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Elder Scrolls Online: The Wealth Of The Forgotten Wastes - Gold Making Tips

Posted: Apr 11, 2023

Today, we’re going to cover the not so forgotten Forgotten Wastes and all the goodies you can find in this public dungeon and how you could be walking past millions.

Forgotten Wastes

The Forgotten Wastes is a public dungeon in northern Vvardenfell. This means that this location is going to be a bit trickier to farm, as there will be large packs of challenging enemies. 

The potential rewards from this public dungeon are worth the challenge. The key money maker from this public dungeon is going to be the Fragment drops for the Sixth House Robe

ESO Forgotten Wastes

Fragment Drops

There are seven different Fragments that are part of the loot table from mobs in this public dungeon. These include the Sixth House Incense Of Tourwork, the Sixth House Ornamental Fasteners, Sixth House Patterned Bolt, Sixth House Taylor’s Bell, Sixth House Taylor’s Hammer, Sixth House Taylor’s Shears and the Sixth House Writhing Thread

You will need at least one of each of the seven pieces to combine in order to make the Runebox: Sixth House Robe.

ESO Sixth House Robe

How To Making Gold In Forgotten Wastes?

So, now that you know about the Fragment drops themselves from this public dungeon, you have a couple of options of how to make money from it.

*The first is to go and farm the public dungeon yourself. You will gain Experience, Overland Gear, Companion Gear if you have a companion out with you and Materials along with the Fragment drops

After a bit of testing, I did a one-hour test run of killing mobs. At the end of the hour, I had found two different Fragment pieces and a variety of other materials and gear for a total of about 150k ESO Gold worth of materials. This option doesn’t require having any money up front and anybody can just jump into farming this public dungeon.

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A downside of this option is that you could end up with duplicates of the same Fragments or you could end up seeing no Fragments while you’re farming for it.

An alternative option on how to use this information about the Fragments is to do a bit of flipping. You’ll want to shop around and purchase the individual Fragments from Guild Traders. If you’re on PC, you can search for the items on the website Tamriel Trade Centre and find the best deals for each of the Fragments. 

ESO Gold Making Tips

Once you get your seven pieces, you can combine them to get your Runebox for the Sixth House Robe. The current price for the Sixth House Robe on PC NA is 150k ESO Gold while on PC EU, it’s about 75k gold. 

With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure to pay less for your Fragments than the combined Runebox selling price. On PC NA, Fragments are going for about 7k each, leading to about 100K profit for selling the Runebox and on PC EU Fragments are going for about 4k each leading to about a 45k profit. So, whether you decide to grime for the pieces yourself or work on flipping them to combine and make Runeboxes, the choice is up to you.

*Additionally, along with the Sixth House Robe Runebox, there is another extremely rare drop that can be found from this public dungeon. Some have even considered this the most rare item in the Elder Scrolls Online, comparing it to the Aetheric Cipher and it’s much more expensive than that. The item I’m describing is the Morrowind Banner of the 6th House. You can actually see these items hanging up in the public dungeon itself. 

ESO Morrowind Banner of the 6th House

The elusive item was mentioned in a recent Twitter post by ilessa on deneth where they covered the rare drops in Warden film. They found somebody in this spring of 2023 that had purchased this item for 110 million gold. There are so few of these items around that people who do own it don’t list it where its prices can be viewed on Tamriel Trade Centre and you see it more on forums.

So, I’m just putting this out there while it is a very rare drop to get. If you do happen to see this item in your pocket after farming for the Fragment pieces, do know that you have something of high value and to make sure to get your money worth for it. 


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