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Elder Scrolls Online: Update 37 Patch Note

Posted: Mar 14, 2023

Posted: Mar 14, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today, Elder Scrolls Online officially released Update 37 to the base game on PC and Mac. Which mainly includes the new dungeon DLC and Scribes of Fate and other content. This new content also symbolizes that the player’s adventure in Shadow Over Morrowind is about to begin.

This base game update mainly includes new rewards, new Elder Scrolls Online Items, new decorations, and updates to some character accessibility features.

This updated Scribes of Fate DLC centers on two new dungeons, Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall. These two dungeons also provide players with some new challenges, knowledge and exploration directions. It even includes providing players with more clues and information about the mysterious mystery behind Morrowind.

Kevin and the developer of Elder Scrolls Online also saw the new dungeon in Scrivener’s Hall after the experience.

They will release together this Update 37 with DLC, and it will release this Console patch on March 28. The new dungeon in this update contains rich content and is also inextricably related to Morrowind.

Important Changes Coming for Update 37
The arrival of Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall opens up a new adventure for players. Players can explore new content in Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall, and kill monsters to get generous ESO Gold rewards.

It aimed many of the updates in Update 37 at changing the quality of life for players in the game. The timers for some daily rewards or weekly rewards were changed after the update event started. It has reduced them to daily login rewards. This also means that almost all rewards are activated at the same time, and players don’t have to log in repeatedly to get different rewards.

There will also be several weekly timers after the update, including some weekly event tickets and timers for some weekly missions, which will reset every Tuesday along with the daily reward reset.

There are also updates to many items in Update 37, including but not limited to new furniture, New Alliance Emblem Face Markings, and some new prizes. The improvement and addition of these items will greatly improve the player’s quality of life in the game.

Update 37 Scribes of Fate Patch Notes
There are also updates to the filters for player placement and retrieval tabs and some new ways players will be able to select unique items.

Update 37 also made some adjustments to the performance of tanks. Through the improvement of the tank by the developer, it can help it to complete the work better. When the player is swapping bars in the game, no obstacles will hit them. Taunt immunity will take longer to arrive, and the soft Taunt System has been adjusted.

The most important change in Update 37 this time is the accessibility change during the game. Because ESO is adding on-screen narration to games.

Players can turn on the accessibility mode independently, select the narration in it, and most of these UI screens will display the full narration. Of course, not all games will have narration. For example, there will be no narration when the player is in battle or animation transition, because there are dubbing instead, and the effect is better.


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