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News Tag: ESO Arcanist

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Arcanist PVE Build Will Be Popular in Necrom

    Posted: Apr 28, 2023

    The Arcanist is a character class in the game Elder Scrolls Online that is highly versatile. It can be used for PVE gameplay or as a top-tier PVP attack build. Some people might not believe it, but let's explore it together.

    After you finish this article, you maybe want to accumulate some resources and Elder Scrolls Online Gold for Arcanist.

    I sometimes create good content for this game. I need to mention that this is on the game's experimental server and not yet available for everyone to play.

    I don't have any footage of my character fighting other players in Battlegrounds or in open world, but I can use words to show you how my character can attack using a specific combination of abilities.

    The open Soul build only requires pressing one button on the controller or keyboard, making it a suitable choice for players who may have difficulty with dexterity or switching between weapons during gameplay. While there are other variations of the build available, the author found this one to be the most effective and accessible for a wider range of players.

    I tested two different ways to use my character build, one with two different button combinations and one with only one. The one-button combination was the easiest to use and did the most damage.

    But, there's a problem when using heavy attacks on other players in PVP. But there's a monster in the game called The Arcanist that you can practice on to test your abilities. All the passives and builds that work in fighting computer-controlled enemies (PVE) will work on this monster.

    One useful ability to use is called Resonating Glyphic, which is a powerful skill that can improve your character during gameplay.

    I want to explain a skill called Resonating Glyphic, which can be used during gameplay. It creates a cube that only you can attack. Whatever affects monsters, such as Slayer or your heavy attack build empowerment, will apply to this cube. It's easy to set up and usually does around 57k worth of damage, which is pretty high. To use it, just place the cube down and attack it with heavy attacks or other abilities.

    However, sometimes there is a bug where the cube persists even after we kill it. I'm not exactly sure how to recreate this bug, but it's something to watch out for.

    I will be testing how to recreate a bug that sometimes happens where Resonating Glyphic cube stays alive at 1% health even after getting attacked. It's great because all your jewelry and bloodthirsty will apply to it, allowing you to do a lot of damage. With the right combination, I'm able to get a critical hit of up to 57k damage. However, you need to adjust some settings to get the most out of the build, such as your crit passes.

    Your character's race doesn't make a huge difference in this build. It's not a bomb build, but a more neutral one that's flexible in different situations.

    There are various ways to optimize your character sheet in order to maximize bombing damage in Elder Scrolls Online. While race choice isn't crucial, the author personally plays as a Khajiit and uses Bwood sugar skulls for food.

    Although the author has the third stage of vampirism, their build isn't solely focused on bombing optimization. They have chosen traits like well fitted and reinforced to create a more balanced character sheet. However, there is still potential to further optimize the character sheet to increase bombing potential.

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    There are numerous ways to build a bombing Arcanist character, such as equipping gear sets like Vicious Death or Acuity and using heavy attack skills on Weaver, Undaunted, or Infiltrator Noble Duelist.

    This provides a range of possibilities for players to experiment with to optimize their own builds. The writer is still in the process of testing their own character build, but they believe that these options are a consistent and efficient method for executing combos.

    I want to see huge explosions and zergs dying left and right. I don't think this strategy will get nerfed because it seems like it was intended by the developers for the game. The kit is well thought-out, and while there may be some tweaks to the empowerment skill, I believe the strategy itself will stay intact.

    The Empowerment skill used to buff heavy attack damage by 80%, but now it's been reduced to 70%. The developers probably did this on purpose to balance the game. There are a few different gear sets you can use to build your character. If you want to be up close and personal in melee range, you can use Noble Duelist, Undaunted Unweaver, or Undaunted Infiltrator sets.

    I'll be using this build in small groups of 2 or 3 in open-world combat. If you prefer ranged attacks, you can use Undaunted on Weaver or Undone Infiltrator gear sets. The ultimate skill for this build has a vertical component, which means it can go high in the air to hit targets on higher ground!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: How To Prepare For Arcanist Class Release?

    Posted: Apr 20, 2023

    The release of the Arcanist class is fast approaching and in this article I’m going to show you everything you can do to prepare for its release.

    Firstly, as many of the cool kids that have been lucky enough to test the class have been saying: it’s quite difficult to sustain resources, which could change before the release and it has multiple channeling abilities, including the coolest ability we’ve seen in game yet, the Fate Carver.

    Equipment Sets

    With these two statements being widely discussed, it would be a very good idea to pick yourself up a set of Deadly Strikes as it provides a 15% damage buff, the channeled abilities, and damage over time. If sustain remains a struggle for Arcanists, you should also expect to see the Engine Guardian set being used, as it provides some of the best sustain in the game. So, grab yourself a set of that as well.

    Additionally, for PVP it’s likely that many builds will revolve around Mara’s Balm as the Arcanist’s defensive ability will provide a burst heal, so stack that with Mara’s and you’re going to have some serious passive healing going on.

    For PVE, many of the Arcanist testers have been saying that Valkyn Skoria is a great set to use as the channeled abilities can prock it. I personally don’t play healer very often but by the sound of things. The Arcanist is going to have some solid healing potential, so you can definitely expect some healer builds to be floating around upon release. As always, though, there are going to be a ton of hybrid builds created for this class, so keep an eye out for those.

    Training Gear - All Details

    Now that the equipment sets have been discussed, let’s move on to preparing for your new toons. As always, when it comes to make a new toon, you can never be too prepared. But please remember that you must prepare sufficient ESO Gold. Because any gear for training needs the support of gold.

    To be honest, you only really have to prepare once and you’re good at creating as many toons as you like. It’s good practice to have four sets of gear, with the training trait having a set of 10 level intervals, so a set at level 10, 20, 30, and 40. Anything else is probably overkill, but feel free to make even more.

    I personally recommend using three medium pieces, two heavy pieces and two light gear pieces. But you can swap the three piece set to whichever gear type you think you’ll use the most. We do this to ensure that you can fit into new builds that you may discover and you’ll have the skills maxed out to use the armor types. It truly doesn’t matter what sets you use for training.

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    Crafted Training Gear

    But you can mess around with the crafted sets to see what gives you the best damage potential for leveling. I personally recommend making a couple training sets of Hummer Of Hunting’s Rage for your weapons, as it provides a solid damage buffer while leveling.

    Transmute Crystals

    Now, onto the subject, we all absolutely hate but love at the same time, Transmute Crystals.

    It’s a good idea to have as many as you can hold going into creating a new toon as this will allow you to get the traits for your build as soon as possible. With the Jubilee Event just taking place, you should all have a nice stockpile of Transmute Crystals from doing dailies and if you don’t, I’d start gathering some. They can normally be obtained by playing PVP and running dungeons.


    What race should you play when it comes time to make your Arcanist?

    I didn’t see much when I was researching race, but I do suspect that the high Elf is going to be great because it does provide a damage reduction buff while channeling abilities and it does provide a damage buff. It’s highly likely that this race will make up the majority of Arcanists.


    But you never know. With all the hybrid builds out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if other races are recommended based on how people build. Keep that in mind before you’re jumping into making a High Elf, so you don’t get mad at me when some other guy says to use a different race.

    I’m not sure about you all, but I am extremely excited for the release of this class and I plan on creating a PVP toon and a Healer toon since it sounds like there’s going to be some solid healing potential from the class and I’ve never really been a Healer, so I think it’d be quite a fun experience.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Arcanist’s Crux Mechanic

    Posted: Mar 31, 2023

    Today, I want to talk about the Arcanist class and its new mechanic, which will be called the Crux.

    What Is Crux?

    The Arcanist will have an ability called Crux, and it’s a really not an ability but more of a mechanic. It’s a combo mechanic, but not like combo mechanics you might see in other MMOs or RPGs.

    Crux is basically a charge that you can accumulate by using your abilities with that particular class or your character. Then, you can cast other abilities to spin those Crux points. You can still cast these abilities even if you do not have that Crux.

    But if you use the Crux, it empowers those abilities and makes them stronger. Of course, we can use all abilities independence from the Crux. You do not have to generate or even spend those Crux points with those certain abilities that they tie to or that it will tie to. But it will make everything stronger and it will make the class kind of to its ceiling.

    If you use all the abilities and you use the class, you don’t really use the Crux to empower your other abilities, it will still be a very good viable class. You only need to concentrate on using ESO Gold to improve this class. But if you start using your Crux to kind of chain these abilities or combo these abilities, you will really see the potential for the Arcanist class, which makes it sound kind of an intro like an interesting class overall to me now.

    What Are The Advantages Of Crux?

    The designers of Crux have stated that they have designed Crux to be very easy to use. And a lot of people were kind of thinking to begin with this is going to be where you can kind of max out that character if you’re really skilled at the game. But it does not really sound like that’s going to be the case. It sounds like no matter if you’re a newer player or a veteran player, you’re still going to be able to use that Crux system easily. Because it’s supposed to be an easy system to use by design.

    Like I said, you can use this perfectly fine without making any active use of the Crux at all. But you get the most out of the class in general with those abilities tying that Crux combo kind of into it and the new mechanic can be a kind of something to get used to in general to begin with. Because you’re not used to using combo kind of things with any other class we have. 

    And I think this is definitely going to be a big improvement on the class system because a lot of people always think: when your classes come out, there are new abilities. But a lot of stuff feels the same no matter what class you’re using, like classes don’t have an identity now. 

    This Crux ability or the Crux combo ability will actually make the Arcanist class stand out from the others, in my opinion. And it kind of also makes me curious will Arcanist in the future look to add something like this to the already existing classes we have or if they ever add any more classes down the road. Or will they all have some type of a new mechanic for them?

    Personal Opinion

    I’m definitely going to be interested to see more about the Arcanist in general as time gets closer. And we start to hear more and more about starting building up the hype from ZOS for this new Necrom update. I still think it’s going to be something that a lot of people are interested in hearing about and seeing firsthand. But it’s definitely going to be a new experience when it comes to playing the class, considering we have these new kinds of are a new way in general to combo the abilities in the game, which we have not had before. 

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Application Of Arcanist’s Grimoire Mechanic

    Posted: Mar 17, 2023

    Arcanist class may become one of the most special classes in Elder Scrolls Online. Arcanists not only have skills that set them apart from other classes, but they also have special powers from Daedric Prince. At the same time, it also has an operating mechanism that can be used in other classes.

    It will release arcanist class for the first time in Elder Scrolls Online’s next expansion, Necrom. There are also some new Grimoire unique mechanics, and it will add some lore points gleaned from Hermaeus Mora in the book. While this is just an interesting way to extend classes, it should be extended to other classes in MMORPGs as well.

    Although it did not well display Exploration and Mobility capabilities of Arcanist class in the initial demonstration stage, it finally stood out from Grimoire Mechanic. This is probably because this Arcanist class wasn’t well represented at first.

    All players know that they can gather lore and add it to their Grimoire, which will improve their abilities. Although the changes are modest, they allow Grimoire to make some changes to this Arcanist class. Therefore, players can use enough ESO Gold, and customize their occupations according to specific builds, and change Elemental damage skills of some abilities.

    For this reason, Elder Scrolls Online should also apply Grimoire Mechanic to other classes. Players can quickly find out from a narrative perspective. For games like Elder Scrolls Online, franchises are very important.

    Such as Warden class. Players can find out from Warden’s description in the game that it is called a master storyteller, and its stories can become reality. If Grimoire Mechanic is applied to this class, maybe Warden class can go around and learn alternative stories to change his skills at any time.

    For classes like Necromancer in Elder Scrolls Online, they will be able to perform Necromantic Experimentation on different enemies to increase their power and unlock Undead Summons. In Elder Scrolls Online, no matter what angle you used to explore the class in depth, it may be a good thing for the class as a whole.

    You can see a similar approach to class handling from Final Fantasy 14. Players will encounter various class-related tasks during the game, and these tasks will help players better build their characters. Players don’t need to view this class from a narrative perspective.

    Elder Scrolls Online can help players further understand the need for these quests in Warden, Dragonknight, or any other class. At the same time, in this way, players can extend the experience of using Arcanist class to other classes in MMORPG.

    Although this mechanism may only appear in a future update of Elder Scrolls Online. But it’s still very interesting for players to think about how this will play out properly in these current classes.

    At the same time, the emergence of this mechanism also provides players with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of Elder Scrolls Online, which is also a bright spot for Elder Scrolls Online to attract new players.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Secrets Of An Arcanist

    Posted: Mar 09, 2023

    Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t try to lure players in a warm way. Instead, the many mysteries in Elder Scrolls Online that contain dark truths tend to fascinate players even more. This is exactly the case for Arcanist, one of the new MMO classes.

    Arcanist in Elder Scrolls Online is the most special class since the game’s launch. Arcanist’s power is derived from Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora, who possesses forbidden knowledge. 

    Some players may wonder why Hermaeus Mora gave Arcanist such mysterious powers. Because Hermaeus Mora and Arcanist seem to have no common benefit.

    If viewed from a gameplay perspective, Arcanist will gain unique and mystical powers. Players can create portals to teleport themselves and other players, and Arcanist’s combo skills help them be more effective in the process. 

    Some players will notice that all of Arcanist’s abilities come from Hermaeus Mora, especially after Arcanist uses skills, the player’s arm bursts out with tentacles to cause damage to enemies. This skill feature is exactly the same as Hermaeus Mora’s aesthetic

    Players need to understand Daedric Princes to judge the tendency of Daedric Princes to successfully trade with themselves. Of course, the consequences of players gaining these mysterious rights are also beyond your estimation. Players can use enough ESO Gold to upgrade their equipment before trading Daedric Princes to avoid more damage.

    There’s a very important clue in the trailer for Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom. Hermaeus Mora once appeared to a player character. After the player sees Hermaeus Mora, it seems to be confused by it. The player cannot control the character, as if Hermaeus Mora can see through what the character wants. 

    If you say why Hermaeus Mora can make players worship so much, it must be because we have not yet solved many mysteries surrounding Hermaeus Mora.

    A secret discovered by the player in Hermaeus Mora’s world of Apocrypha, which the player can infer in some quest segments. In Elder Scrolls Online, there is a quest called “The Seeker’s Archive”. 

    Along the way, players encounter a group of pilgrims who call themselves “seekers,” followers of Hermaeus Mora. At the same time, these seekers are also the principal enemies for players to complete the mission from Apocrypha to Skyrim. They are tentacled, floating creatures with vaguely human features. 

    Players discussed the mission process together, and finally believed that these seekers were the ultimate result of the continuous evolution of Hermaeus Mora’s library. This conclusion is not unreasonable, because Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is using this Lovecraftian way to open this mystery to players.

    However, according to the addition of Miraak and Hermaeus Mora in Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, it can also be proved that mortals became seekers after consuming too much of Hermaeus Mora’s energy. 

    If the player tries to use Arcanist, it may change the direction of the story. Hermaeus Mora can turn the player’s character into Miraak, as a servant. In the process of changing history, players who use Arcanist may still choose to cooperate with Hermaeus Mora, serve it, and are destined to use its endless knowledge as their own source of power.

    Arcanist has a completely unique background than every class in Elder Scrolls Online. Its power comes from the dark, and though it did not intend to do so, tragedy still arises, and these mysterious ancient mysteries must have much to do with the great secret of Necrom. But until the launch of Necrom’s expansion, this secret was also kept secret.

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