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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Make Gold From Necrom? - Good Items To Sell

Posted: Jun 06, 2023

There is no doubt that the demand and price of materials and other things will be on the rise with the new chapter, Necrom. Everyone’s trying to level their new characters and there will be an influx of new or returning players to the game. 

If you want to make some extra cash on the side, I made a list of things that will be worth selling in these next coming weeks. Some of these may seem obvious to your master traders out there. But I’m including all the basic stuff, anyway.

Elder Scrolls Online: How To Make Gold From Necrom? - Good Items To Sell

Ethereal Dust & XP Potions

The first and very obvious thing is Ethereal Dust and XP Potions.

The prices of these items have skyrocketed. And if you’ve been holding on to some Ethereal Dust or you didn’t even realize you had some in your craft bag, that was the perfect time to sell. If you have the ability to craft XP Potions, you should be selling those now, too.

Another item that people might not be aware of is the recipe for Ethereal Ambrosia, which is the 100% XP Potion. This sells for 250 Writ Vouchers from the Mastercraft Mediator, Rolis Halalu. If you have some extra vouchers lying around, sell this recipe.

Elder Scrolls Online Rolis Halalu

Diminished Ethereal Dust also sells for a lot too, if you have even more vouchers to spare, and he also sells that as well.

Fish & Perfect Roe

Now, in a similar vein to Ethereal Dust, Perfect Roe is also a big baller item to sell. This rare material only comes from fish. You can catch and have about a one percent drop rate.

I have heard rumors that if you have the Master Angler Achievement, you have a higher chance at getting Perfect Roe from fish. I couldn’t find much to back up this claim. But if you want a more reliable source of income from fishing, just saw the fish unfilled instead of taking the gamble on Perfect Roe. 

Elder Scrolls Online Perfect Roe

Gold Upgrade Materials

Next are the very obvious gold upgrade materials: Chromium Plating, Tempering Alloy and Dreugh Wax.

If you’re a serial Daily Routine joyer and you do a lot of crafting surveys, you probably already have a bunch of these sitting around. The price of Chromium Plating, Dreugh Wax, Tempering Alloy and more will go up. Purple upgrade materials like Zircon Plating will also go up in price. So, if you have any you can spare, just sell it.

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Crafted Sets

Next up are crafted sets. 

A lot of people will be wanting to get some training gear for their new Arcanist characters to level them up as quickly as possible. Now is the perfect time to sell some popular crafted sets with the training trait on them.

The best set to sell for training gear is Heartland Conqueror. This set increases the potency of your weapon traits by 100%. Selling weapons and jewelry of this set in training will be a very quick and easy way to make ESO Gold. However, note you can’t put training on jewelry, just the weapons.

Also, selling your typical crafted sets like Order’s Wrath, Law of Julianos and Hunding’s Rage with the training trait is also a good idea. Just remember to make the set pieces the right level. Some good gear levels to sell pieces at would be level 10, 20, 30, and 40. 

Elder Scrolls Online Order’s Wrath

If you have a lot of upgrade materials, I would also suggest upgrading the gear to purple quality to squeeze some extra cash out of them. Just don’t use your Zircon Platings, though.

Cyrodiil Citrus & War Tortes

A couple of niche items worth selling are Cyrodiil Citrus and War Torte

I want to mention this because War Torte increases the amount of XP you get towards your Alliance War skill lines. There will be a lot of people making Arcanist healers and tanks and they will need to level up their skill lines as fast as possible to get the Warhorn and Barrier ultimates.

The Cyrodiil Citrus material drops from daily town quests in Cyrodiil and they’re very easy to obtain. And War Torte can only be crafted if you have the recipes.

If you have the ability to craft any of the three War Torte recipes, now is the time to sell. 

Elder Scrolls Online Cyrodiil Citrus

Intricate Gear

For those who are trying to level their Arcanists for crafting, deconstructing Intricate weapons, armor, and jewelry will be a must. Instead of getting rid of your Intricate item drops, be sure to sell them.

Weapons and armor do not solve for as much as Intricate jewelry. But it’s still a great way to passively make gold from doing your Writs or just playing the game. 

Master Writs

Using Master Writs to level new characters is an extremely fast way to get to level 50. Sealed Alchemy and Sealed Enchanting Master Writs are the quickest and most popular way to level with this method.

If you happen to have any lying around and don’t want to use them yourself, I would definitely suggest selling them as there is a lot of gold to be made.

Elder Scrolls Online Sealed Enchanting Master Writs

New Items

Finally, any new items dropping from the new zones. As per usual, new items from the new zones will always sell for a lot. 

If you’re trying to sell stuff in the first few days of release, then you’ll be able to make a lot of gold. Prices of things tend to plummet quickly, though. So, be sure to get ahead of the curve. 


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