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Elder Scrolls Online: Vvardenfell Plan Farming - Gold Making Tips

Posted: Apr 18, 2023

Vvardenfell Plan farming happens to be one of my favorite ones to suggest because there is no prior experience or input of materials or research needed for this. It’s so easy to do. You can make a level one character and you can do this and now the Vvardenfell DLC is available to everyone.

Why Are These Plans?

For a little of background, the Vvardenfell DLC was introduced in 2017. 

But many of the plans from this zone are still highly valuable. With easily obtained, blue plans being as much as 50,000 ESO Gold on the PC NA server and certain purple plans come in closer to half a million. This is because Vvardenfell plans come in a variety of styles. There is the Dres, Hlaalu, Indoril, Redoran and Telvanni.

While some are very similar to each other, others have a distinct style and all of these are still highly desirable to the Housing Community of the Elder Scrolls Online. So, with this gold making tip, you can either learn how to gather more plans for your own collection or sell for gold.

ESO Gold Making Tips Vvardenfell Plan Farming

How To Farm These Plans?

So, how do we farm these plans?

Step one, you need to make your way over to the Dreloth Ancestral Tomb. This is going to be the Southwest of Sadrith Mora. When you walk up to this location, make sure to pick up the quest from Elfbetta the Shy, as this will allow you to explore more of the Tomb. If you don’t pick up the quest, you’ll only be able to explore a limited area of the Tomb, so make sure to pick up this quest.

Once inside, you will need to chat with Narsis Dren to investigate the creature and now you have more access to the tomb and let’s let the looting begin.

Once in here, you’re going to want to open every Urn and Jewelry Box you find. I will suggest bringing a character with at least one damage skill to kill the three aggressive creatures in the Tomb. All these are very easy to kill, but if you don’t have an offensive skill, it could take you quite a while.

ESO Narsis Dren

Once you enter this main chamber, you will need to talk to Narsis Dren one more time to access the last portion of the Tomb and once there, you will have to fight one more creature. But now, you have free looting rain in this whole tomb.

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In total, there are over a hundred containers to loot in this place. Most of your loot will be a mixture of garbage, like Ash and Bones, but you could also find some lock picks, style materials and more important plans.

A keynote is do not turn in the quest. If you turn in the quest, you’ll be locked out of the extra rooms, so just hold on to the quest in your Journal. If your Journal gets full and you need the extra space, you can always delete the quest and then come back and do that first part again. That’s no problem at all. What I like to do is just leave a character parked in here.

In general, my strategy is to sell the Vvardenfell Plan I farmed to get more gold. If you still think this gold farming tip is too time-consuming, you might as well buy ESO Gold a lot directly from here. We will always look forward to your visit!


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