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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Prepare For Arcanist Class Release?

Posted: Apr 20, 2023

Posted: Apr 20, 2023

Source:  IGGM

The release of the Arcanist class is fast approaching and in this article I’m going to show you everything you can do to prepare for its release.

Firstly, as many of the cool kids that have been lucky enough to test the class have been saying: it’s quite difficult to sustain resources, which could change before the release and it has multiple channeling abilities, including the coolest ability we’ve seen in game yet, the Fate Carver.

ESO How To Prepare For Arcanist Class Release

Equipment Sets

With these two statements being widely discussed, it would be a very good idea to pick yourself up a set of Deadly Strikes as it provides a 15% damage buff, the channeled abilities, and damage over time. If sustain remains a struggle for Arcanists, you should also expect to see the Engine Guardian set being used, as it provides some of the best sustain in the game. So, grab yourself a set of that as well.

Additionally, for PVP it’s likely that many builds will revolve around Mara’s Balm as the Arcanist’s defensive ability will provide a burst heal, so stack that with Mara’s and you’re going to have some serious passive healing going on.

For PVE, many of the Arcanist testers have been saying that Valkyn Skoria is a great set to use as the channeled abilities can prock it. I personally don’t play healer very often but by the sound of things. The Arcanist is going to have some solid healing potential, so you can definitely expect some healer builds to be floating around upon release. As always, though, there are going to be a ton of hybrid builds created for this class, so keep an eye out for those.

ESO Valkyn Skoria

Training Gear - All Details

Now that the equipment sets have been discussed, let’s move on to preparing for your new toons. As always, when it comes to make a new toon, you can never be too prepared. But please remember that you must prepare sufficient ESO Gold. Because any gear for training needs the support of gold.

To be honest, you only really have to prepare once and you’re good at creating as many toons as you like. It’s good practice to have four sets of gear, with the training trait having a set of 10 level intervals, so a set at level 10, 20, 30, and 40. Anything else is probably overkill, but feel free to make even more.

I personally recommend using three medium pieces, two heavy pieces and two light gear pieces. But you can swap the three piece set to whichever gear type you think you’ll use the most. We do this to ensure that you can fit into new builds that you may discover and you’ll have the skills maxed out to use the armor types. It truly doesn’t matter what sets you use for training.

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Crafted Training Gear

But you can mess around with the crafted sets to see what gives you the best damage potential for leveling. I personally recommend making a couple training sets of Hummer Of Hunting’s Rage for your weapons, as it provides a solid damage buffer while leveling.

Transmute Crystals

Now, onto the subject, we all absolutely hate but love at the same time, Transmute Crystals.

It’s a good idea to have as many as you can hold going into creating a new toon as this will allow you to get the traits for your build as soon as possible. With the Jubilee Event just taking place, you should all have a nice stockpile of Transmute Crystals from doing dailies and if you don’t, I’d start gathering some. They can normally be obtained by playing PVP and running dungeons.

ESO Transmute Crystals


What race should you play when it comes time to make your Arcanist?

I didn’t see much when I was researching race, but I do suspect that the high Elf is going to be great because it does provide a damage reduction buff while channeling abilities and it does provide a damage buff. It’s highly likely that this race will make up the majority of Arcanists.


But you never know. With all the hybrid builds out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if other races are recommended based on how people build. Keep that in mind before you’re jumping into making a High Elf, so you don’t get mad at me when some other guy says to use a different race.

I’m not sure about you all, but I am extremely excited for the release of this class and I plan on creating a PVP toon and a Healer toon since it sounds like there’s going to be some solid healing potential from the class and I’ve never really been a Healer, so I think it’d be quite a fun experience.


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