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Honkai Star Rail: The Best F2P Guide To Build Tingyun! - Traces, Light Cones, Relics, Eidolons And Team Comps

Posted: Jul 17, 2023

Today, I will tell you how to play Tingyun with a complete Tingyun guide. Tingyun is a 4-Star Lightning Harmony unit in Honkai Star Rail, which can bring huge attack buffs for 3 rounds to a single friendly army.

She can also use her ultimate to generate energy for a single ally. You can effectively use her health threshold per battle even if you die in battle. With that being said, let’s get started.

Basic Info

Now let’s start with her basic attack, Soothing Melody. When Tingyun’s attack reaches a certain threshold. Her abilities give allies with Blessings a massive attack boost. When an ally with Blessings attacks, the ally will also deal with a considerable amount of lightning damage, lasting 1 time. Blessings can last for 3 rounds, but only for the person who received the Tingyun skill recently.

Honkai Star Rail The Best F2P Guide To Build Tingyun

So remember, you can’t cast this ability on every ally in the field, only the most recently buffed unit will get it. If you buff one unit and the other still has the buff, the buffed unit will be disabled.

Next is Tingyun’s ultimate ability, Amidst the Rejoicing Clouds. This restores 50 energy to a single ally and increases target damage for 2 rounds. You should always use her ultimate first, then use abilities to gain power.

Remember, her skills generate power. So don’t use her abilities until you use her ultimate, unless you’ve already buffed an ally. Then you still need to use her ultimate first and then attack instead of moving on the other way around.

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Now let’s talk about her traces and her traces priority. The first major Traces is Nourished Joviality, which is unlocked after ascension level 2. After using this skill, Tingyun’s speed will increase by 20% for 1 round.

Her next major Traces is Knell Subdual, unlocked after Ascension 4. It increased Base attack damage by 40%. Her last Trace is Jubilant Passage, which instantly restores 5 energy at the start of her turn.

For Traces first, you want to upgrade her skills first, then her ultimate. After that you have to upgrade her talents, and finally the basic attack.

Honkai Star Rail: Tingyun Skills Build

Light Cones

For her Light Cones options, I’ll rank her Light Cones from best to worst.

First off, the best Light Cone you can use is But the Battle Isn’t Over. You can get this from a shop exchange or a standard banner, which has high base stats. It also gives you many Energy Regeneration. When you use the ultimate ability on an ally, it will also restore 1 skill point, and it will trigger the effect after the wearer’s ultimate has been used 2 times.

Next we have Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds. You can get this from Battle Pass. It either increases the attack power or critical damage of all allies, or increases their Energy Regeneration speed.

Our third best option is Dance! Dance! Dance! This moves all allies forward by a certain amount. Unless you’re good at adjusting the speed, you may not feel the difference at all the first time you use it.

Our fourth best pick is Planetary Rendezvous. If you have Jing Yuan, Bailu, and Silver Wolf in your Honkai Star Rail Account, you definitely want to use it. Because it can increase their damage.

Our ultimate choices are Past and Future or Chorus. But use this only if you want to do a 1 round pass in Memory of Chaos, as it will only increase the speed of all allies for 1 round.

Honkai Star Rail: But the Battle Isn’t Over


Now, let’s talk about her Relics options. Right now, her best bet is Eagle of Twilight Line. Because every time you cast your ultimate, it pushes you forward by 25%. After you cast your ultimate four times, you get a free turn.

If you haven’t farmed for Relics set, you can use Musketeer of Wild Wheat. This is great for her as it gives her of attack damage and speed boost.

And for Planar Ornaments, Fleet of the Ageless is the best support role for you. It increases your maximum health by 12%. When your SPD is equal to or greater than 120, the attack power of all allies is increase 8%.

Besides that, Space Sealing Station is also a good option, as it increases your attack by 24% when your speed is equal to or greater than 120. You can also use Sprightly Vonwacq, which increases your energy recharge rate by 5%. When your SPD is 120 or higher, your actions are advanced by 40% immediately after entering combat.

Honkai Star Rail: Tingyun Relics


Tingyun’s Eidolons are all so powerful. I can’t even pick which one is her best Tingyun.

  • E1 under Blessings buff grants allies 20% increased speed after using their ultimate.
  • E2 will give allies 5 points of energy after defeating the enemy, and it can only trigger this effect once per round under Blessings buff.
  • E3 and E5 just enhance all her ability levels.
  • E4 increases the damage multiplier provided by Blessings by 20%.
  • E6 makes her ultimate provide more energy.

If you could get all of her Eidolons, it would definitely make this build even stronger.

Honkai Star Rail: Tingyun Eidolons

Team Comps

For the Team Comps option, she can actually blend into any team in the game. I mean, we can put Tingyun on any DPS. Her best teammate might be Jing Yuan. But even without him, you can still use her with the likes of Dan Heng, Seele, Clara, or even Sushang.

The above is the detailed guide about playing Tingyun for free that I have summarized. Hope this guide helps you in building the best Tingyun for your play style.


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