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Elder Scrolls Online: Arcanist PVE Build Will Be Popular in Necrom

Posted: Apr 28, 2023

Posted: Apr 28, 2023

Source:  IGGM

The Arcanist is a character class in the game Elder Scrolls Online that is highly versatile. It can be used for PVE gameplay or as a top-tier PVP attack build. Some people might not believe it, but let's explore it together.

After you finish this article, you maybe want to accumulate some resources and Elder Scrolls Online Gold for Arcanist.

I sometimes create good content for this game. I need to mention that this is on the game's experimental server and not yet available for everyone to play.

I don't have any footage of my character fighting other players in Battlegrounds or in open world, but I can use words to show you how my character can attack using a specific combination of abilities.

Elder Scrolls Online: Arcanist PVE Build Will Be Popular in Necrom

The open Soul build only requires pressing one button on the controller or keyboard, making it a suitable choice for players who may have difficulty with dexterity or switching between weapons during gameplay. While there are other variations of the build available, the author found this one to be the most effective and accessible for a wider range of players.

I tested two different ways to use my character build, one with two different button combinations and one with only one. The one-button combination was the easiest to use and did the most damage.

But, there's a problem when using heavy attacks on other players in PVP. But there's a monster in the game called The Arcanist that you can practice on to test your abilities. All the passives and builds that work in fighting computer-controlled enemies (PVE) will work on this monster.

One useful ability to use is called Resonating Glyphic, which is a powerful skill that can improve your character during gameplay.

I want to explain a skill called Resonating Glyphic, which can be used during gameplay. It creates a cube that only you can attack. Whatever affects monsters, such as Slayer or your heavy attack build empowerment, will apply to this cube. It's easy to set up and usually does around 57k worth of damage, which is pretty high. To use it, just place the cube down and attack it with heavy attacks or other abilities.

However, sometimes there is a bug where the cube persists even after we kill it. I'm not exactly sure how to recreate this bug, but it's something to watch out for.

I will be testing how to recreate a bug that sometimes happens where Resonating Glyphic cube stays alive at 1% health even after getting attacked. It's great because all your jewelry and bloodthirsty will apply to it, allowing you to do a lot of damage. With the right combination, I'm able to get a critical hit of up to 57k damage. However, you need to adjust some settings to get the most out of the build, such as your crit passes.

Your character's race doesn't make a huge difference in this build. It's not a bomb build, but a more neutral one that's flexible in different situations.

There are various ways to optimize your character sheet in order to maximize bombing damage in Elder Scrolls Online. While race choice isn't crucial, the author personally plays as a Khajiit and uses Bwood sugar skulls for food.

Although the author has the third stage of vampirism, their build isn't solely focused on bombing optimization. They have chosen traits like well fitted and reinforced to create a more balanced character sheet. However, there is still potential to further optimize the character sheet to increase bombing potential.

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There are numerous ways to build a bombing Arcanist character, such as equipping gear sets like Vicious Death or Acuity and using heavy attack skills on Weaver, Undaunted, or Infiltrator Noble Duelist.

This provides a range of possibilities for players to experiment with to optimize their own builds. The writer is still in the process of testing their own character build, but they believe that these options are a consistent and efficient method for executing combos.

I want to see huge explosions and zergs dying left and right. I don't think this strategy will get nerfed because it seems like it was intended by the developers for the game. The kit is well thought-out, and while there may be some tweaks to the empowerment skill, I believe the strategy itself will stay intact.

The Empowerment skill used to buff heavy attack damage by 80%, but now it's been reduced to 70%. The developers probably did this on purpose to balance the game. There are a few different gear sets you can use to build your character. If you want to be up close and personal in melee range, you can use Noble Duelist, Undaunted Unweaver, or Undaunted Infiltrator sets.

I'll be using this build in small groups of 2 or 3 in open-world combat. If you prefer ranged attacks, you can use Undaunted on Weaver or Undone Infiltrator gear sets. The ultimate skill for this build has a vertical component, which means it can go high in the air to hit targets on higher ground!


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