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Elder Scrolls Online: Everything You Should Know About Necrom Chapter Gameplay

Posted: Apr 13, 2023

In the recent Necrom Chapter Preview livestream , the developers of Elder Scrolls Online provided a glimpse of the new features and gameplay of the upcoming chapter.

Scheduled to launch on June 20 for PlayStation, the chapter includes exciting additions such as the Arcanist, fresh group challenges, and an unexplored area of Apocrypha - a first in the Elder Scrolls franchise.

Master the arcane

Arcanist, the latest class in The Elder Scrolls Online, is inspired by the Necrom setting and themes, drawing power from Apocrypha.

The class's mechanics, appearance, and playstyle are all influenced by Hermaeus Mora's realm, resulting in an immersive experience. The developers saw the integration of the Arcanist as a valuable opportunity for the game.

The Arcanist has three unique Skill Lines that allow players to select different playstyles. These Skill Lines are Herald of the Tome (damage), Curative Runeforms (healing/support), and Soldier of Apocrypha (tanking).


The Elder Scrolls Online Necrom

Players have the freedom to mix and match abilities from the different Skill Lines according to their preferences.

A new mechanic called the Crux System. During combat, certain Arcanist abilities generate a resource called Crux, which can be spent to receive a buff via other abilities.

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Players need to learn how to effectively use both the Crux-generating and spending abilities to master the class. The team discussed this new mechanic as they developed the class.

Explore a new aspect of Apocrypha

The upcoming Necrom Chapter in Elder Scrolls Online offers an opportunity to explore the endless library of Apocrypha, where hidden volumes of knowledge reside.

However, the chapter comes with its own set of dangers, with many travelers unprepared for the perils that await within this mysterious realm. Players will need to exercise caution and be well-equipped to unravel the secrets of Apocrypha safely for reward and ESO Gold.

The development team of the Elder Scrolls series recently announced a new feature called Chroma Incognito, a world of possibility and unfulfilled potential that was never seen before in the game's universe.

This realm is a vibrant and surreal landscape, in sharp contrast to the rest of Apocrypha, shaped by the whims of fate that rejected it.

A unique biome unlike anything seen before in Apocrypha. It provides an opportunity for fans to explore a realm unlike any other, while also deepening their understanding of the Prince of Knowledge's domain.

Chroma Incognito is a thrilling realm that presents players with exciting challenges and opportunities to explore its dangers. The biome is packed with unique quests, delves, group bosses, and a public dungeon, waiting to be discovered and conquered by adventurous players.

Overcome new challenges

The Necrom chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online introduces new group challenges, including the stronghold event called Bastion Nymic, where players must defeat Herald's Seekers to acquire special items and overcome malevolent Daedra to safeguard valuable knowledge.

Additionally, the chapter features a 12-player Trial called Sanity's Edge, where players work together to undo the damage caused by an unsanctioned research project by entering the mind of a Mages Guild member.

The Sanity's Edge Trial in Necrom features challenging bosses and champions that players must overcome to help the mage regain control of his sanity. Completing the Trial rewards players with unique item sets and rare collectibles, such as the Ram of Dark Dreams mount.

Discover Necrom this June

Players who pre-purchase Necrom can receive unique bonus rewards upon launch. The preview provides a glimpse of new features, adventures, and challenges available in the chapter.


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