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Honkai Star Rail 1.2: 5 Things You Need To Know About Imbibitor Lunae - Stats, Ultimate, Skill, Technique & Gameplay

Posted: Jul 31, 2023

Here I’m going to share with you 5 things that were revealed about Imbibitor Lunae in the new missions of Honkai Star Rail 1.2. If you are interested in Imbibitor Lunae, then you must not miss this content.

Base Stats

In the excitement of playing in Imbibitor Lunae form with Dan Heng, most players don’t take the time to analyze the information they have at hand. You can pause the game and open up your character’s stats, though most of them are well hidden. But there are still some important details.

First, we can see that Imbibitor Lunae is expanded according to the attack. Because most of his stats are pretty average except for attack. Also, when comparing his base stats to other characters from Path of Destruction, he’s underwhelming.

Especially Imbibitor Lunae’s HP and DEF are at a low level. This makes him quite vulnerable compared to Blade or Clara. However, his attack power is between normal and high. In comparison, Clara’s basic attack power is still high, and her speed is second only to Arlan. Notably, they invested heavily in his Imbibitor Lunae to reach 137.

Honkai Star Rail: 5 Things You Need To Know About Imbibitor Lunae


Throughout the fight, we only had a few minutes to trigger his Ultimate ability. But every time you trigger this Ultimate skill, it will consume 140 Energy. That’s a ridiculous amount! There are only two other characters in Honkai Star Rail with the same Energy cost, namely Qingque and Yanqing.

So we speculate that his traces have the potential to provide some sort of charge. If not, this will be a major problem with his gear.


His abilities are somewhat similar to Blade’s mechanics. Whenever you use this ability, his basic attack will be strengthened. However, there are still two fundamental differences. One, its basic attack can only be used once. Next, we can use his other skills 3 times in a row.

Honkai Star Rail: New Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae

Every time we use this ability, it will further enhance his basic attack from the first use. It turns his attack into an explosion, hitting the target enemy the second time it’s used and deals with splash damage the third time it’s used for more damage. However, each time it is used, it either consumes skill points or a bunch of stats that have yet to be confirmed.

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For the brief moment at the beginning of Scalegorge Waterscape, we took control of Dan Heng. Although failed to use it, now we can see his technique.

We can see that this is an enhanced type technique. This type of technique can improve your Honkai Star Rail Account characters in the next battle. It’s usually one of the main favors we can get before fighting in Memory of Chaos.

Honkai Star Rail: Imbibitor Lunae Imaginary Team Gameplay


Finally, let’s look at the numbers and stats that Imbibitor Lunae has. He doesn’t seem to follow the mold of all the characters on this Path of Destruction. For example, Blade or Clara act as semi-tank and semi-damaged dealers, providing a lot of AOE damage without consuming too many skill points.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Imbibitor Lunae. We had a hard time pairing him with other Hunt or Erudition characters since he consumed a lot of skill points. Also, he is not the best sub-tank due to his low HP and defense.

Anyway, we’ll continue to see how his traces and talents will play out. Although currently he only seems suitable as the main damage dealter in your composition. In short, those are 5 things I learned about Imbibitor Lunae. Let us look forward to its arrival.


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