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News Tag: ESO Necrom

  • Elder Scrolls Online Necrom: 3 Best Ways To Grind Gold! - Item Trade, Fishing & Public Dungeons

    Posted: Jul 03, 2023

    Today we’re going to show you some secrets of gold grinding in Elder Scrolls Online. We’ll show you a ton of different locations, many of which are in the new Necrom Chapters. So let’s get started.

    Beginning players will often find that they will be short on ESO Gold and not strong enough to compete for big-ticket items. But fear not. An easy and fun way to earn gold and experience is to collect everyday items that veteran players will need. Especially Alchemy and Provisioning Ingredients.

    Main Item Trade

    Now, I use Bewitched Sugar Skulls as the major food for all 11 of my characters. Alternatively, it can be sold to other players. The two items needed for this recipe are easy to get, even for a novice.

    Scrib Jelly

    The first is Scrib Jelly. For veteran players, harvesting it isn’t too exciting. But Scribs are easy to kill, and Scrib Jelly is easy to trade at Guild Traders. Each Scrib Jelly is worth about 2,000 ESO Gold.

    All my prices are based on PC/NA servers, as I realize that’s the most inflated ESO economy. But you know it’s all relative, depending on the server you’re on.

    There are also two great Mines where Scribs can be found. They are Onkobra Kwama Mine in the southeast of Shadowfen Map, and Burroot Kwama Mine in Grahtwood Map. Don’t forget to take one shot the small Scribs, killing them will drop Scrib Jelly. You can expect to produce between 20,000 and 50,000 ESO Gold per hour from these Mines.


    Another valuable item to harvest is Columbine. If you have a bunch of Alchemy surveys in your inventory, it’s worth between 3000 and 5000. You can do these first and stock up on Columbines for easy money.

    Mudcrabs are abundant on the shores of every body of water on Telvanni Peninsula. Each Mudcrab Chitin is worth approximately 1500 ESO Gold. And killing Mudcrabs also builds a rapport with Azandar, who is my new favorite sidekick. Because his inquisitive passive can provide you with valuable file combinations when you loot Containers or backpacks.

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    I am also fishing in these two new areas. Fishing nodes seem to hold more fish, at least to me, and distribute our Perfect Roe more often. We also need Necrom Master Angler Achievement as part of getting our new Berylglow Nix-Ox Steed. While Perfect Roe still sells for between 75,000 and 90,000 gold, it’s not selling quickly.

    Public Dungeons

    Plus, there are 2 new Public Dungeons. Gorne Public Dungeon in Telvanni Peninsula and Underweave Public Dungeon in Apocrypha. Both have rare item drops that you can get by killing any monster.

    Players need to find 25 Lost Graht-Oak Acorns from Gorne Public Dungeon on Telvanni Peninsula. And 25 Unearthed Valenwood Seedlings from Underweave Public Dungeon in Apocrypha. They are currently worth over 120,000 gold on NA/PC servers.

    If you are a mid-skilled player or have someone who can team up. I highly recommend poking around in these new Public Dungeons, killing everything in sight until you find Lost Graht-Oak Acorns and Valenwood Seedlings that drop. But I’m not sure if there is a cooldown once one of them drops for you, but I suspect there is.

    All in all, I hope you can learn something here and go out and start your gold grinding now. Hope these methods help you get more gold. Good luck.

  • Elder Scrolls Online: How To Make Gold From Necrom? - Good Items To Sell

    Posted: Jun 06, 2023

    There is no doubt that the demand and price of materials and other things will be on the rise with the new chapter, Necrom. Everyone’s trying to level their new characters and there will be an influx of new or returning players to the game. 

    If you want to make some extra cash on the side, I made a list of things that will be worth selling in these next coming weeks. Some of these may seem obvious to your master traders out there. But I’m including all the basic stuff, anyway.

    Ethereal Dust & XP Potions

    The first and very obvious thing is Ethereal Dust and XP Potions.

    The prices of these items have skyrocketed. And if you’ve been holding on to some Ethereal Dust or you didn’t even realize you had some in your craft bag, that was the perfect time to sell. If you have the ability to craft XP Potions, you should be selling those now, too.

    Another item that people might not be aware of is the recipe for Ethereal Ambrosia, which is the 100% XP Potion. This sells for 250 Writ Vouchers from the Mastercraft Mediator, Rolis Halalu. If you have some extra vouchers lying around, sell this recipe.

    Diminished Ethereal Dust also sells for a lot too, if you have even more vouchers to spare, and he also sells that as well.

    Fish & Perfect Roe

    Now, in a similar vein to Ethereal Dust, Perfect Roe is also a big baller item to sell. This rare material only comes from fish. You can catch and have about a one percent drop rate.

    I have heard rumors that if you have the Master Angler Achievement, you have a higher chance at getting Perfect Roe from fish. I couldn’t find much to back up this claim. But if you want a more reliable source of income from fishing, just saw the fish unfilled instead of taking the gamble on Perfect Roe. 

    Gold Upgrade Materials

    Next are the very obvious gold upgrade materials: Chromium Plating, Tempering Alloy and Dreugh Wax.

    If you’re a serial Daily Routine joyer and you do a lot of crafting surveys, you probably already have a bunch of these sitting around. The price of Chromium Plating, Dreugh Wax, Tempering Alloy and more will go up. Purple upgrade materials like Zircon Plating will also go up in price. So, if you have any you can spare, just sell it.

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    Crafted Sets

    Next up are crafted sets. 

    A lot of people will be wanting to get some training gear for their new Arcanist characters to level them up as quickly as possible. Now is the perfect time to sell some popular crafted sets with the training trait on them.

    The best set to sell for training gear is Heartland Conqueror. This set increases the potency of your weapon traits by 100%. Selling weapons and jewelry of this set in training will be a very quick and easy way to make ESO Gold. However, note you can’t put training on jewelry, just the weapons.

    Also, selling your typical crafted sets like Order’s Wrath, Law of Julianos and Hunding’s Rage with the training trait is also a good idea. Just remember to make the set pieces the right level. Some good gear levels to sell pieces at would be level 10, 20, 30, and 40. 

    If you have a lot of upgrade materials, I would also suggest upgrading the gear to purple quality to squeeze some extra cash out of them. Just don’t use your Zircon Platings, though.

    Cyrodiil Citrus & War Tortes

    A couple of niche items worth selling are Cyrodiil Citrus and War Torte

    I want to mention this because War Torte increases the amount of XP you get towards your Alliance War skill lines. There will be a lot of people making Arcanist healers and tanks and they will need to level up their skill lines as fast as possible to get the Warhorn and Barrier ultimates.

    The Cyrodiil Citrus material drops from daily town quests in Cyrodiil and they’re very easy to obtain. And War Torte can only be crafted if you have the recipes.

    If you have the ability to craft any of the three War Torte recipes, now is the time to sell. 

    Intricate Gear

    For those who are trying to level their Arcanists for crafting, deconstructing Intricate weapons, armor, and jewelry will be a must. Instead of getting rid of your Intricate item drops, be sure to sell them.

    Weapons and armor do not solve for as much as Intricate jewelry. But it’s still a great way to passively make gold from doing your Writs or just playing the game. 

    Master Writs

    Using Master Writs to level new characters is an extremely fast way to get to level 50. Sealed Alchemy and Sealed Enchanting Master Writs are the quickest and most popular way to level with this method.

    If you happen to have any lying around and don’t want to use them yourself, I would definitely suggest selling them as there is a lot of gold to be made.

    New Items

    Finally, any new items dropping from the new zones. As per usual, new items from the new zones will always sell for a lot. 

    If you’re trying to sell stuff in the first few days of release, then you’ll be able to make a lot of gold. Prices of things tend to plummet quickly, though. So, be sure to get ahead of the curve. 

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Arcanist PVE Build Will Be Popular in Necrom

    Posted: Apr 28, 2023

    The Arcanist is a character class in the game Elder Scrolls Online that is highly versatile. It can be used for PVE gameplay or as a top-tier PVP attack build. Some people might not believe it, but let's explore it together.

    After you finish this article, you maybe want to accumulate some resources and Elder Scrolls Online Gold for Arcanist.

    I sometimes create good content for this game. I need to mention that this is on the game's experimental server and not yet available for everyone to play.

    I don't have any footage of my character fighting other players in Battlegrounds or in open world, but I can use words to show you how my character can attack using a specific combination of abilities.

    The open Soul build only requires pressing one button on the controller or keyboard, making it a suitable choice for players who may have difficulty with dexterity or switching between weapons during gameplay. While there are other variations of the build available, the author found this one to be the most effective and accessible for a wider range of players.

    I tested two different ways to use my character build, one with two different button combinations and one with only one. The one-button combination was the easiest to use and did the most damage.

    But, there's a problem when using heavy attacks on other players in PVP. But there's a monster in the game called The Arcanist that you can practice on to test your abilities. All the passives and builds that work in fighting computer-controlled enemies (PVE) will work on this monster.

    One useful ability to use is called Resonating Glyphic, which is a powerful skill that can improve your character during gameplay.

    I want to explain a skill called Resonating Glyphic, which can be used during gameplay. It creates a cube that only you can attack. Whatever affects monsters, such as Slayer or your heavy attack build empowerment, will apply to this cube. It's easy to set up and usually does around 57k worth of damage, which is pretty high. To use it, just place the cube down and attack it with heavy attacks or other abilities.

    However, sometimes there is a bug where the cube persists even after we kill it. I'm not exactly sure how to recreate this bug, but it's something to watch out for.

    I will be testing how to recreate a bug that sometimes happens where Resonating Glyphic cube stays alive at 1% health even after getting attacked. It's great because all your jewelry and bloodthirsty will apply to it, allowing you to do a lot of damage. With the right combination, I'm able to get a critical hit of up to 57k damage. However, you need to adjust some settings to get the most out of the build, such as your crit passes.

    Your character's race doesn't make a huge difference in this build. It's not a bomb build, but a more neutral one that's flexible in different situations.

    There are various ways to optimize your character sheet in order to maximize bombing damage in Elder Scrolls Online. While race choice isn't crucial, the author personally plays as a Khajiit and uses Bwood sugar skulls for food.

    Although the author has the third stage of vampirism, their build isn't solely focused on bombing optimization. They have chosen traits like well fitted and reinforced to create a more balanced character sheet. However, there is still potential to further optimize the character sheet to increase bombing potential.

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    There are numerous ways to build a bombing Arcanist character, such as equipping gear sets like Vicious Death or Acuity and using heavy attack skills on Weaver, Undaunted, or Infiltrator Noble Duelist.

    This provides a range of possibilities for players to experiment with to optimize their own builds. The writer is still in the process of testing their own character build, but they believe that these options are a consistent and efficient method for executing combos.

    I want to see huge explosions and zergs dying left and right. I don't think this strategy will get nerfed because it seems like it was intended by the developers for the game. The kit is well thought-out, and while there may be some tweaks to the empowerment skill, I believe the strategy itself will stay intact.

    The Empowerment skill used to buff heavy attack damage by 80%, but now it's been reduced to 70%. The developers probably did this on purpose to balance the game. There are a few different gear sets you can use to build your character. If you want to be up close and personal in melee range, you can use Noble Duelist, Undaunted Unweaver, or Undaunted Infiltrator sets.

    I'll be using this build in small groups of 2 or 3 in open-world combat. If you prefer ranged attacks, you can use Undaunted on Weaver or Undone Infiltrator gear sets. The ultimate skill for this build has a vertical component, which means it can go high in the air to hit targets on higher ground!

  • Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom’s Expansion Reveals Tribunal Mysteries

    Posted: Mar 04, 2023

    The biggest reason why many players play Elder Scrolls Online is the opportunity to explore a rich and vast world with a history of nearly 30 years. Here, not only are there various books for players to read, but at the same time, you will also encounter various clans and cultures.

    But the most popular among players is a mystery that runs throughout Elder Scrolls Online. In expansions like Necrom, there’s a ton of different information about Elder Scrolls Online mysteries that players don’t get to see in the dominant story.

    Necrom’s expansion pack in Elder Scrolls Online gives players a detailed description of the part of Tamriel that players haven’t seen.

    The most curious part of Tamriel is its relationship with Dunmer culture and Tribunal. Therefore, this Necrom expansion pack may dig deeper into this part of the content, exploring the dark secrets of Tribunal under the rule of Morrowind.

    Tribunal was first announced in Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, and quickly became one of the most iconic organizations in the series. They usually make tribunal up of Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil, all of whom gained godlike powers in Lorkhan, the heart of Morrowind.

    Although they all seemed kind and kind, they betrayed and killed their friend Nerevar in order to gain the power of the gods for themselves. Players question their morals. However, their crimes were not revealed during Morrowind’s reign.

    The dark story of Tribunal in Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom is very important. When Vivec arrived at 36Lessons, he found a strange book in Elder Scrolls Online, which tells that the city of Necrom was accumulated from the bones of countless slain beasts.

    Players can also see in the trailer of Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom. The cliffs on Necrom are like the ribs of the beast. Although this trailer is only used to show the mythological nature of Tribunal, there are still dark and terrifying overtones in the trailer.

    Vivec believes that the root of Necrom’s problems lies in some stories that happened before the release of Tribunal. Necrom is where people go after their deaths, and has deeply influenced Dunmer culture. Tribunal’s presence is not required in their society.

    With Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, players can see the dark side of the city and dig deeper into Tribunal’s conspiracy.

    Although few people see Tribunal as an accurate representation of God-Kings, there will still be some who appear in MMO. For example, Divayth Fyr is a 4,000-year-old wizard in Morrowind expansion, which existed at least 1,000 years earlier than Tribunal.

    Players can question the current Necrom and Tribunal claims through Divayth Fyr. Even folklore alone can prove Tribunal’s not entirely credible.

    Whatever the mystery is, players will be able to explore it in depth when Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom’s expansion officially launches on June 5. Uncover the dark side of Tribunal while unearthing the city’s true origins.

    Players can also upgrade their equipment by obtaining enough ESO Gold to help them gain a better gaming experience. Hope you have fun.

  • ESO: What Is The Secret Of Necrom?

    Posted: Feb 27, 2023

    New hazards appear in chapter Installments after each expansion. But Necrom said this time the expansion will be for every player. It will bring players back into Elder Scrolls Online to complete Lovecraftian-like horror quests.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom says he wants to tell players a secret that will puzzle out all mysteries. But so far, the authenticity of this secret is still unknown to players, and players may not know it until they release Necrom on June 5.

    However, some players have discovered some hints in Elder Scrolls Online that can provide some fans with background information on this secret.

    If you want to understand how Elder Scrolls Online universe solves the mystery of reality, the most important thing is to know what the universe is. Elder Scrolls Online universe has explained this before, and it’s actually a fantasy in the mind of a Godhead entity. Therefore, this also means that everything that happens in Elder Scrolls Online universe is a fantasy in the mind of Godhead’s entity

    Like most dreams, this Godhead doesn’t control the entity. Some people recognize this in their dreams and gain Godhead-like powers as a result, a process often referred to as CHIM.

    For these reasons, Godhead’s existence may be related to Necrom’s secret. However, this secret has not been revealed to this day for some reason. Now the secret is sealed by Daedric prince of knowledge, Hermaeus Mora, who holds this ancient information that was lost. 

    Those who are looking for this secret should already know of Godhead’s existence. Therefore, players speculate that this secret may be a way to awaken Godhead, stop the dream, and earn ESO Gold rewards. This is one of the weird legends of Elder Scrolls Online, and it is also perfectly presented to players this time as an expansion pack.

    From the main story line, Godhead is one of the best explanations for this secret. Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom’s Lovecraftian horror aesthetic perfectly guides the player’s search direction to sort of all-knowing and all-powerful god. 

    That an entity can annihilate everything with just a single thought is one of the central themes of Lovecraft’s cosmic horror. But there are other, less appropriate, but equally plausible versions of the mystery.

    When it comes to powerful abilities in Elder Scrolls Online, sound often plays a big part in it. Whether it’s Thu’um, Sword-Singing, and Tonal Architecture or some skills owned by other individuals, they all have some connection with sound, and they can often get these skills in understanding the history and legend of Elder Scrolls Online. Therefore, changing weapons by voice may also be Necrom’s secret.

    Although this secret is still unknown, it still poses a great threat to the player’s survival. Players can improve their own strength by obtaining enough ESO Gold. 

    Meanwhile, with the return of Hermaeus Mora to Necrom and players working together to help each other, players should soon get to know this new threat, and it may even change the way players perceive the ancient lore of Elder Scrolls Online.

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