, just slash away at the enemy’s health bars to your content until you can use that skill again.

    His enhanced basic attack will not generate any skill points but deals a ton of damage to the target and unlike his normal basic attack. It also deals damage to adjacent targets as well.

    Just like his enhanced basic attacks, Blade’s ultimate also deals big damage to a single target and extra damage to adjacent enemies.

    This time around, Blade’s ultimate will always reset his HP to exactly 50% of his max HP regardless if he was below or above that threshold, and has an extra damage multiplier based on how much HP Blade has consumed since his last ultimate.

    In the case where Blade hasn’t used his ultimate for that battle yet, it’s based on how much HP is consumed since the start of battle.

    Last but not least, Blade’s talent stacks up to 5 times with each time he sustains damage, whether that be consuming his HP with his abilities or taking damage from enemies. Once that counter reaches 5 stacks, Blade will launch an attack that hits all enemies and restores 25% of his max HP, which is perfect for keeping him out of death’s dance.

    Despite how useful Blade’s talent is for sustain, it’s usually low on the list for trace priority (at E0). That’s no knock to his talent, but the majority of his damage at E0 comes from his skill and enhanced basic attack combo. So, the first thing you want to do is level those two up, and then focus on his ultimate and talent levels afterwards.

    As usual, you’ll want to unlock Blade’s extra traces at ascension 2, 4, and 6. Because the first two increase his self healing for better survivability, and his last one straight up grants a 20% DMG bonus to his talent’s AoE attack.

    Relics & Planar Ornaments

    With the new 1.2 patch, Hoyoverse introduced 2 relic sets and 2 planar ornaments that in my experience, feel strong and impactful.

    To no one’s surprise, one of these new relic sets, 4-set Longevous Disciple, is Blade’s best set. Blade is a stat hungry character and this 4-set gives him a much needed crit rate whenever he consumes his HP or gets hit, stacking up to a total of 16% crit rate.

    However, since this is a new set that players will have to slowly farm up, you can use the 2-set Eagle of Twilight Line for extra Wind DMG with just the 2-set Longevous Disciple until you are able to get a good enough 4-set with the correct substats.

    The 4-set Musketeer of Wild Wheat or the 4-set Eagle of Twilight Line are some of the game’s premiere generalist sets right now that can be used on Blade, but only use it if you have the pieces ready by the time Blade’s banner launches.

    There’s literally no reason to farm a full set of Musketeer or Eagle for Blade after the new cavern releases with the additional Xianzhou Luofu areas. So, again, these sets only serve as a placeholder until you get that juicy 4-set Longevous Disciple.

    As for planar ornaments, both new 2-sets of Broken Keel and Rutilant Arena are solid options on Blade. The 2-set Broken Keel is a lot easier to manage on Blade because the set only requires 30% total effect res to grant the entire team 10% crit damage, including himself.

    With 18% effect res from Blade’s max traces and the 2-set effect’s 10% effect res, Blade only needs 1 substat roll into effect res and he activates this free crit damage buff, making it into a fantastic low maintenance planar ornament to run not just for him but also for his teammates, which you’ll see in a later section.

    A higher maintenance, more costly, and more selfish planar ornament to run on Blade is the 2-set Rutilant Arena. Although the 20% damage bonus to basic attacks looks juicy for Blade, it is locked behind a requirement of 70% crit rate which is pretty demanding.

    Luckily, both the 8% crit rate from the planar ornament and the stacking 16% crit rate from the 4-set Longevous Disciple can contribute to hitting this threshold, making it feasible to hit even for players not pulling Blade’s signature Light Cone.

    Just be wary that you’re going to have to try a lot harder in relic substats compared to using Broken Keel.

    If you have yet to farm these 2 new planar ornaments, then the 2-set Inert Salsotto is a fantastic choice for temporary usage on Blade (at E0). Because his talent counts as a follow-up attack and gets benefit from the set bonus.

    Relic stats want to focus on HP for the boots, crit for the body, wind damage in the sphere, and HP in the link rope slot.

    SPD is a viable substitute in the boots but only if you really know what you’re doing and speed tuning your units for a specific order, such as with a slow Bronya to feed Blade two turns in a row. But, otherwise, HP is the safer option.

    Relic substats want to focus as many crit substats as possible, then HP, SPD, and any effect res you may need to meet the requirements of the 2-set Broken Keel.

    Light Cones

    Moving into Light Cones, unfortunately, Blade doesn’t have many stellar options.

    A lot of the Destruction Light Cones focus on ATK% buffs, which Blade cannot utilize as well as other (Destruction) characters due to the majority of his damage scaling stemming from HP.

    With that said, his signature Light Cone The Unreachable Side taps perfectly into his desired stats, granting him both HP and crit rate, along with a DMG bonus whenever he consumes his HP or is attacked.

    The other standout Light Cone to use on Blade is the gacha 4 star Light Cone A Secret Vow. This is one of the only Destruction Light Cones that offer a DMG bonus passive as opposed to an ATK buff passive, making it the clear choice for Blade.

    Outside of these two best options, your best bet is to focus on the Herta shop Light Cone On the Fall of an Aeon, or Clara’s 5 star Light Cone Something Irreplaceable. Because they give the best stats and have better passives than any other 4 star light cone for Blade.

    The battle pass Light Cone is especially worthy of mention simply because it comes at a cheap price point of 10 dollars. But that doesn’t mean it’s a standout option at all. It’s just that the rest of the 4 star Light Cones also have mediocre passives for Blade outside of A Secret Vow. And unlike gacha Light Cones, the BP Light Cone’s accessibility is guaranteed for anyone with just a tiny bit of disposable income.

    For beginners, something like the 3 star Light Cone Mutual Demise can be very synergistic with Blade’s kit since he’s always hovering at lower HP values. But unfortunately, the base stats of the Light Cone do fall off slightly compared to 4 star and 5 stars as you try to break into harder content.

    Best Team Practices

    Blade’s team compositions are very cookie cutter, but there are a few bits of info to understand that really outline why Blade’s team comps have specific roles.

    First things first, players must understand that Blade is almost SP neutral, but technically provides a net negative SP when simulating infinite turns.

    As I mentioned in his kit overview, his skill will consume one skill point, while his next three actions with his enhanced basic attacks will neither consume nor regenerate SP for the team.

    When invested to have strong healing, the current healers of Natasha, Bailu, and Luocha are all SP positive thanks to their ultimates for the former two, and auto healing in the case of the latter? Because Blade is almost SP neutral and your healer is SP positive (at least most of the time), that opens up the window to run another damage dealer aside from Blade that isn’t over the top with their SP usage.

    Therefore, the general roles for a Blade team are Blade in the first slot, a healer in the second slot, a debuffer or buffer in the third slot, and then your other damage dealing character in the final slot.

    I mentioned there are a few bits of info to understand, not just one thing. So, the second bit of info Blade players should know is that his talent does not stack if Blade is hit with a shield.

    Blade must lose HP to gain a stack of his talent and replacing your healer slot with a shielder introduces some anti-synergy that we want to avoid. So, make sure this second slot only has a healer between Natasha, Luocha, and Bailu.

    The third slot is reserved for a buffer that boosts the offensive stats of the team, or a debuffer that provides things like defense reduction.

    Blade’s best teammate by far in this slot is Bronya for a multitude of reasons. Attack buffs find a little value on Blade. But Bronya’s ultimate also has a crit damage boost that helps increase Blade’s damage and balances his crit ratio if you’re heavy on the crit rate side for the sake of using the 2-set planar ornament Rutilant Arena.

    Additionally, Bronya’s crit damage buff will also apply to the other damage dealer in the 4th slot, allowing you to get value out of two characters using the buffs as opposed to just one with the usual hypercarry team.

    And last but not least, Bronya’s action advance is extremely broken for stacking Blade’s talent to get more follow up attacks. A fast Bronya with a lot of speed investment can weave in basic attacks to generate better skill point economy for the team, while a slow Bronya can be speed tuned to move right after Blade to grant him two enhanced basic attacks in a row.

    The possibilities are endless with Bronya. But some other notable supports that can be used in this slot are Yukong for a similar buff to crit stats, Pela for defense reduction in AoE content, and Silver Wolf for defense reduction in single target content.

    All of these characters have a utility that the entire team can take advantage of as opposed to a character like Tingyun, who is meant to buff a hypercarry and has no capability of buffing two characters at once.

    For the damage dealer slot, this slot can be SP negative. But players should be wary and select a character that doesn’t always need to use their skill or is naturally less SP hungry.

    Follow-up attack characters like Himeko and Herta are fantastic options for SP economy and also for players who want to feel like they’re playing Blade as a hypercarry. But otherwise standard Hunt characters like Seele, Dan Heng, or Eidolon 1 Sushang are fantastic.

    If you’ve been paying attention to this entire guide, you might have connected the dots and realized that using the new Broken Keel planar ornament will also buff the crit damage of this second damage dealer.

    Similar to the way that buffers like Bronya and debuffers like Pela are good for dual carry teams, running Broken Keel on Blade is not only easy to manage stat-wise, but it also allows you to double dip in value when using Blade teams with another damage dealer.

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    Everything I’ve talked about up to this point comes through the lens of an Eidolon 0 Blade. And luckily for you, none of what I’ve said up to this point changes with any of his Eidolons.

    With each new copy of Blade that you get, he just gets stronger and stronger as a damage dealer through raw stat boosts and better multipliers.

    However, that means Blade’s Eidolons are lower priority compared to his Light Cone. Because without his signature Light Cone, he is hard pressed for options if you don’t have the 4 star gacha Light Cone A Secret Vow.

    For those who already have his Light Cone and want to push for Eidolons, the hard stopping point is Eidolon 2. His first two Eidolons will grant his ultimate extra damage in single target scenarios and increase his crit rate when in the Hellscape state from his skill, respectively.

    Afterwards at E4, he just gets an increase to his max HP after dropping below 50% HP, which is a little underwhelming (uninteresting) for an Eidolon 4 and mainly seen as a stepping stone to E6.

    Of course, E6 is the Eidolon that I’d consider the closest to changing his playstyle, since it does put a bigger focal point on his talent as opposed to his enhanced basic attacks. Not only does it give his talent an additional 50% max HP scaling, but it also reduces the amount of stacks to activate from 5 to 4.

    It becomes especially potent with the slow Bronya build that I talked about before since you feed so many turns into Blade and get ridiculous value out of the increased scaling that the talent gains.

    Overall, his Eidolons are nice to have but never needed, especially if you have yet to pull his signature Light Cone.

  • Honkai Star Rail: The Best F2P Guide To Build Tingyun! - Traces, Light Cones, Relics, Eidolons And Team Comps

    Posted: Jul 17, 2023

    Today, I will tell you how to play Tingyun with a complete Tingyun guide. Tingyun is a 4-Star Lightning Harmony unit in Honkai Star Rail, which can bring huge attack buffs for 3 rounds to a single friendly army.

    She can also use her ultimate to generate energy for a single ally. You can effectively use her health threshold per battle even if you die in battle. With that being said, let’s get started.

    Basic Info

    Now let’s start with her basic attack, Soothing Melody. When Tingyun’s attack reaches a certain threshold. Her abilities give allies with Blessings a massive attack boost. When an ally with Blessings attacks, the ally will also deal with a considerable amount of lightning damage, lasting 1 time. Blessings can last for 3 rounds, but only for the person who received the Tingyun skill recently.

    So remember, you can’t cast this ability on every ally in the field, only the most recently buffed unit will get it. If you buff one unit and the other still has the buff, the buffed unit will be disabled.

    Next is Tingyun’s ultimate ability, Amidst the Rejoicing Clouds. This restores 50 energy to a single ally and increases target damage for 2 rounds. You should always use her ultimate first, then use abilities to gain power.

    Remember, her skills generate power. So don’t use her abilities until you use her ultimate, unless you’ve already buffed an ally. Then you still need to use her ultimate first and then attack instead of moving on the other way around.

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    Now let’s talk about her traces and her traces priority. The first major Traces is Nourished Joviality, which is unlocked after ascension level 2. After using this skill, Tingyun’s speed will increase by 20% for 1 round.

    Her next major Traces is Knell Subdual, unlocked after Ascension 4. It increased Base attack damage by 40%. Her last Trace is Jubilant Passage, which instantly restores 5 energy at the start of her turn.

    For Traces first, you want to upgrade her skills first, then her ultimate. After that you have to upgrade her talents, and finally the basic attack.

    Light Cones

    For her Light Cones options, I’ll rank her Light Cones from best to worst.

    First off, the best Light Cone you can use is But the Battle Isn’t Over. You can get this from a shop exchange or a standard banner, which has high base stats. It also gives you many Energy Regeneration. When you use the ultimate ability on an ally, it will also restore 1 skill point, and it will trigger the effect after the wearer’s ultimate has been used 2 times.

    Next we have Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds. You can get this from Battle Pass. It either increases the attack power or critical damage of all allies, or increases their Energy Regeneration speed.

    Our third best option is Dance! Dance! Dance! This moves all allies forward by a certain amount. Unless you’re good at adjusting the speed, you may not feel the difference at all the first time you use it.

    Our fourth best pick is Planetary Rendezvous. If you have Jing Yuan, Bailu, and Silver Wolf in your Honkai Star Rail Account, you definitely want to use it. Because it can increase their damage.

    Our ultimate choices are Past and Future or Chorus. But use this only if you want to do a 1 round pass in Memory of Chaos, as it will only increase the speed of all allies for 1 round.


    Now, let’s talk about her Relics options. Right now, her best bet is Eagle of Twilight Line. Because every time you cast your ultimate, it pushes you forward by 25%. After you cast your ultimate four times, you get a free turn.

    If you haven’t farmed for Relics set, you can use Musketeer of Wild Wheat. This is great for her as it gives her of attack damage and speed boost.

    And for Planar Ornaments, Fleet of the Ageless is the best support role for you. It increases your maximum health by 12%. When your SPD is equal to or greater than 120, the attack power of all allies is increase 8%.

    Besides that, Space Sealing Station is also a good option, as it increases your attack by 24% when your speed is equal to or greater than 120. You can also use Sprightly Vonwacq, which increases your energy recharge rate by 5%. When your SPD is 120 or higher, your actions are advanced by 40% immediately after entering combat.


    Tingyun’s Eidolons are all so powerful. I can’t even pick which one is her best Tingyun.

    • E1 under Blessings buff grants allies 20% increased speed after using their ultimate.
    • E2 will give allies 5 points of energy after defeating the enemy, and it can only trigger this effect once per round under Blessings buff.
    • E3 and E5 just enhance all her ability levels.
    • E4 increases the damage multiplier provided by Blessings by 20%.
    • E6 makes her ultimate provide more energy.

    If you could get all of her Eidolons, it would definitely make this build even stronger.

    Team Comps

    For the Team Comps option, she can actually blend into any team in the game. I mean, we can put Tingyun on any DPS. Her best teammate might be Jing Yuan. But even without him, you can still use her with the likes of Dan Heng, Seele, Clara, or even Sushang.

    The above is the detailed guide about playing Tingyun for free that I have summarized. Hope this guide helps you in building the best Tingyun for your play style.

  • Honkai Star Rail 1.2: Why Kafka Is The Next Character Worth Pulling?

    Posted: Jul 10, 2023

    Kafka was finally revealed to be one of the banner 5-stars for Honkai Star Rail 1.2. So, today I’m going to be going over Kafka’s kit from what we officially know.

    Kafka’s Kit Overview & Breakdown

    To begin, let’s discuss the basics of Kafka’s kit.

    Kafka is a lightning ahility character and Kafka’s skill kit revolves around adding damage over time to enemies, which in her case would be shock.

    She also has damage over time detonation. Her skills deal inflicts lightning damage to multiple targets. If the enemy is inflicted with damage over time, then she’s able to do additional damage to the enemy based on the damage over time on the enemy. This will make the enemy take damage from the damage over time infliction during their own turn and when Kafka uses her skill.

    Another nice thing about Kafka’s skill is that her dealing the additional damage will not remove the current forms of damage over time on the enemy, which means you can have Bleed when Shear and even Shock sacked on the end enemy. And Kafka's skill will do additional damage without removing any of the current damage over time on the enemy. This is overall just a very nice plus to her skill kit.

    Kafka’s kit is able to inflict shock onto enemies and because of that, she’ll be able to trigger the additional damage with her own kit, which is a nice benefit as well since she could take advantage of the extra damage inflicted onto the enemy without the need of another character. This can actually open the door for other team members if her own skill kit is sufficient enough through her own damage over time inflection.

    I definitely think her skill has immense potential to do a good amount of damage, depending on her multipliers. But overall, the aspect of her kit looks very nice.

    Another thing Kafka can do is a follow-up attack when an ally uses a basic attack, which is likely limited to a certain amount of times per turn. But this is nice for a dish of additional damage. Kafka’s ultimate does lightning damage to all enemies. And she has a chance to inflict shock onto enemies and immediately deals extra damage to those who do get shocked, which is very nice as she could ultimate and then skill to take advantage of her, shocking the enemy to deal the extra damage I mentioned before.

    Lastly, Kafka’s technique deals lightning damage to all enemies. This is nice because if she breaks the enemy with her technique, then she can immediately inflict shock onto the enemy and now she can use her skill to immediately deal extra damage.

    Overall, Kafka’s kit looks pretty nice and she can likely do a good amount of damage, especially if you’re able to consistently strike enemies or even inflict other forms of damage over time, which could be Wind Shear, Bleed, and so on.

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    Kafka Teams & Ideal Partners

    As for team comps or partners that may be good with Kafka, a top Contender can be Sampo due to his abilities to afflict Wind Shear very often. Kafka’s skill can take advantage of this for the extra damage without her having to use her ultimate to shock enemies.

    Sampo can also increase how much damage over time and damage enemies take through his ultimate. And since he is on Kafka’s banner, the possibility of getting copies of him also exists. This can also further enhance his Wind Shear.

    Another possible partner can be the newly revealed four-star Luka, who has a focus on inflicting bleed onto enemies. And Luka has the potential to do a good amount of damage himself due to him having enhanced attacks through his skill kit him. Inflicting bleed consistently can also assist Kafka’s damage with her skill as well.

    As for buffers majority of buffers that we currently have can likely assist Kafka with increasing her attack, speed, hurt rate, crit damage, and so on.

    Tingyun may actually be the best pairing though since Tingyun is not very skill points hungry and she can further buff Kafka’s lightning damage. Tingyun can also assist Kafka by increasing her damage and Tingyun’s ultimate can regenerate energy for Kafka’s ultimate, which can lead to more shock inflicted onto enemies.

    You’d likely possibly want a team comp with Kafka. Sampo or maybe even Luka are both the most ideal partners. But of course, there are more options, such as Serval, Hook, Himeko and so on. But it’ll ultimately come down to which partner helps Kafka deal the most damage out of the bunch, which will likely be Sampo, but Luka can be a good Contender depending on what he fully does once he’s here.

    A buffer would be nice for Kafka, which can be Tingyun, Bronya, Asta, or Yukong. Preferably one that doesn’t use skill points too often may be the best, since Kafka would want to use her skill quite often for the extra damage. But if your team is pretty skill point positive or neutral, the other buffers may be good options as well.

    Lastly, you’d want a sustain, which can be Luocha, Gepard, Fire MC, Bailu or Natasha. This ultimately comes down to which the same character you currently have and are currently using.

    Overall, I do think these are pretty good options for team members with Kafka. But only if you have these characters in your Honkai Star Rail Account first. For those who have Silver Wolves, this can be pretty nice as well since Silver Wolf debuffs enemy resistances defenses and so on, which can assist Kafka in dealing even more damage to enemies.

    Kafka Light Cone Build Recommendations

    Now that I’ve gone overpotential team members, let’s discuss potential light cone options.

    As for light cones, you may use Good Night and Sleep Well, which increases the damage the wearer deals, depending on how many debuffs are on the enemy. This also includes damage over time. So, depending on your team comp, Kafka can take advantage of this.

    You can also use Fermata, which is a light cone all free to play players can get through the Forgotten Hall shop. This light cone increases break effect and damage out to enemies inflicted with Shock or Wind Shear. And this is a nice light cone if you pair Kafka with Sampo.

    Another option is Eyes of the Prey to increase kafka’s effect hit rate and damage over time multiplier. I would likely recommend the two other four-star light clones over this one. But this one can be nice to increase your effects hit rate since Kafka has a chance to inflict shock, which means she’ll likely want some effect hit rate depending on what her base chance actually is to inflict shocks. This will allow though for more consistent shocks to her ultimate, which I will go over how much effects hit rate you may want once Kafka is here.

    As for 5 stars, the “In the Name of the World” can be great for increasing Kafka’s damage that her skill does and damage against debuffed enemies. Of course, Kafka’s signature light cone will probably be her best in slot. But I thought I’d give recommendations other than her signature for those who are only looking to pull the character and not the light cone.

    Final Thoughts

    That’ll be all for my thoughts on Kafka, her potential team comps and light cones. I think Kafka has the immense potential to be a great damage dealer with the right builds and synergies. Overall, I’m very excited about her release as the enhanced damage over time play style looks really nice.

  • Honkai Star Rail: How To Get More Planar Ornaments?

    Posted: Jul 03, 2023

    Hello Honkai Star Rail fans! If you are a player who wants to get Planar Ornaments, the following content will be of great help to you!

    Honkai Star Rail players who want to farm Planar Ornaments can obtain them by completing Simulated Universe or through the steps of Synthesis.

    For those of you who forgot where it is, Simulated Universe is located in Herta's office inside the Herta Space Station, which is in the lower left section of Master Control Zone. Simulated Universe also features teleportation, so getting there shouldn't be a problem for most players.

    Planar Ornaments are Relics available to Honkai Star Rail players only after completing the "No Time for Me, My Friend" quest. Of course you will also get some Honkai Star Rail Accounts for completing this task. If you haven't completed this quest, you must be Trailblaze level 24 and complete "Dangerous Muddy Swamp" and its prerequisites.

    How To Farm Planar Ornaments Relics

    There are two kinds of Planar Ornaments in Honkai Star Rail:

    • Planar Sphere
    • Link Rope

    If the same set of Relics are put together, two Relics will be rewarded with 2 pieces. Obtaining both types can be done by farming Simverse (provided the player has completed the "No Time for Me, My Friend" quest).

    More specifically, you can acquire Planar Ornaments from one of two types of Domains:

    • Domain - Elite
    • Domain - Boss

    Elite provides players with one chance to drop such Relics, while Boss provides players with two chances, so you have to choose carefully.

    Note that the rarity of the drops can vary from 2 to 5 stars. The 5 star option is generally recommended as these suits have the highest stats (especially if it's in the right area for the character you plan to build).

    Planar Ornaments Synthesis

    Players who have reached Trailblaze level 40 can use the Relics crafting mechanic in Omni-Sythesizer. The section relevant to this article is called Planar Ornaments Synthesis. Use 100 Relics Remains to create a Planar Sphere or a Link Rope, depending on what you want to choose.

    You can salvage unwanted Relics for 10 Relics Remains per item. Self-Modeling Resin is another noteworthy item, as it allows you to choose the main stats for any Relics you want to get. Even if you're free-to-play, you can get this item through Nameless Honor at level 40.

    Modeling Resin is hard to come by, but it can certainly be useful if players are unlucky enough to not get the correct primary stats for a certain Relics.

    Farming Trailblaze Levels is ideal for anyone below Trailblaze level 40. This Synthesis feature can serve as a complementary way to get the Relics players want, especially if they've finished farming Simulated Universe (or are tired of grinding it).

    In the future, the version update of Honkai Star Rail may introduce a new way to obtain Planar Ornaments. Also, new Relics can be added to farm in later patches. This guide should still help Trailblaze with what's currently available in Honkai Star Rail. Remember, RNG requires some skills to get a good round.

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    Good luck to anyone who wants to have the most diverse builds for their favorite Honkai Star Rail characters.

  • Honkai Star Rail: Ranking Of Playable Imaginary Characters - Yukong, Welt & Luocha

    Posted: Jun 26, 2023

    Imaginary is an uncommon element in Honkai Star Rail, but its corresponding character is very powerful. After the release of Honkai Star Rail, Imaginary as an element that is difficult for players to access, it is also a five-star character, which you can obtain from Honkai Star Rail's gashapon system or character events.

    Fortunately for you, after the update, Honkai Star Rail introduced two new fictional characters, Luocha and Yukong. It is worth mentioning that Yukong will be provided free of charge to all Honkai Star Rail players in the next version update, which can greatly increase the number of visits to this element of Yukong. So when the player encounters a boss like Kafka, its imagination is weak, so choosing this element is very beneficial to overcome this type of challenge.

    Something About Imaginary Characters

    Imaginary Characters of Honkai Star Rail are similar to Quantum Characters explained before. The destruction effect of the weakness is very helpful for team combat. It can slow down the enemy's actions and cause damage to the enemy. In team battles, the player's advantage will be very obvious, especially in the face of opponents with weaker imagination elements.

    But at the same time, each character has its own advantages and disadvantages, which makes the ranking order between them extremely important.

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    Ranking List

    3. Yukong

    Yukong is the only 4-star Imaginary character right now, and he fits in well with the rest of the team. Yukong is a Harmony path character, mainly attacking and supporting in normal battles. Its ultimate boosts the team's Crit Rate and Crit DMG, and is capable of powerful imaginary damage to a single target. Secondly, it can increase the attack power effect of team members, and can play a buff effect.

    It is worth mentioning that Yukong's buff effect is very strong, and its buff effect is based on its Trace levels. Note, however, that Yukong's buffs don't last very long, so be careful when managing skill points. Yukong's buff lasts for two rounds, so if you want it to exert its maximum power, you need to arrange strategic speed and action order management properly. Make sure it's faster than the main DPS unit in the sequence of actions, but it can pose a challenge when it comes to fast characters like Seele.

    2. Welt

    Welt is also an Imaginary Character. His biggest advantage lies in reducing the speed of the enemy, which is very effective in team battles. In addition, Welt can also be used as a sub-DPS. If you have Welt members in your team, then your team's attacks have priority. The best combination with Welt is Asta, Asta can increase the speed of the entire team, coupled with Welt slows down the enemy's speed, the team can quickly occupy the offensive power and defeat the enemy before they attack.

    For players, however, Welt's main downside is the need to maximize its stats, so players need to focus on various types of stats. Still, Welt is a strong Imaginary Character that players can choose for a long time. You can learn more about this Character in Honkai Star Rail Accounts.

    1. Luocha

    When Honkai Star Rail game was released, the characters in the game were relatively single, which also made it impossible for many players to explore more challenging content, such as in the later stages of Forgotten Hall.The addition of Luocha also provides another way of healing for many players, especially for players who did not get Bailu character and do not want to wait for other healing characters to be released.

    Luocha not only has excellent healing ability, but its equipment can also bring additional effects to the team. Luocha can dispel team debuffs, which is very similar to Natasha, and Luocha will change with its attack power, and it can launch strong attacks in certain situations. But at the same time, Luocha also has its limitations. Its healing function is limited to a single target. Compared with other healers, Luocha has weaker vitality and is easier to be knocked down, but it is still a good Imaginary Characters.

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