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Elder Scrolls Online: How To Trade With Guild Traders?

Posted: Apr 29, 2023

Posted: Apr 29, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Today I’m going to show you how I trade items in Guild Traders. If you're someone who likes to explore, run dungeons, or maybe you’re just a Loot Goblin, you might be able to make a decent amount of gold off your excess inventory.

Many players don’t know much about ESO’s Traders system at first, especially since its console doesn’t have any add-ons yet. But once you understand the system and its quirks, the entire process of trading can be both effective and fun.

First, you need to join a guild with Guild Traders. You can press G to open the guild tab and go to the Guild Finder. You can browse for guilds of any type or playstyle here. But there is a section that is dedicated to trading. There is another section called “activities and play style.” If you want something more specific from a Guild, you’ll have to join it here.

ESO Beginner’s Guide: How To Trade With Guild Traders

You can browse through the list of guilds you can join. Personally, I recommend Fair Trade Society and any of Rose Guilds. They are all friendly and there are no transaction quotas that you must abide by. Note that you can join up to five guilds in ESO.

If you’re already in there and want to check out if they have Guild Traders. Usually it will say in the guild tab if they have Traders and where Traders are located. Once you’ve joined Guild with Traders, all you need to do is go to a bank and click on Guild store. Then make sure you have the correct Guild selected at the bottom.

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Then you click on Transactions tab in the upper right corner. If you have something in your inventory, it will show you all the items you can trade. But it’s not on this list, which means it’s not tradable, you can’t sell it. Then just click on the item you want to trade and enter the total price. If you want to trade a single item, you will need to split the stack.

Guild will bid for Traders slots every week, and the best slots will even bid tens of millions. While some Guilds maintain a consistent spot, many Traders serve a different Guild each week.

ESO Beginner’s Guide: How To Trade With Guild Traders

Top Trading Guilds typically charge a certain amount of ESO Gold to fund their weekly bids, but many smaller Guilds operate on donations. Then Guilds also get a cut of your trading results, but it usually helps Guilds get Traders again, since they’re not cheap. Then your overall profit will go up to another level.

Among them, items that have been successfully traded will be listed at the bottom. Once the transaction is successful, we will also send information to your mailbox. In fact, the complete process is as easy as adding an add-on.

But I still recommend that you go to the official website or the community to find out the value of the item before trading the item, so that you can trade successfully more quickly. Now, hurry up and see how much your useless loot is worth. Maybe they can help you earn a lot of gold coins. Hurry up and try it out!


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