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Honkai Star Rail: I Just Got A New Free 5 Star Light Cone In 1.3!

Posted: Jul 25, 2023

I'm getting a free 5 star Light Cone in 1.3, and it's a good one so you'll want to save these things up, especially if you want Kafka, let's go straight into it.

Honkai Star Rail

As of right now, for a free 5 star Light Cone, you can start one for Destruction characters, another for Hunt characters and another for Preservation characters in Honkai Star Rail. Most people myself included went for Hunt Light Cone, it's the best free to play Hunt Light Cone in the game. Choosing that member whose name was on a buyers could choose a Light Cone of a different path from the battle pass. Of course, if you want to experience more characters, Honkai Star Rail Account can help you.

You've started to save up enough you might be looking at Destruction and Preservation ones, but in 1.3 for adding a nail seal icon to this star. It increases Break Effect, which will increase for Break Damage and Debuff Damage, done by bleed shock windshare or whatever debuff your character applied. It increases Damage Over Time for two turns and if an enemy is defeated, while being inflicted with the character's damage over time.

Honkai Star Rail Energy

Your character will Regenerate Energy, I won't pop his status up because that's all subjects to change, but I definitely advise saving your hair to buns for it, because it looks more impressive in the Destruction and Preservation like ones. If you don't want to go on a Light Cone Banner, she can make use of all free of Break Effect damage and energy, which allows you to focus on other stats in a Relics if you want to in Honkai Star Rail.

Assuming you're building the team with her and Sampo you could give Sampo for mata which is another free to play option. Then you have half your team ready without using Jade's outside of Kafka's banner, you could even use a 5 Star icon on Sampo if you want to, and is also an option for Luca, a lot of Luca's kit revolves around stacks and one way to get those stacks is his burst.

Honkai Star Rail Sampo

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So having a Light Cone, it gives energies useful, bleeds one of the strongest dots in Honkai Star Rail too. Having something to increase his bleed damage is a bonus, and it means you have the option to focus some of his Relic stars on his raw damage rather than just his damage over time. It's also promising that Adam is to her to stop because it means he could add Light Cones for other paths in the future too. Harmony for example has a lot of Indexs, like Planetary Rendezvous for mono teams, Past and Future when you see him as a hyper carry and memories of the past for burst up time.

Honkai Star Rail Indexed

Having another option would increase the chance of us having something useful for each of our Harmony characters, without having to rely on Gacha or swiping for the battle pass, as we start adding more characters we'll need more free options anyway. So we can save our Jades for characters, more free to play Light Cones is a great addition to Honkai Star Rail.

To summarize, new Nihility Light Cone in 1.3, great for damage over Time characters, Light Cone 8 bonds, Duplicates will cost two bonds each, so a total of 16 to take it to S5.


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