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Elder Scrolls Online: The Long Awaited Moving Ship Player Home Is Coming

Posted: Apr 18, 2023

Posted: Apr 18, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Elder Scrolls Online recently finally added Moveable Ship Player Home to the game, which is one of the long-awaited content players has been waiting for. This function allows players to experience the realism of sailing in the sea by using some special techniques. 

The ship doesn’t actually sail along a path, but the surrounding environment changes as it moves. If at any point you jump off the boat, you’ll be swept away and left behind.

Fair Winds are actually Player Home. Lead community manager Jessica Folsom said they had never thought of trying to do anything like this before. It is actually a moving ship worthy of the name. Players can stand on the ship and overlook all the scenery around Crow’s Nest. It is absolutely not to be missed. 

Players can even see Ornaugs playing in the waves in the distance, and it’s more fun to enjoy the scenery and relax during the tense game. Moveable Ship Player Home feature will appear sometime after Necrom’s release, but players can check it out on PTS.

Moving Ship Player Home

I believe that players who know this news will be very excited, because this is what fans have always wanted. Since many players initially considered that ESO is almost a decade old, which also means it has been running on an old engine, and adding moving ships to the background of High Isle is very difficult, which seems like It’s just a fantasy, and players didn’t have much expectation at the beginning. 

But now, using some of the aforementioned neat tricks, it’s now possible, and ESO players on the subreddit are equally ecstatic at the news.

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Ornaugs Folsom is probably one of the most common creatures players will find when navigating the seas. The player’s first impression of them may be lizard-like dogs. But they are often the pets of Dreadsail pirates

If you see them around, you have to avoid them as much as possible, because pirates commando may accompany them not far behind. Fortunately, this probability is actually not high. The player’s home is usually safe, so there is a high probability that you will not be sieged and robbed by a group of terrible Maormer.

But players are still worried about the price of this Moving Ship. If the player wants to use this function and equip the bundles, a large amount of ESO Gold may be required, which is a relatively heavy burden for the player. 

Elder Scrolls Online Is Adding A Moving Ship Player Home

But this Moving Ship is a huge leap forward for Player Home and one of the unique designs in the game to date, so it’s only natural that its pricing will reflect that.

DataOverlord said that although it is not known yet, it is still very much looking forward to this feature, hoping that its excitement can satisfy its own imagination. But there is no official word yet. Some players would still like it to be tied to a quest, or obtainable with ESO Gold, preferably with those Trading Guilds quests.

Even though there is still no specific information about this Moving Ship, fans are still very excited about the appearance of this long-awaited feature. Some even said the feature reminded them of Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall, where players were free to acquire a ship for fast travel. 

While that may not be the case here, sailing in your own custom-built boat can still be exciting. In any case, I hope that the appearance of Moving Ship Player Home this time will give all players a satisfactory result.


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