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ESO: Morrowind’s Special Feature

Posted: Mar 08, 2023

Posted: Mar 08, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom’s latest part brought the player back to Morrowind. This time it will bring parts that players have never seen since the game release.

Bethesda Softworks has produced a new trailer for “Return To Morrowind” series in Elder Scrolls Online, which details the main content in Morrowind to players.

The trailer is already in the works as the developers prepare to release the new Necrom expansion for Elder Scrolls Online on June 5, 2023. They will show the content to be added this time from different aspects, allowing players to have a deeper understanding of how the content was created this time.

Because this Morrowind series is very important in the entire Elder Scrolls Online, I believe players will also like this Morrowind series.

ESO Morrowind Concept

The trailer begins with each developer’s perspective on their prior experiences exploring Vvardenfell, and reminiscing about how impressed they were with this part of Morrowind during their adventures.

The first developer said, “As soon as I mention Morrowind, I will think of Volcanoes, Boats there, it seems that the danger will erupt at any time.”

Another developer also mentioned “When I first came to Vivec and Vivec City, Dark Elves and some scary monsters surrounded me, especially eerie.”

"My most recent visit to Seyda Neen Island left an impression on me. The people there are disgusting to strangers, and to me they're jerks," added a third developer.

They did not fully develop Morrowind until 2003. Arena and Daggerfall renames many locations and areas that came later, but many others build on the original data. Thus, the overall background, Skyrim, Cyrodiil, and the cities of the continent look pretty much the same on Tamriel.

But the appearance of Morrowind changed everything, and Vvardenfell suddenly changed from an ordinary pastoral city to a land of ashes surrounded by magma. There are artillery fires all around, fireworks and giant mushrooms everywhere, which is very dangerous and terrifying.

Elder Scrolls Online usually trusts players. After the players enter the game, they will receive system information. Tell the player that this is your name and certificate. You are now a free person. Now, explore the new world. Players are high in freedom in the game.

Following the release of Scribes of Fate DLC, Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom it will release Chapter in June 2023. This Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Chapter will include 30 hours of different story content. After entering the game, they will randomly bring players into two new areas of Eastern Morrowind, and they will bring two new characters to the players.

And not just in the new areas, players in Necrom will also have access to one of ESO’s most popular features, a new class called Arcanist. Arcanist is the newest class in Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind

It will bring players a novel experience of powerful abilities and mechanics. It derived these abilities of Arcanist from Daedric Prince in the realm of Oblivion. Arcanist exists from the beginning to protect the secrets of Hermaeus Mora, while continuing Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom storyline.

Players can master a new Arcanist class and venture across Morrowind’s Telvanni Peninsula. It will bring players from Tamriel into the new world of Apocrypha, and experience the adventures of traveling in different worlds, a brand new adventure story.

After you reach Seyda Neen, you can explore the entire island. You may find surprises during the adventure and get the drop of some ESO Gold reward. This is a Willy Wonka moment. It is like children entering the chocolate house for the first time, and your imagination synthesis creativity is constantly expanding.

Throughout the island, there are surprises waiting to be discovered. There are cities surrounded by enormous tree trunks, and there are Wizard Schools in the sky that players can only reach by flying. The coast is full of Pyramid structures, surrounded by volcanoes, and the houses of the islanders built in giant mushrooms.

Morrowind, as the developers introduce it, is different. Players won’t see an RPG like this one in any other game. Trust you can tell from these bizarre but interesting buildings.

These buildings diverge from the way it built nature in other games, and the other species here are also different from the imagined High Elves. Just like Silt Striders. Residents here usually travel to and from the city with giant bugs like Silt Striders, rather than horses like in Skyrim.

ESO developers recreated their vision of these fantastical things with Morrowind expansion pack and base game. But this return is to discover another side of Morrowind that can flourish with no artistic creation.

Because of this Necrom expansion pack, players can return to Morrowind and experience a different game background. Many players have been excited to explore Dark Elf cultures in a special and interesting way. Necrom, as a City of Dead, brings players a rare opportunity for adventure. For all of this, I believe it is worth looking forward to.


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