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Elder Scrolls Online: Secrets Of An Arcanist

Posted: Mar 09, 2023

Posted: Mar 09, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t try to lure players in a warm way. Instead, the many mysteries in Elder Scrolls Online that contain dark truths tend to fascinate players even more. This is exactly the case for Arcanist, one of the new MMO classes.

Arcanist in Elder Scrolls Online is the most special class since the game’s launch. Arcanist’s power is derived from Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora, who possesses forbidden knowledge. 

Some players may wonder why Hermaeus Mora gave Arcanist such mysterious powers. Because Hermaeus Mora and Arcanist seem to have no common benefit.

If viewed from a gameplay perspective, Arcanist will gain unique and mystical powers. Players can create portals to teleport themselves and other players, and Arcanist’s combo skills help them be more effective in the process. 

Unveiling the New Arcanist Class

Some players will notice that all of Arcanist’s abilities come from Hermaeus Mora, especially after Arcanist uses skills, the player’s arm bursts out with tentacles to cause damage to enemies. This skill feature is exactly the same as Hermaeus Mora’s aesthetic

Players need to understand Daedric Princes to judge the tendency of Daedric Princes to successfully trade with themselves. Of course, the consequences of players gaining these mysterious rights are also beyond your estimation. Players can use enough ESO Gold to upgrade their equipment before trading Daedric Princes to avoid more damage.

There’s a very important clue in the trailer for Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom. Hermaeus Mora once appeared to a player character. After the player sees Hermaeus Mora, it seems to be confused by it. The player cannot control the character, as if Hermaeus Mora can see through what the character wants. 

If you say why Hermaeus Mora can make players worship so much, it must be because we have not yet solved many mysteries surrounding Hermaeus Mora.

ESO Arcanist Class Guide

A secret discovered by the player in Hermaeus Mora’s world of Apocrypha, which the player can infer in some quest segments. In Elder Scrolls Online, there is a quest called “The Seeker’s Archive”. 

Along the way, players encounter a group of pilgrims who call themselves “seekers,” followers of Hermaeus Mora. At the same time, these seekers are also the principal enemies for players to complete the mission from Apocrypha to Skyrim. They are tentacled, floating creatures with vaguely human features. 

Players discussed the mission process together, and finally believed that these seekers were the ultimate result of the continuous evolution of Hermaeus Mora’s library. This conclusion is not unreasonable, because Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is using this Lovecraftian way to open this mystery to players.

However, according to the addition of Miraak and Hermaeus Mora in Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, it can also be proved that mortals became seekers after consuming too much of Hermaeus Mora’s energy. 

If the player tries to use Arcanist, it may change the direction of the story. Hermaeus Mora can turn the player’s character into Miraak, as a servant. In the process of changing history, players who use Arcanist may still choose to cooperate with Hermaeus Mora, serve it, and are destined to use its endless knowledge as their own source of power.

Arcanist has a completely unique background than every class in Elder Scrolls Online. Its power comes from the dark, and though it did not intend to do so, tragedy still arises, and these mysterious ancient mysteries must have much to do with the great secret of Necrom. But until the launch of Necrom’s expansion, this secret was also kept secret.


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