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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Get More Alliance Points In PVP?

Posted: Jun 07, 2023

Posted: Jun 07, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today, let’s learn how to get some Alliance Points in PVP. I’m sure you’ll love this info on farming Alliance Points as much as your average PVP.

What most players don’t realize is that you have multiple sources of Alliance Point’s income while playing in Cyrodiil. Here I’ll start by showing you how to maximize your AP income and how it fits your playstyle. I think that’s the biggest source of income, and it’s going to blow your mind.

Biggest Source Of AP Gain: Healing

Playing as a healer brings in a lot of AP. Especially if you play as Wardens and take advantage of Maturation passive in the Green Balance skill-line. This can be very useful. Because it increases the health of your allies by 10%, allowing you to heal them within those 10 points. I’ll elaborate on that later here.

ESO: Best Way to Gain AP in PVP

How To Gain AP Healing?

Now this is the important part. You can gain AP by healing in two situations. The first is to heal someone who has recently been wounded in combat. You’ll gain more AP if you attack enemies with restorers to aid in their kills. Because it counts as damage and healing assists in kills.

Keep in mind that gaining AP from healing has a cooldown, about 5 minutes per person. So if you’re fighting an enemy and you’re constantly healing. You will receive a lot of Arterial Burst.

Also, if you’re healing a teammate because they get killed, this will also give you AP. Because it counts as an assist like a normal kill. Although AP buff for repeatedly killing, the same player has a cooldown.

Elder Scrolls Online: Warden Maturation Passive

Maturation Passive For Warden Is Busted

The reason Warden’s Maturation passive is AP is that you gain AP after using it to heal recently combated allies. But because they were damaged recently, it only gives 10% HP. As a treatment, it kind of fails at gaining AP to be honest.

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Combining The Knowledge

By now, you probably all know that you gain AP by killing enemy players. It’s almost a given. So I don’t think I need an explanation. If you want a lot of AP from kills, make sure you find yourself a good build. Because it’s very competitive.

So you can now take kills and heal your allies and combine them into one building. If you can do it effectively. You’ll get a ton of AP Radiating Regeneration skills and Restorer line.

Elder Scrolls Online: Radiating Regeneration Skill

Radiating Regeneration Skill

This is more important with their spawn ability, which can heal multiple teammates around you at low cost. This is also why you most often see Warden at the top of the leaderboard. Because they are great for combining healing and damage output.


I also have two lesser known tips, especially for new players to PVP and Cyrodiil. First, there is something called a low population bonus. If your alliance is not number one and you have a sparse population, it will increase your AP gain by 20%.

Second, you can also stop at any Cyrodiil Delve and kill the Delves boss. This gets you another 20 rewards for an hour.

ESO: Best Ways to Optimize your AP Gains

If you hold three ends, you can keep Dragonclaw and Brindle. This is another 24 AP bonus. So, if you see a teammate being mobbed, always help your teammate capture those Strongholds. Combine all of this information and you’ll earn even more Alliance Points.


That’s all about how I got Alliance Points in PVP battles and what to watch out for. I’ve made a lot of gold guides in the past, some of which dealt with ways to use Alliance Points to trade PVP gear for ESO Gold before PVE players left. So, hurry up and try it out.


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